Hoarfrost at Granite Peak

Rib Mountain, Wausau, Wisconsin, USA, Earth

January 2001

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Riding up Chair One on a crisp, cold, sparkling morning in January.
The trees are laced with hoarfrost again, and today I brought my camera !

Gazing thru the trees at the "rising" sun.
In January this is about as high as it gets.

A fork in the road at the top of Chair One ...
Which way to go ? Down Slalom, Elk Run, or Sundance ?
Ahhh... who cares ? Just look at those trees !

A lone rider leads the way. Elk-a-hol it is !

A wintery view of Wausau and the Wisconsin River from Elk Run.

On the tree-covered trail to the Eastern Slopes - Sundance and Slalom (aka "Salmon Run").

Or, if you are feeling especially adventurous, onward to "Carmie's Coulour"...

which lies just past this rustic Ski Patrol shack...

Or you could venture out-of-area to the as-yet-undiscovered Far Eastern Chutes...
But you didn't hear about it from me !

A mysterious pillar of light appears over Rib Mountain every Tuesday evening at about this time.
Nobody seems to know why... and even JD isn't talking !

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