Discovering the Amazing Back Bowls
of Rib Mountain !
(strictly out of bounds)

Gearing up, while gazing anxiously at the formidable South Face.

Skiis ? Check. Camera ? Check. Helmet ? Check. Beer ? Check.
Suited up and ready to go !

I can't believe I finally made it here !
Now what ?

Runs are for sissies ! Follow Marcus and Matti...
Into the trees !

We don't have all day, you know !

Which way do I go, now ?

Down, stupid !

Clouds, snow, sun, more snow... what more could you ask for ?

Your own private waterfall ?

A breathtaking view of Lake Du Bay and Mosinee.

Steep and deep ! Just the way we like it !

Do I look as good as Eck ?

A tribe of nomadic gypsies and itinerent shredders calls this home.

Naturally, they welcomed us as brothers.
Hey, Genghis ! Got any more of that fermented goats milk ?

This goats milk sh*t still tastes pretty damn good out of a can !

Damn ! I should have bought a rear-entry truck !

Back home, safe, and mostly sound.

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