It's Springtime in the Back Bowls...
Hey ! Let's celebrate Mardi Gras, too !

Choose your weapon !

Keys ? Keys... ? Keys ?
Check !

Is this place, like, happening, or what ?

We're from Chicago. Does this chair go all the way to the top ?

Whatever you do, Matti, don't look down !

No, you first !

OK. But first I have to make one more call...

Just one more call...

Just one more call...

That's enough ! See you back at the truck !

Look ! It's Sargeant Fury ! He can't go anywhere without his stogy !

Whoopee ! Here come the girls !

They're certainly taking their time...

But we're OK with that !

Counting up the beads...

If she doesn't win, there'll be hell to pay !

I think she was robbed. Them were nice ones !

Let's go talk it over !

What were we just talking about ?

Wha... ? Nah ! Me too !

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