Saturday, April 2, 2011
So long, Charles, and thanks for all the FISH !

Even Joe is a Deckster today !

Displaying the Banner
continuing a proud tradition

Who or what is that ?

NOT a dead FISH !

I used to have a shirt like that, too.
But I gave mine to Goodwill !

Just another day in paradise

Dueling Paparazzi

You must be very secure in your masculinity !

What are Matti & the Doctor looking at ?

I didn't see nothin'. Did you, dude ?
Hey, is it cool with you if I go out with your ex-girlfriend ?

Skating away...

...on the thin ice of a Deckster day

I'll drink to that !

Shaken ?

Or stirred ? Hmmm...

OK, Tom, but what should I tell Vicky ?

Tell her, that's not a fire...

That's a fire !

I'm beatin' it before the sheriff gets here.
See ya'll next year !

We gotta run too, Tom !

I told you it was a good idea to leave the trucks running !

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