Decksters Calling in Scared on a Wednesday
"We're so sorry, but we're afraid we can't come in to work today..."

Who has more fun than monkeys ?

People, maybe ?

Sure, it's a stressful job. But we're used to it !

A bluebird Wednesday

OK, I want in on this one, too !
Hey, anybody know that guy snoring inside ?

Yes, 'tis ME ! I have indeed arrived !

Who the hell is that guy ?

No ! Really ?

Daddy, iz dat da crazy man you told me 'bout ?

Really ! It was this big !

No, it was only this big...

I get by with a little help...

...from my friends

Should we kill him now, or wait till it's dark ?

The sun brings out the best in people

Hangin' round the fire

Salute !

"Start spreading the news..."

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