Celebrating the Best Ski Season Ever at Rib Mtn !
(thanks to Jeff and Abner for these classic pics)

A fisheye view of the Deckster Universe

Swaying with the breeze...
or just swaying

The Deckster Banner
and several generations of trouble

Every angler needs a good lure

She takes good care of us !

Indeed !

Why did you just throw your drink at me ?

Never mind. There's plenty more where that one came from !

Or else !

How sweet it is !

No argument, there

Another sighting. But where is the hard evidence ?

Look what Elvis gave me ! It's even autographed !

Tom... get rid of that thing before it explodes !

Daddy, look what I found !

YES ! The kid is smart, just like his old man !

Yoyos on YoYo

Yes I am. And yes we are !

Until we meet again !

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