February 12, 2013
An Epic Powder Day at Blackjack in da U.P.

The groomed and the ungroomed...

The middle third is packed pow, but the rest is au natural !
Those single-track S's in the groomed zone are my snowboard cuts

Like butter !

All the way down to the Brule River

This slope was never groomed at all !
Blackjack Lodge with Indianhead in the background

It's all pow from here on down...
Copper Peak in the distance

But how do you ride deep powder on a carving board ?
(I never had a real chance to try before now)

It works !

I thought I was the only Deckster here today,
but members of the U.P. Contingent (Andrea, Pat & friend) were at the bar !
Just goes to show. good people everywhere you go...

Mark this day !

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