Retro Days
Forward into the Past !

Don Johnson only wishes he had dressed this cool on Miami Vice !

Buzzy doesn't need an excuse to go retro

Go ahead and laugh. But wait till you see what's underneath !

It's so beautiful today, I feel like bursting into song !

What song is that ?

At least it wasn't Freebird

Honey... you know that singing is against Park Rules

I'm sorry... I forgot

Fuck the rules !

This sure beats work, doesn't it ?

How dare you even mention that 4-letter word !

Kumbaya, my Lord... kum-ba-ya...

Oh, Lord... kumbaya...

We come in peace !

I can't believe you said that, Eli

He's still our Favorite Martian

Everybody's doing the retro !

You want retro ?

This is retro !

OK. That's retro !

Nobody can out-retro Retroman !

Now I must rise to the challenge !

How do you like me now ?

OMG !!! That dude stole our concept !

Whatever... at least he knows how to work it !

Yes, dear friends... just another day in Paradise

Don Johnson, eat your retro heart out !

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