Last Ski Day at Granite Peak
April 9, 2016
A fitting end to a longer season than most of us were expecting

He went that way !

Live action video

Shotski !

Up is where he went !

Is this where the hosers hang out ?


They're off !

Tight formation

Over the edge

They looked... totally ridiculous !

I heard that stuff's not for the faint of heart !

Really ? Hmmm....

Glug, glug, glug...

Glug, glug, glug...

It's certified organic ! Must be OK !

More Deckster Engineering

Can't. Beat. Fun.

Katie always keeps us warm

Ski fast. Take chances. And always remember...

64 fluid ounces !
But only with a doctor's prescription


Come home, JD. All is forgiven.

You're only saying that because I'm a superhero. Right ?

True superheros

True love

Contrary to what you believe, Miranda...
It's not size that matters !

Any Ravino can kick Spyderman's butt !

Tomcat's skis... the Deckster flag flies still !

Reeko joins Brad onstage

Apres Ski Party !


Cheaper than Granite Peak
And better stocked, too ! Petron Silver, anybody ?

Carmie's missing chair #3 discovered at Bohemia !

So do you feel lucky, punk ?
Well, do you ?

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