Decksters at Snowbowl, Montana
Late February, 2017

Featuring the World Famous Gelande Ski Jumping Championship!
And an excursion to Red Lodge (aka "Rock Lodge") Montana

Welcome to Snowbowl!

Is this where the hosers hang out ?

Here's the Plan. Tomorrow we go here...

And then we go there!

That's way too complicated!

Gelande is ski jumping on regular alpine ski gear.
Like what some of us used to do back in the day.
We just didn't go 200+ feet!

Maybe betting $1000 on Rolf winning the Gelande isn't such a great investment.

Like folding $100 bills into paper airplanes and sailing them off balconies?

Yes, but who would do anything as stupid as that?

Katie knows

The suspense is killing me.

Once again, the Last Place trophy goes to Too Tall Hall. Hoot! Hoot!

And now for First Place. The winner and World Champion is...

Rolf Wilson, the Decksters choice!

And congratulations on another fine showing, Lars!

Let's tell Facebook all about it!

Let it snow!

Who needs snow when the bar is this good?

What did you expect?

It's all good!

Maybe we should have gone skiing...

Lord, deliver us from evil!
But not just yet

Time to leave this snow-infested hell hole

Buzzy brings the recyclables

Goodbye, Snowbowl
Maybe next time, we won't have to put up with so much of the cold white stuff!

But why does it keep following us? What did we do to deserve this?

They call it Arsenic Acres
Don't go near that smokestack!

A reallly big ranch

Red Lodge looks just like Granite Peak
(except for the mountains, of course)

Just another day...

in Paradise

What the hell was that?

It's not going to hold until we reach Wisconsin

Time for some emergency repairs

Nothing that a little duct tape can't handle

Good as new!
Time to hit the road again!

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