Closing Day
April 14, 2019
Last call

Still plenty of snow in the west

Bill is perfecting his snowplow turns

F*ck you, Kenny! I can parallel better than you with two broken legs!

But don't try to do it here.
"Breakable crust" is what they call it out west.

We got barstools and pizza today. Ain't life grand.

It don't get no better than this!

The future's too bright for Joe

It's still too bright! Tell Vicky to turn off the future.

It's too bright for me too, bro!
(Chicago Tommy makes a surprise appearance)

Dogs don't wear sunglasses

You're last in line
That's why you're a dog
PBR anybody?

Last run
The endless journey

At least I know where I belong

Right here! Living the Magic Carpet dream!

And here comes Stein (Cal) Erikson to finish the season!

Paul says, "End of the line. See you next year."