Big Snow in Central Wisconsin
February, 2019
No friends on a powder day

Now we can ski-jump over the plexiglass right to our table!
(until the ski patrol fences it off)

The postman has a tunnel. At last, I can go skiing!

The West is mostly ungroomed. Excellent!

Natural moguls are starting to form on "Bludgeoned"

Pingle's moguls are buried under a foot of powder

And Western Frontier is virtually untracked!

The sun is shining thru crystaline trees...

This doesn't suck!

Rippin' Sal looks fabulous in Eck's extreme retro-racing spacesuit!

Sally, did you really ski the Martian icecaps in that?

Senior (aka Sundance) is ungroomed today. But where did the bumps go?

One more, Eli?
Hold on Megan, I'm taking the coolest pic right now...


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