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So is the new manger open to renaming runs? O’Malleys Alley is used by Decksters yet officially un-named. Let’s get Dusky Bowl, Ellingston, R&R, and Big Rib back too. Perhaps if they carve a new run on the Far East it could be the Tail of the Cat?
Jeff Harenda
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Aug 28 13:59:17 2020
So is the new manger open to renaming runs? O’Malleys Alley is used by Decksters yet officially un-named. Let’s get Dusky Bowl, Ellingston, R&R, and Big Rib back too. Perhaps if they carve a new run on the Far East it could be the Tail of the Cat?
Jeff Harenda
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Aug 28 10:43:02 2020
If a run was named after Tomcat what would you name it and what run would it be? Need to know ASAP!!
Rippin Sal
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jul 15 20:09:33 2020
I guess it does. But don't tell Zuck!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Nov 21 10:54:33 2019
Does this thing still work?
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Nov 21 10:52:49 2019
Team Deckster rules again!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Mar 15 22:45:29 2018
Team Deckster is once again #1 Top dog!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed May 10 15:53:27 2017
Party Party at the new Shelter to break in the patio that was accomplished because of all the Decksters Help in raising funds in Memory of Tom. Fun starts at 1:00..bring a dish to pass; will have some beer and wine otherwise bring what you want to drink. Gman plays 2:00 - 4:00
Ripn Sal
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Mar 14 20:16:06 2017
Another new year and team Deckster is dominating the race league!! Stand proud Deckster nation!! We are #1 and the coolest cats on the slopes! Like a New York cockroach...we just keep coming back, no matter what they throw at us!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Feb 9 14:05:14 2017
Decksters-Thank you for the cards and the over the top floral arrangement in memory of dad. He would have loved the cool bird on it! See you all soon. Sincerely, Jeff & Beth.
Jeff & Beth
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Feb 3 12:06:14 2017
Happy New Year from New Zealand! Watched fireworks shooting from the tallest building in S Hemisphere. Lot's of street life here. Summertime! Now I'm heading to breakfast after first sleep in 48 hours. 2017 here we come!
Auckland, New Zealand - Sat Dec 31 14:15:44 2016
Leave Brittany Spears alone wwawwaawawaawa.....fuckin cupcakes!! Same SOB's want a new highway?, no problem. Pave over the entire hill if it gets me to work on time!! Hypocrites......
me me me me
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Nov 16 11:38:58 2016
the group "leave rib mt alone"are going to march in the wausau holiday parade to inform or protest the granite peak expansion. i could care less about the expansion but i believe this group has no business in a family outing.if you agree or disagree let the parade sponsers "wausau area events"at their webite know keep the kids out of it
no opinion
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Nov 15 08:08:46 2016
Sold, when Andy O goes by you'll know why!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Nov 11 11:19:12 2016
Hey there Decksters! Anyone looking for some new boards? I ordered a brand new pair of 2016 Head Super Shape Titans (google that) with Head PRX12 bindings at a smoking deal of $487 (+tax) in a 177cm. When I opened the box they were 170cm even though Head shipping carton said 177 on outside. The 170 has a 14.3 turn radius and frankly I wanted the longer boards for longer radius. I can return these for free in the next 30 days but thought maybe someone else may want a good deal on some new boards. Next cheapest I have found these new was $599. Anyone interested let me know soon. 2six2 506 4117
Jeff & Beth
Brew City, WI USA - Wed Oct 5 18:32:08 2016
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Reception For new Shelter Building on Rib Mt. 5:00 PM Sept. 29, 2016 Shelter Open House Oct. 1-2 and 8-9 (1:00 to 4:00 PM each day)
Stevens Point, WI USA - Mon Sep 19 13:15:51 2016
Bull Falls Brewery Oktoberfest Sat Sept 17 1-5 PM. I was there last year and it was a good time.
Mike O
Stevens Point, WI USA - Sun Aug 21 19:37:39 2016
Need to get final count for Golf by this Sunday; please email or text me if you are planning on golfing or just coming for the get together on top of the hill after golf. We will meet at Carmies at 9:00 for approx. a 10:00 tee off time; Saturday July 30th. Also as a reminder Tony will be at clear-water this Sunday enjoying some music and water. Let him know if you plan on joining him or want to car pool. So far what I have for golfers are: Andy, Bison, Lars, Rick, Mutty, Kelsey, Me, Eck, Richo.. sorry did not post on here early; I just sent out e-mail. My number is: 715-680-1681 Think Snow; its to darn hot out!! Sally
Ripn Sal
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Jul 22 09:20:23 2016
How about we find someplace with a campground/beach close by??? Big Eau Plein, Du Bay..etc? Throw some ideas on here!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jul 6 15:59:29 2016
More of a scaled down grilling picnic on top after golf at Carmies. We can see the progress on Tom's deck! July 30th. Sorry don't have more details, maybe someone knows more?
Wrapids, WI USA - Wed Jul 6 13:12:59 2016
Happy summer to all the Decksters. Is there going to be a summer party this year?
Manitowoc Mike <>
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jun 21 10:01:45 2016
Cool karma. Team Deckster takes first place in the adult race league.Our 1st, first!! The team and event, both put together by Tom and a few friends many years ago. A fine tribute to Tom Cat!! Rock on and see ya at Deckster daze!!!
O.G. Deckster
RM, WI USA - Tue May 3 14:00:07 2016
Ground breaking for enclosed shelter building on Rib Mt. 5:00 PM, Wed. April 27, 2016, at the top, state park sticker required
Mike O
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Apr 18 10:30:44 2016
Last day at the Peak! Still looks like winter and I'm OK with that. See you all on deck for some real Deckster party action and then... la apres ski! Oooo la la ...
Big T
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Apr 8 21:27:56 2016
Something in my eye, cant see coming in to work today....
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Mar 23 08:45:35 2016
I ran out of dead days, so I'm calling in sick !
Wauzoo, WI USA - Tue Mar 22 23:47:50 2016
Ran out of sick I'm calling in dead!
The Rapids, WI USA - Tue Mar 22 16:57:20 2016
Whiskey of the Damned is playing at Malarkey's tonight, check them out as it would be a great kick off to the Turns for Tom festivities Saturday!!
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Mar 18 11:22:56 2016
Hope to see ya'll on deck for St. Tom's day! Be there or be square!!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Mar 18 09:43:27 2016
Happy St Patty's Day (and Tom's Conception Day) ! See you all at Turns For Tom !
Mr T
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Mar 17 22:13:51 2016
Today was sweeeet! Warm and slushy, just like a day in late March should be. Great fun tailgating up south and there were many happy feet way down below. I hope everybody had a Happy Retro Day!
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Mar 12 20:59:43 2016
Shorts? I'm wearing my retro longjohns!
1 or 2 planker
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Mar 12 01:10:48 2016
Will the Decksters break out the jean shorts for retro day?
brew City, WI USA - Fri Mar 11 21:29:03 2016
Go west young Deckster's!!!The slopes are calling your name...and so the migration began.
Whispering boot
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Mar 1 14:27:40 2016
Go Team Decksters! Brrrrr....
deckster wannabe
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Jan 18 22:27:57 2016
Race week 1 is in the books, Decksters are #1
Team D
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jan 14 11:38:35 2016
The legendary team Deckster returns to racing tonight.
Fast skis
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jan 6 11:41:35 2016
Shout out to Eli and Chris Pingle. Elie was skiing and noticed some money under the chair lift. Chris climbed down the bank and got it for him. They suggested it be put towards Toms Memorial because that is something Tom would do. So added to the account is $13.00. Lets all look for cash around the hill this year and put it towards the memorial. Thanks Eli And Chris..very cool.
Rippin Sal
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Dec 26 07:12:53 2015
Merry Crhristmas to all Decksters...hope everyone has a Great Holiday! Heading up to the Peak 24th and the 25th, maybe we can blow the froth off of one together...
Rapids, WI USA - Thu Dec 24 07:19:27 2015
The cold is finally coming... and so is Warren Miller! Calling all Decksters... see you on deck! And smoke 'em if you got 'em.
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Nov 17 22:21:02 2015
I have 2 tickets to Warren Miller if anyone wants them.
Michael O'Meara <>
Stevens Point, WI USA - Sat Nov 7 09:59:21 2015
I see your smile I feel your laughter I hear your voice I miss your smile I miss your laughter I miss your voice The sun is shining Its too warm here Can you please send The cold this way Just use some deckster engineering And your smile and convincing ways to direct the snow gods to come this way. Miss you a ton Tom Cat...
Ripin sal
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Nov 7 09:07:38 2015
Sally do you have any tickets left for Warren Miller?
Manitowoc Mike <>
Manitowoc, WI USA - Sat Oct 31 14:23:09 2015
Hey there Decksters, getting restless? Go check out "Whiskey of The Damned" this Friday 10/23 at Malarkeys Pub. They are one (punk) rocking irish band from the Brew City.
Brew City, WI USA - Thu Oct 22 19:25:38 2015
Any Deckster's around town for the weekend? Log game Friday? Loppnow's after. Otherwise be sure to get to Malarkey's on 10/23 for one of my favorite MKE bands; Whiskey of the Damned!
jeff & Beth
brew City, WI USA - Thu Oct 1 22:38:00 2015
A chill in the air bodes well. Gonna hook up my pass this next week. Can't wait for the snow to fly. C U soon....
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Sep 18 09:07:21 2015
Great day of over indulgence! Sorry to bail early AM, wet camping gear is no fun, besides could not drink another drop.
2 Planker & The Soprano
Brew City, WI USA - Wed Aug 5 17:09:05 2015
Let's get ready to rumble! The buzz is getting stronger ! Another chapter in Deckster history is waiting to be written! See you all soon!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Jul 31 11:45:23 2015
2 Planker & The Soprano
Brew City, WI USA - Tue Jul 28 18:32:55 2015
Last note before the fun begins; 40 rsvp¡¦s coming to the festivities 19 people starting the day golfing 27 people will be styling with a ¡§Deckster Summer Daze Shirt¡¨ 13 people spending the night (and we¡¦ll see how many more end up). Now all we need is the sun; As last year; BYOB and a dish to pass if you wish. Meat and the famous chicken legs will go with the sides. Egg Bake along with Bloodies for those spending the night. ƒº Bring your lawn chairs; bug spray; and remember Kayak¡¦s, canoes, boats, floaters are all welcomed. For the golfers meet at Carmies around 9:30; golfing to start at 10:00, the rest of you can show up when you want. Also I have the Warren Miller Tickets and will bring them with that day. If you bought some please bring the money for them. The cost is $20.00 each; If you prefer you can send a check to my house: 813 North 10th Avenue ¡V Wausau, WI 54401 I bought a group of 40 seats and all are taken except for one; so if you know of someone that would like it have them contact me. I will have it with me that day. Also if you bought a shirt I will have them that day and the cost is $20.00; some of you have paid me and I have that recorded. Any questions contact Andy or I. See you soon¡K.
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Jul 26 14:38:52 2015
Wake,shake, and bake!! Sounds great, see you at sunrise on the tramp!
The German beer hound
Land of Oz, WI USA - Wed Jul 8 13:10:41 2015
Sal, Lars is bringing explosives and trampoline, we are bringing the MEAT. It's going to be shake and bake, Deckster style.
2 Planker & The Soprano
Brew City, WI USA - Tue Jul 7 20:10:56 2015
The second annual Summer Daze party is just around the corner. For those that came last year you know the fun that is waiting; for those that could not make it last year we hope you can join us this year. Date: August 1st. Place: Carmies Garage (if you don¡¦t know how to get there just ask) Time: 2:00 or whenever you want to We will start the day off with golfing; meet at the golf course at 10:00 for a bloody and golf at 10:30. Please let me know if you are planning on golfing so we can get tee times set. As last year we will pair up when we get there. Don¡¦t need to worry about driving home; camping is available, bring your tent, camper, sleep under the stars in your car. Breakfast will be served for those spending the night; maybe even some bloody-mary¡¦s. ƒº Meet will be provided and yes we will have chicken legs as part of the menu; Bring a dish to pass and what you want to drink. Andy will supply ice. Need to get a head count so please let me know by next week if: 1) you are coming, 2) you are golfing 3) you are spending the night. As last year feel free to bring kayak¡¦s, canoe¡¦s, boats, floaters, ect; we will have plenty of games to play also; if anyone has a volleyball net we can use let me know. You might want to start practicing flipping cups. ƒº Also Andy say¡¦s make sure to bring bug dope; with all the rain this year they are out and about. I have shirt orders from some; if you want one need to know soon to get the order in by next week. Deckster ¡§can¡¦t beat fun logo on front, Summer daze design (from poster) on back. You won¡¦t want to miss out on having one. Also if you want Warren Miller tickets let me know; will be getting a block soon; again something you don¡¦t want to miss out on. Heck you might win a new pair of skis. If you know of someone that does not have email or accesses to the deckster site please pass this info. on. Hope to see you all there. Think Snow!! Sally
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Jul 6 21:30:56 2015
C-4 and Vodka...sounds like fun!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jul 1 13:53:02 2015
Shake & Bake!! TomCat approved,
2 Planker & The Soprano
Brew City, WI USA - Sat Jun 27 10:54:33 2015
Lars, bring the explosives and a trampoline! We got the meat.
2 Planker & The Soprano
Brew City, WI USA - Sat Jun 27 09:29:09 2015
I'm in for shirt and movie tickets. Recently retired, presently drunk. Can't wait for Deckster Daze. What do you need for me to bring? I got explosives
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jun 25 23:53:55 2015
149 days Decksters!!! ❄️❄️❄️
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jun 18 21:25:29 2015
Who is interested in custom Deckster summer daze shirts? We can pre-order as in the past. Need to know soon as it will come up quick. Also Warren Miller is coming back. Who's in for group seating. $20.00 ticket...get money to me...813 north 10th avenue... 54401. I can get tickets July 10th. See you all soon...
Ripin Sal
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Jun 14 20:51:07 2015
Great ideas, Skid Knee! A few more: drone wars, bocci ball tournament (I have a set - never used), kayak pirate raiding party to Trails End, jam session with homemade percussion instruments, bonfire circle dance with moon howling.
Happy (Summer) Daze are here again!

Newly Retarded
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Jun 13 20:40:50 2015
Deckster daze are on the horizon!! We need some fun events like...a watermelon wallow (greased watermelon rugby),high speed skiing the rib river..with gates! Underwater yodeling, hot coal walking... ideas????
skid knee
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jun 2 14:45:44 2015
Riconator, did not sign up for the "Ride" this year. We can still meet up on Deck at Barnacle's, or the copy cat bar Twisted Fisherman?
Brew City, WI USA - Sat May 9 11:30:51 2015
Here's a link to a 1996 Rib Mt area map with the original names for the runs. When is the last time you skied Ellingson or Rauschl's Revenge?
Mike O <>
Stevens Point, WI USA - Wed Apr 29 14:51:43 2015
2planker the Arts Ride is May 31st. We're planning on hanging around for the post party this year...Rickster
Thee Rapids, WI USA - Mon Apr 20 17:21:30 2015
Wow, where did the winter go…The sun is shining in the window so it brings thoughts of golfing, hiking, biking and of course a Summer Deckster Party. yes, we will be having the second annual “Summer Daze” thanks much to Andy Oliva and family for letting us take over there awesome place. It will take place on Saturday, August 1, 2015. So make sure you save the date; more information will follow as plans unfold for another great Deckster Event. I’m sure Lars will start the day off in his Knickers and a little golf. I know all that joined in last year had a blast, even if you don’t golf you can join everyone. Follow-up to “Turns for Tom”….another Huge “WOW”, what a great tribute to Tom; with everyone’s efforts we raised $9,207.00. Tom Riordan, Bill Becker, Andy Oliva and I met with John O’malley last week and I was handed a check for an additional $5.000. It was agreed upon that we will establish a memorial/scholarship fund and we will have another “Turns for Tom” next year. Still working out logistics of if we can have it at the hill again or if it will be in the new shelter. Scholarships will be given to kids to help fund skiing. If you are interested in being a part of the team to work on next year’s event and/or the memorial let me know. Also send me designs, thoughts on a shirt for the summer get together. Again all funds raised from the selling of the shirts will go to the scholarship fund. Think Snow… LOL Sally
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Apr 18 09:48:26 2015
Barnicle Buds it is 2 Planker! Shane also wants to do the Arts Ride again...I believe it's June 7. I'll will let you know...
The Ricster
Thee Rapids, WI USA - Tue Apr 14 05:26:42 2015
Barnacle Bills? Do share! But not just on Faceplant pleeese... Last runs/rites for me were at Brule last Saturday. A bit sticky, but fun watching people crash as they hit the molassas line below. Summer Daze are coming!
Ribmountainberg, WI USA - Mon Apr 13 23:04:39 2015
Not so fast there Rickster… We'll be see'in yah on Deck at Barnacle Bud's this summer I'm sure. What about the summer party? (we were lobbying for August 1st?) It was a pleasure makin' a few runs with yah, and you are correct the end of season is a difficult departure from all the Deckmates (hence the summer party though!) We hope to see you all soon..While it twas a different season without The Skipper, it was great to be together again. Decksters rule!
2 Planker & The Soprano
Brew City, WI USA - Sun Apr 12 17:32:25 2015
Missed last weekend, but Lars and I did do Tues afternoon. It was a looooong winter and a short ski season for me but managed to get up ten times on next year's pass. Waxed all the skis and put all my gear away for the next's always bitter sweet though.....til the next snowflakes fall, have a Great Summer my winter time friends.....Ricster
Wiskey Rapids, WI USA - Sun Apr 12 08:34:17 2015
Word is that this Saturday will be the LAST Saturday of the season! We have formally decklared this coming Saturday to be Retro Day. So everybody ski forward into the past! Hope to see you there. Let's bring down the curtain with style!
And fuck'em Bucky!!!

Wauwau, WI USA - Fri Apr 3 21:10:54 2015
Thank you to everyone the fundraiser was a huge success. With everyone's help the Decksters surpassed the goal. We have four shirts we will let go for $10.00. Two - large short sleeve, one medium short sleeve and one xl long sleeve. First to reply gets one...also cross posting to can't beat fun. Stay tuned for more info. On the final plans.
Ripin Sal
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 2 05:34:52 2015
Great to see every one for the top of the peak wine tasting! Maybe next year (or next weekend) it will be on the lower deck…...
jeff & Beth
Brew city, WI USA - Mon Mar 30 19:46:11 2015
This saturday forecast looks fantastic. Wine tasting event at the Peak should be fun. Hope to see you all there.
Brew City, WI USA - Thu Mar 26 18:29:57 2015
What a day it was. The Cat parted those clouds and let the sun shine down for a great day. Thanks to all Decksters for for making it a great event! And thanks to Granite Peak for allowing us to host this event.
Jeff & Beth
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Mar 15 10:39:27 2015
The Skipper would want all hands on Deck today! Thank you Decksters!!!
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Mar 14 08:37:57 2015
A bluebird day at IH! Hero snow for carving! But it's melting fast.
Heard at the bar:
Q: What's the difference between a skier and a government bond?
A: A government bond matures eventually.

AWakefield, MI UP - Wed Mar 11 22:25:26 2015
Abbner just remember the quote from my incident in '08...I might be broke but I'm not broken!!!
Wiskey Rapids, WI USA - Tue Mar 3 09:51:24 2015
Yah, good practise so ven we al' turn out in force yah on ze 14th. Velcome bak, yah hey Abbinator!
munchit, nine Germany - Wed Feb 25 19:49:16 2015
3-7-2015 I shall return....
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Feb 23 15:58:49 2015
Decksters… Get your season 2014 DVD! Contact Sally or myself. We are requesting a donation to the Memorial Fund of say $10-20. I know we have been harping on donations, but please keep in mind we need to reach our goal of $4,000 by the end of March. I have been providing these DVDs to everyone free of charge for the last 5 years. Yes I know there is a raffle and charity race still to come, but we need another $2,500 to reach our goal. The shelter with the "Deck" is not just a memorial, but a lasting contribution to the whole community. It may also be a starting point for additions like a bench or picnic table at the shelter or whatever else we might want to raise money for in the future. So please help us reach these goals. I took your suggestions and included all previous Deckster flicks (except TomCat Tribute still available separately) on one DVD.
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Jan 30 19:13:03 2015
Greetings from the Big Fish! Great snow. Great brews. Plenty of Cheeseheads but no crowds. Recommend.
Whitefish, Montana USA - Sat Jan 24 11:25:25 2015
It's done, 300 pictures and 3 hours of video edited down to 20 minutes of recapping last season right through the summer of 2014. "Deckster Deja Vu" also has all previous Deckster flicks for your enjoyment. See you all tomorrow?
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Jan 23 22:00:08 2015
Any one that did not get a "TomCat" Deckster Tribute DVD check with Sally or myself. I hope to have the 2014 feature done soon. Donations to the Memorial Fund appreciated.
2 Planker & The Soprano
Brew City, WI USA - Sun Jan 11 09:48:20 2015
Save the date; March 14th will be Tom's Memorial Drive "Turns for Tom". More information will be forthcoming. Alot of great things are in the works.
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Jan 9 19:27:49 2015
Happy New Year Decksters! We have a new addition to the Deckster/GP marketing brochure: "Where the fireworks never end!" It sure seemed that way, with torches going out one by one at the top of the hill while Coach Sally and crew waited for the signal to descend. Kudos to the brave souls who endured subzero temps to entertain us mortals.
Dinner at Carmie's afterwards was a hoot, too. But I'm afraid I hit the proverbial Wall after so much good food and drink and Decksterizing.

Rib Waters, WI USA - Thu Jan 1 18:06:28 2015
I'll be there. Thanks, Sal, I'll be thinking and drinking. This is an important endeavor. Ideas? Deckster group mind meld can get it done. Tom did a whole bunch for us Decksters. We can do something to keep his legacy from being just an afterthought. See you then! Let's do it right!
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Dec 27 01:33:09 2014
We need to get the final plans together for the fund raiser for Tom’s Memorial; would like input from all Decksters. Who ever is interested in helping to plan this please be at Granite Peak on Sunday; January 5th at 11:00. Please let me know if you plan on attending; if this date does not work for the majority we can change it. Thoughts so far: Event Name: “Turns for Tom” Raffle; we already have people and companies that will donate. What we need: Ideas for a shirt design; What kind of turns do we want to do; fun obstacle race; slow race, vertical feet race….??????? Let’s make it fun….. Tom’s family is matching dollar for dollar on whatever we raise. I have talked to Vicky is she is on board with us doing this at the hill; We will look at doing it the first Saturday in March; I will be meeting with her after our meeting to discuss what we came up with and what we would like to do. If you would like to go with me let me know. I am sure you are all feeling as I am; something is missing this year….we need to pull together and keep Tom in our Memories; this Memorial is one way we can do it. See you on the hill;
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Dec 20 07:02:06 2014
New seasaon about to start tonight for Deckster racing ...Bring it, were ready! Snowmass (nationals) or bust! Wait till they get a load of us!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Dec 10 14:36:20 2014
Thanx, Decksters for an epic opening weekend! It was way too much fun, oh, wait, ain't no such thing. More, please,
WheeSkeee, WI USA - Tue Nov 18 19:04:49 2014
Check out today's Daily Herald, the Deckters made the paper. Also a short online story yesterday. Great fun last night!! Good to see everyone for another season.
Beth & Jeff
Brew City, WI USA - Sun Nov 16 10:05:24 2014
See you at Malarkey's at 6 pm! Decksessorize!
Wauzoo, WI USA - Fri Nov 14 23:26:20 2014
See you all tomorrow, either at the hill, or the Grand. Remember to Decksterize for the flick.
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Nov 14 18:09:08 2014
We had snow on the ground this morning, the season will be in full swing soon enough. Remember the Decksters are going to start this season big by attending the Warren Miller film at the Grand Theatre Nov. 15 in group formation. After the film there will be music, prizes, consumables and of course fun! The party goes until midnight. If anyone needs a ticket check with Sally.
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Oct 31 12:19:50 2014
Game on! Those Stead's will be gas powered then! A little burn on the way down is good, to burn on the way out, ouch! My secret ingredient is bison meat.
Chili Willi, WI USA - Thu Oct 23 20:51:35 2014
Yeah, I just made my first batch of chili of the season and my butt sez I got the spices right! Got some Nordica Steadfasts from Bison that I got to sticker up and I'm ready to play. Bring it on, Decksters, the season awaits!
BeanTown, WI USA - Thu Oct 23 14:13:58 2014
FUND!! not found. Need to find Funds!
Chili Willi, WI USA - Tue Oct 21 20:39:12 2014
How about a chili cook off for a found raiser (if hill would allow on Deck). We get a few of us to make a "pot" and charge like $5 or so for a cup of each entrant and a vote for the best, (winner gets a bar stool)!! Look out Lars!
Chili Willi, WI USA - Tue Oct 21 20:37:30 2014
So, Decksters, are ya all ready for an epic season?! Hopefully everyone has recovered from Deckster Daze#1 and the inherent numbing sensations of both ski mind and ski body muscles due to the lack of frozen hydrotherapy not available in the warmer months of our fair state. Let's make it a good and safe season and rip it both onslope and off, eh? Can't wait for the Deckster movie outing at the Grand just to be among my chosen peer group. The fever is building, the cure is near! Are you ready to RUMBLE!?!?
Wait4it, WI USA - Sun Oct 5 00:20:10 2014
Update on Toms Memorial Fund. Tom R., Bill, Andy and I met to discuss the memorial and direction to go. For 10,000 we can have naming rights to the new deck. We will be planning variousness fund raisers to help with this. Stay tuned for how you can help..and of course at anytime money can be sent to me. We currently have around 1100..that is not counting another 3000 that will be coming our way. The money is safely tucked into an account. Also Tom will be talking to John to see about getting the skis and banners. Any thoughts on fund raiser opportunities let us know. Also thanks to Toms wife Mary Kate for taking minutes for the meeting. If anyone wants a copy just let me know. Think Snow...
Tipi dal
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Aug 30 08:00:28 2014
Hey there, Decksters! Just wondering if any thoughts/plans have been made to mount Tom's skis to the deck at GP? It would be a great tribute and I will talk to Vicky when I pick up my season pass in the near future. I'd like to laminate a head shot between two pieces of Lucite and have the skis mounted where we could see them from the bar like the Cat is going on a run soon. Any ideas from the rest of you? We need to do this in a respectable, tastefull, timely manner, (before the season starts, hopefully). See you real soon....
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Aug 28 18:16:49 2014
Thanks Andy & Sal for all your fine work in the planning and execution of Decksterpalooza aka Summer Daze! What a huge success! I would never have found my way back to camp without that ski signpost on the Rib River! Next year, to lighten your burden, I nominate Jeff & Bill's flying drones to do most of the work, if they can just figure out how to make them mix bloodies and drop loads of firewood without crashing. See you next year!
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Aug 5 23:32:48 2014
Ahh the summer daze! Great time and big shout out to all that made this happen!See ya soon!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Aug 1 13:49:49 2014
Kudos to all that helped make SummerDaze so...memorable and fun! Who knew we could have Deckster fun in the summertime? Tues. night and I'm starting to recover. As Bison would say "Pain is temporary, legends last forever!" Here's to more legendary adventures! CU soon!
Wautshappening, WI USA - Tue Jul 29 22:44:56 2014
Thank you Andy for hosting the Deckster Summer Daze! Thanks Sal for the planning, turkey and breakfast! Thanks Katie, needed that bloody. Thanks to everyone for the good times and special dishes. Here's to 2015!
Brew city, WI USA - Tue Jul 29 19:50:22 2014
BBF Nut Brown on tap, just for the Decksters, and homemade wine slushies. Take one down pass it around!
brew city, WI USA - Thu Jul 24 22:10:25 2014
Yeah! Get ready for the weekend! DecksterDaze are coming! Golf? Hell, yeah! Food? Hell, yeah! Music? Ditto! Camping? Ditto. Alcohol abuse? With friends? Oh, can I get a hell yeah!? C U Saturday!
Decksterville, WI USA - Tue Jul 22 21:05:46 2014
Golf??? Carimes/Rib is always a great time. Who's up?
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jul 22 14:46:16 2014
The Decksters at the grand! Deal me in! Are we expected to provied the intermission entertainment? problemo! Sally bring the drums and the rest bring your kazoo's!
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jul 22 08:54:22 2014
Rickster, Happy 40th!! Great weekend for Brew City. Brady Street Fest (music, all star wrestling, good food, beer and a drag show, what the Fock!) , Germanfest Oompha hey? Be sure to bet on the brown and black one at the Wiener Dog race! Little Jimmy on deck sunday at Barnacle Bud's? Man we're given it up to party with our Decksters' so you better light up Brew City for us!
Jeff & Beth
Brew City, WI USA - Sun Jul 20 19:06:07 2014
Sal you can count me in also for the movie. Deep apolgies but I won't be able to make the Summer Deckster Bash (it sucks to be me), our children are taking us out in Milwaukee for our 40th wedding anniversary, Jeff and Beth's stomping grounds. Lars, Abbi and I have been talking about doing this for about 4-5 years now...I know I'm going to miss a Fun time and like they say...You Can't Beat Fun!!!
The Rickster
Biron, WI USA - Sat Jul 19 08:26:03 2014
Hey Ripnsal! Count be in for a ticket. I don't really care which seat as long as I don't have to sit next to Lars, Bison or Rickster! OK, just kidding. But who has the best stuff to pass around? Anyway, see you all at DecksterPalooza. I'm bringing a kayak instead of golf clubs, so if any of you want to join me on the mighty Rib River, I encourage you to do the same. Maybe we'll find our way to Trails End or someplace that needs a few Decksters to get the party started. I plan on camping out, too, so Sally get those pancakes on the griddle and I'll help with flipping them over. If one lands in my mouth, it was just a simple twist of fate.
Rib River City, WI USA - Fri Jul 18 22:59:29 2014
It is getting closer, here are the final details for the deckster summer party. So far we have 40 people that have replied they are coming, I'm sure more will be showing up that have not replied so we will have a large group. We have a total of 12 people saying they will be on the golf course at 10:30. We also have a total of 20 people staying overnight and I'm sure that number will grow. :) Bring a dish to pass and whatever your beverage choice is. We will have Pulled Pork and Turkey Sandwiches, Kim is bring buns, Katie is bringing Bloody Mary stuff for the breakfast gang. I will be flipping pancakes or something for breakfast. If you golfing make sure you say you are a Deckster for the Deckster Discount. To get to party go past Carmies and past the Assisted Living Home and look for a pair of skis on your right. It is the first driveway after the Assisted Living Home. Then follow the signs to the party ground. If you have any questions contact Andy or I. If you have not RSVP'd but are coming please let me know. See you soon!!!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jul 17 19:07:33 2014
I bought a block of 20 tickets for the Warren Miller Show that is on Nov. 15th at the grand. Show starts at 6:30, it's also opening day at GP so you can start the day skiing and end it watching a great show. Eight tickets are already taken so have 12 left. Seats available are: Row O - 5, 6,7,8; Row P - 3,4,5,6 or Row R - 3,4,5,6. You can look on the Grands website for seat rows. If these sell and I get enough that want more I can get another set of 20 others ticket sales for the general public go on sale Aug. 12. You can let me know your seat selection and then pay me at the party or send me a check. Cost is $16.60, regular cost was $18.00 but saved by buying a group of them.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jul 17 18:23:19 2014
Another thought regarding a logo...somehow we sneak in a tom cat. Lar's? I'm thinking of a Felix type cat.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jul 17 10:35:03 2014
Yes! T-shirts/stickers and tattoos ! Let's brainstorm this one during party and get tee's to show off whence the snow doth begin, eh? My brain is awhirl with all the possibilities. Whoa! Did I spell that write? CU ALL SOON! It just might be FUN.
Decksterville, WI USA - Wed Jul 9 10:05:12 2014
Hey Abby great logo; we might have to use it next year..already have a banner in the works.. Deckster summer daze 2014.. I tried to get ahold of Pete for shirts but have not heard back from him.
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jul 8 20:55:05 2014
Hey Abby great logo; we might have to use it next year..already have a banner in the works.. Deckster summer daze 2014.. I tried to get ahold of Pete for shirts but have not heard back from him.
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jul 8 20:54:40 2014
Decksterfest 2014...sounds like a great t-shirt, sticker idea! Lar's, spin up a logo/theme?? Pete??
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jul 8 08:15:04 2014
Happy 4th, Decksters! The countdown begins for DecksterFest 2014! Hope to see you all for the merriment. Call in sick,change plans, escape your bonds and get ready to boogie!3 weeks and ....BOOM! Talk with you all then.
Wait4it, WI USA - Fri Jul 4 08:17:49 2014
I'm going to order tickets for a few people...all seats are reserved so if you want to sit with fellow Deckers let me know ASAP. I am ordering them Sunday night.
Ripn sal
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jul 3 16:49:23 2014
Decksters, put the Warren Miller event on your calendars! After the Summer Daze party this will be a perfect warm up event. Beth and I will skip the showing at the Pabst and join all of you. They will want a big turnout to keep coming back. It is a fun event, you get free Skiing Mag subscription, lift tix coupons, and chance for lots of free stuff, (I got my season pass there one year). The crowd usually gets pretty toasted and wild at the Pabst Theatre, but we can top it!
2 Planker & The Soprano
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Jun 13 20:54:56 2014
This year's new Warren Miller flick will be showing at the grand theater Nov. 15th doors open at 6:30 film at 7:30 tickets 18 in the flyer says this film is so fresh its title won't be announced until october
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Jun 8 08:18:11 2014
Just read Tom Cat has left us for bigger and better runs. Nell and I are so sad. Granite Peak will never be the same with out him.
Manitowoc Mike <>
Manitowoc , WI USA - Wed Jun 4 13:30:08 2014
Okay here are the details for the first annual Deckster Summer Daze Party in Tom's Memory. It will be held on Saturday, July 26th. We will start the day off with golf at 10:30 with the one and only Nicker Lars. For those that don't want to golf you can go to the down below and start the fun. There will be volleyball, bocce ball, croquet and other fun yard games that you can enjoy, or just sit and relax. If you want bring your kayak or canoe or just play in the water. In case of rain or just because we will have fun board games, cards and maybe even dice. And remember just because of rain does not mean we do not party, we just do it inside. We will have pulled pork and turkey sandwiches so you do not need to worry about grilling and can eat when hungry. Bring a dish to pass and Alcohol; we will have a free will offering for the sandwiches. Jeff said he is buying 1/4 barrell. Camping is available and encouraged. YOu can set up whenever you want; if you want to come and set up and stay Friday night you can. Sunday morning Breakfast will consist of a "Bloody Mary Bar" pancakes, waffles, ect. If you want to come by boat and don't know how to get there from the water call for directions. For those in a car drive past Carmies, driving range and the assisted living home. Take first right, look for skis, follow gravel road in and follow the signs. Please RSVP and let us know if you can make it and if you are going to golf or camp. Hope to see everyone there. Andy - 715-574-9442 or Sally 715-680-1681 or skigates
Wausau, WI USA - Mon May 26 20:57:24 2014
Welp. nice letter from Tom's Let's do this thing right! Deckster party is on for the 26th, as I understand. Golf at Carmie's @ 10, 10:30 Sat. for the golfing Decksters. I've been sworn to wear my plus 4's including knickers by others. See ya there or be square! News of TomCat's memorial, discussions, and all bar bets will be decided. Rah, rah, siss boom bah! Can't wait for it! Pass the word! Embrace the weird ! CU soon!
Watyunoe, WI USA - Mon May 26 19:53:40 2014
To The Decksters It is difficult putting into words what it meant to us, Tom’s other family, having your presence and support at Tom’s funeral. Meeting each of you and hearing you tell of your memories of Tom gave us great comfort. Tom often spoke of his friends at the hill. We see now that it was so much more than the skiing that brought him to Granite Peak. We find comfort knowing he spent his time there with truly wonderful friends, friends who not only knew his passion for the outdoors, skiing, and a good laugh, but friends who cared so deeply for him. For that we are so thankful to each of you. Thank you as well for the beautiful floral arrangement. It wasn’t lost on any of us how much it resembled a snowy mountain, maybe not unlike Granite Peak this past Christmas morning with it’s six inches of fresh powder. Tom was always up for a good joke. Just this past summer he was talking about Yogi Barra quotes. One he found particularly funny was, “If you don’t go to their funeral, they won’t go to yours.” We believe he is still with us in spirit and hope you will remember him on some of your runs down the hill, as you enjoy the fire on the deck or when you’re having a good laugh next season. Not all of us are skiers, but we would love to join you on the deck sometime for a fire, a beer and a little laughter in Tom’s memory. Sincerely, Beth, John, Mike and Tracy (Karlos) O’Malley
Wausau, WI USA - Mon May 19 13:59:08 2014
July 19th
Chris Walkoe <>
Stevens Point, WI USA - Wed May 14 11:52:48 2014
I vote the 26th (weekend off). I could do the 19th but it would really cost me $$$! I'll be there whatever. Anybody up for golf that morning. Have clubs, will travel.
Wausau, WI USA - Wed May 14 10:05:40 2014
Skigates. I'm good with whatever you come up with for a tribute, as long as it has "Decksters" in there somewhere... And I vote for July 19th along with the Angler. See you all there!
Rib River, WI USA - Tue May 13 23:05:44 2014
July 19th is my vote.
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Sat May 10 09:23:24 2014
Also going with me to meet with the friends will be Bill, Tom, and Andy. So if you have any thoughts of what you would like to see in his memory let us know.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu May 8 22:23:35 2014
Sounds like the Cat's Meow!!! Put me down for the first 1/2 barrel. Exciting stuff Decksters! Also exciting is Sally will be meeting with the "Friends of Rib Mtn Foundation" soon to see what type of memorial we can do for the Cat with everyones donations. Anyone that did not get the Deckster Tribute to TomCat DVD contact Sally if you want to donate (maybe you loved it and want to donate more?). Also I will throw this out there, anyone missing a Deckster DVD (there are 5, State of Decksterity, Decksteria, Shaken or Deck Stirred, Higher Education for the Deckster Nation, and Trials and Deckster Tribulations) contact me at 2six2-506-411seven. For an additional donation (plus shipping and handling) I will get them to you. Not trying to make money here, all money donated thus far is going to memorial, Beth and I are covering the flowers and cost of tribute DVDS, we just want to raise enough for a proper memorial. Thanks.
Brew City, WI USA - Thu May 8 19:05:25 2014
First Annual Deckster Summer Party It¡¦s sad to say but sometimes it takes a tragedy for us to realize the special people we have in our lives. The Decksters are a special group and we need to stick together in winter and summer. In Tom¡¦s memory we will hold our ¡§First Annual Deckster Summer Party¡¨. We will hold it either on July 19th or July 26th. Majority Rules; you need to let us know as soon as possible what date works for you. We will make a decision by May 25 so keep both dates open till then. The party will take place at the Carmie Oliva¡¦s Garage. And trust me it is so much more than a garage. You can pitch a tent, bring in your big camper or sleep under the stars. The Rib River is right there so if you want to Kayak, boat in, wade in the water the option is yours; Just no peeing in the river. ƒº¡¨ ƒº In case of rain there is a awesome garage (actually I would call it a home that we can party in.) And for you women there is indoor plumbing. There is access to a fridge and a stove if needed. There is even a sink with running water for the men to do the dishes. It will be a BYOB and bring whatever meat you want to grill and a dish to pass. All the ice you want will be supplied. Will start at 2:00 with games and fun; any yard games you have please bring. Please let Andy or I know if you can make it and what date works best. Please pass this on so we reach everybody. Once we get your RSVP we will send more information. Thanks and hope to see you all there. Andy and Sally Andy Phone: 715-574-9942 Sally Phone: 715-680-1681 or
Wausau, WI USA - Thu May 8 16:12:19 2014
First Annual Deckster Summer Party It¡¦s sad to say but sometimes it takes a tragedy for us to realize the special people we have in our lives. The Decksters are a special group and we need to stick together in winter and summer. In Tom¡¦s memory we will hold our ¡§First Annual Deckster Summer Party¡¨. We will hold it either on July 19th or July 26th. Majority Rules; you need to let us know as soon as possible what date works for you. We will make a decision by May 25 so keep both dates open till then. The party will take place at the Carmie Oliva¡¦s Garage. And trust me it is so much more than a garage. You can pitch a tent, bring in your big camper or sleep under the stars. The Rib River is right there so if you want to Kayak, boat in, wade in the water the option is yours; Just no peeing in the river. ƒº¡¨ ƒº In case of rain there is a awesome garage (actually I would call it a home that we can party in.) And for you women there is indoor plumbing. There is access to a fridge and a stove if needed. There is even a sink with running water for the men to do the dishes. It will be a BYOB and bring whatever meat you want to grill and a dish to pass. All the ice you want will be supplied. Will start at 2:00 with games and fun; any yard games you have please bring. Please let Andy or I know if you can make it and what date works best. Please pass this on so we reach everybody. Once we get your RSVP we will send more information. Thanks and hope to see you all there. Andy and Sally Andy Phone: 715-574-9942 Sally Phone: 715-680-1681 or
Wausau, WI USA - Thu May 8 16:03:43 2014
The flaming toboggan send off....Your killin me Lars!! You have my permission to give me the proper last run! Don't mind the family protest, line'er up and give me a shove towards the big chalet in the sky!! I need that laugh!!! thanx
Wausau, WI USA - Wed May 7 11:35:54 2014
Sad times. Proper send off
crete, ilsa c.f. USA - Tue May 6 18:06:52 2014
He would've loved it Lars!
Crete, Il USA - Tue May 6 17:52:14 2014
Thanks to all of my Decxkster Bros and Sistas for giving Tom the best sendoff that money couldn't buy. Other than putting his earthly remains on a toboggan, piling it with wood, setting it on fire and pushing it down Senior, I don't think we could of done it any more righteously. Thank you all for the love and support. And for those that couldn't make it, sorry, but, it was done right.We'll ski you next year but the good vibes will carry me through this troubled time. Kudos to Sally, Big Bill, Pete and Tone for doing that last sketchy run for the Skipper and all the rest of you for a remembrance that couldn/t be beat.
Wausau, WI USA - Mon May 5 19:22:25 2014
In the words of one of Tom's favorite songs - "The hills are alive with the Sound of Music…" Now the hills are alive with the sound of Tom's joy and laughter too as he skis his favorite hills forever. Thank you Tom for the love and friendship you showed to a snow bunny. I will never forget you or your kindness and love of fun. May angels sing thee to thy rest.
Beth Harenda
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 30 17:37:44 2014
Amen to Decksterism! Thank you Tone for providing the Family communication network.
Brew City, WI USA - Wed Apr 30 16:22:45 2014
Lars, thanks for putting into words what most of us are thinking! Just impossible to find the right words to discribe the emotions that we are feeling.Family is a perfect discription. Hell , I'm closer too some of you than I am to my own kin! Chin up!! It will heal with time...
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 30 15:21:38 2014
Well spoken Lars
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 30 12:54:39 2014
I am , like you all, beside myself with the passing of our Skipper. The only thing that has given me comfort and support has been the shared burden of our grief. Without your love and support, it would have been unbearably miserable. Tom, kind of was like our common hub that brought us all together in this fantastic ski family that I am so thankful and proud to be a part of. It wouldn't have happened without him, but it will always be his legacy to go on with life and do what we do best, celebrate life with friends skiing, drinking, and having more shared fun than so called normal people will ever know. Thank you, Tom, and thank you all. My life is fuller for it. You all rock and I love you all.
WI USA - Tue Apr 29 19:29:27 2014
After the service on Friday we will have a fire on the deck.. Byob..if you are interested in being a part of the flowers you will also be given a DVD of Tomcat. All money received above the flower cost will be given to the "friends of rib mountain" in Toms honor. Rip Tom
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Apr 28 17:05:46 2014
Oh...for a proper Irish wake to send off Tomcat. For everyone. I quote, "In Ireland, upon the death of one in humble circumstances, the body, laid out and covered with a sheet, except the face, and surrounded by lighted tapers, is “waked” by the friends and neighbors. After vociferous lamentations, food and whiskey are indulged in, commonly leading to noisy and even riotous demonstrations. The social rite highlights the idea that the loss is one of a social group (including unruly ski gangs) and affects that group as a whole. All the efforts of the Roman Catholic clergy toward the suppression of this pernicious custom have proved unavailing". I ask each who reads this... would not Tom O'Malley approve of pernicious custom? We just borrow the body for a few hours, find a fucking barstool somewhere to prop him up, and roll out the banner...yeah, we can fix it. Thursday night or Friday? J O
Rothschild, WI USA - Mon Apr 28 16:19:09 2014
Who is interested in going in for a flower arrangement for Friday. 2planker thought white flowers with some green and something Irish. Let us know...
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Apr 28 13:03:31 2014
Fellow Decksters, Unfortunately, I will be in Georgia during Tom's Services, but I will be thinking of Tom and my fellow Decksters this weekend. Pete
Pete <>
Tomahawk, WI USA - Mon Apr 28 10:21:37 2014
We will not be able to make it tonight at Bojo's, but we hope to see you all next Friday. So heres our toast. May the winds take you where you want to go...sail on Skipper, the crew will miss you.
jeff & Beth
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Apr 25 17:22:00 2014
Did you all know Tom loved to sail?? Our Captain is truely sailing now!!
Merrill, WI USA - Fri Apr 25 16:46:53 2014
Did you know Tom also loved to sail!! Our Captain is truley sailing now!!
Merrill, WI USA - Fri Apr 25 16:43:00 2014
Deck mates, Friday May 2nd visitation 9-11am, services @ 11am, Resurrection Church downtown Wausau.
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Apr 25 14:36:40 2014
Gathering at Bojo's tonight ot raise a glass and celebrate the life and good times of our fallen comrade! Be there if you can! Chin up!Good ol' Irish send off!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Apr 25 10:10:11 2014
Can't think of skiing without you being at Granite Peak. We'll all miss you. Hope you have great snow and steep runs wherever you are!
Lynn <>
Weston, WI USA - Thu Apr 24 21:32:22 2014
Tom. Farewell, buddy. Wherever you are, I hope it's snowing. And I hope they have barstools, too.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 24 21:09:57 2014
RIP tom
hodag dave
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 24 19:16:28 2014
Bojo's Fri 7pm? That's what I'm hearing.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 24 12:58:24 2014
The hill won't be the same without you...I will miss u very much tom...
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 24 12:28:57 2014
Tomcat, fellow Deckster, RIP
Pete <>
Tomahawk, WI USA - Thu Apr 24 11:06:06 2014
Rest in Peace Tom Cat, You will be missed greatly at the Peak, Farewell Friend
Granite Lift ops and maint. staff
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 24 10:02:05 2014
You will be greatly missed Tom cat RIP
Mark Pingel <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 24 00:20:54 2014
You will be missed Tomcat! I do believe you were the true founder of The Decksters!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 23 21:05:43 2014
OMG! RIP TomCat. It won't be the same.
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 23 20:34:04 2014
terrible news tom omalley was found dead tuesday evening at 711pm in the garage of the home he lived at on stewart ave
bad news
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 23 20:13:30 2014
The Rickster is going to miss you Cat!
Rapids, WI USA - Wed Apr 23 20:10:53 2014
The wetter the better! Well for the 1st two hours. What a surprise came in to dry off and could sit at the bar on Bar Stools on a Saturday. While we waited for the rain to move through and our clothes to dry they (Bison, Sal, Matti, Abbi) made me take advantage of those Stools! Kind of sad, but it's time to move on to the next season. So with that I wish my Winter-time friends a Great and Safe Summer....see you next November!!!
Rapid...s, WI USA - Sun Apr 13 06:05:30 2014
Any one with pics or video they would like to see in this years Deckster flick bring to hill this weekend or next and I will download from whatever you have them on. Hoping for sun and no wind to get some aerial shots this weekend. Andy & Eck I did not forget.
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Apr 4 18:13:27 2014
It was great to be back on the boards, unfortunately I probably "overworked" the knee and need to give it a rest this weekend, Planning on the last two weekends. Also unfortunately I was unable to submit a Deckster video to Warren Miller by deadline. They have a strict copyright policy as they are going to be showing the top videos during intermissions of Warrens new film across the country. I reworked Shaken or Deck Stirred to the live version of "Invincible" as the band (OK GO) owns the rights to it and did give me permission to use it. For the "Bond" portion I need MGM's permission which is going to take longer. Same with UWRM's "Rock the Nation". So sorry, but hopefully all will be ready for next year.
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Mar 28 20:15:13 2014
It's looking like The Upper Deck this weekend...we'll be circling the wagons off the get out while you can!
Rapid, WI USA - Thu Mar 27 06:09:07 2014
For anybody curious... the link below takes you to my Lake Superior Ice Cave pics. This summer I will definitely be heading up there for some yakking. So look out, Steve, here I come! No worries, mate, I'll bring plenty of South Shore brew!
Ice Caves
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Mar 26 22:21:08 2014
2planker. Good to see you back on your knees! Who needs an ACL, anyway? The Decksters really raised the cultural level of the Peak last Sunday when we listened live to WPR and Beethoven on the Deck (featuring Beth's soprano). This should definitely make it onto Vicky's future calendar of annual events! "Culture Day at G.P." What do you'all say? Rock on!
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Mar 24 21:42:15 2014
Testing the knee this Saturday!
brew City, WI USA - Fri Mar 21 22:31:49 2014
Hi, It was fun taking photos with you at the Sea Caves. We are looking forward to seeing the photos. Thanks. Love your site. I am guessing at the secret word! Sheri
Sheri and Riva <>
Baldwin, WI USA - Mon Mar 17 10:18:34 2014
Checked w/Warren Miller on length as there are some posted longer than 2 min. They are excepting up to 5 min. so I am thinking "Shaken or Deckstirred" or "UWRM" (class in session portion w/burning man) , the "Decksterity" I submitted to a contest already and relinquished the rights.
Brew City, WI USA - Mon Mar 17 08:11:39 2014
I agree we need to get a video submitted. I'm heading back out to race could spread the word to vote for it .
Ski fast
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Mar 17 06:08:14 2014
We had a great tweak at the Peak Sat. and Sun. Brats, brews and Decksters on the sunny upper deck. Be up again next weekend if my golf trip fails to materialize. You have been warned!
Utopia, WI USA - Fri Mar 14 08:09:30 2014
Jeff, it's hard to choose, but the original Decksterity video gets my vote for the 2 minutes-or-less contest. Maybe it's Eck's spacesuit, or perhaps Michele's ass. Who knows ?
See you soon for the March deckdaze extravaganza. The Northern Deckster contingent sez high to you all from Blackjack. Bison, Dean, Ann, Tom, Andrea, me, and who knows who wuz there last Saturday for some serious tailgating action. Hope the Peak wuz was a happening place, too.

Wauzau, WI USA - Mon Mar 10 23:04:18 2014
Sorry for all the posts. Last year the Cheddar Shredders took the Decksters to a national level. Way to go Team Deckster!!! Just got an e-mail from Warren Miller that they are having a "Hometown Hills" video competition. Hmmm, I think we need to get the Decksters out there on the national level for that also! Let me know your thoughts, as there is only one entry allowed per person, and it must be two minutes or less. Looking back, the first one "State of Decksterity" the third "Shaken or Deck Stirred" and the fourth, "Higher Education for the Deckster Nation" may be the easiest to edit down to 2 minutes? Have to submit to Warren Miller by end of March, and it will require your voting. Let me know your thoughts, this is a team (gang or state of mind) that the nation needs to be aware of (got that Chuck)!!!
Brew City, WI USA - Thu Mar 6 21:43:35 2014
Fire on the Mountain Saturday...Rapids Decksters on the Upper Deck...above zero@sun! This is what we've been waiting for!!!!!
Rapid Rick
Wrapids, WI USA - Thu Mar 6 20:31:15 2014
Knee improving, not pilot skills. Dude's ready for some Decking, Saturday?
Brew City, WI USA - Thu Mar 6 19:27:51 2014
Sh@t, I hope this gets better soon, Doc cleaned up cartilage tears & arthritis (ouch). Crashed the drone twice need repair parts (f@ck) that's not going easy either. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.
Brew Ciry, WI USA - Sat Feb 22 20:48:58 2014
Jeff hang in there, it gets better! Looking forward to seeking you...
Wrap ides, WI USA - Thu Feb 13 19:07:00 2014
Knee is healing, camera drone is on order. Hope to be up in about two weeks to do some Decking and crowd buzzing.
Brew City, WI USA - Thu Feb 13 16:52:53 2014
Nice trolling on the Rib River pow Angler! Your right Tone, the pain is temporary, going under Dr.s scope next week (not Kenny's!) knee locked up again. Should be good for slopes in a month. No worries, thinking about getting an aerial drone to help with this years movie, although everyones help is welcome! Any Decksters wanting a DVD of the latest flick call or text me an address at 2six2-506-four11seven. See you all soon.
Brew City, WI USA - Mon Feb 3 18:36:26 2014
Awesome video Jeff!! Your getting better and better at this! See Ya on the slopes.
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Feb 2 09:17:27 2014
Just posted Jeff's latest video to this site. Awesome! Roll over Tarantino! Jeff, heal quick. We need you behind the lens. This season will be a long one, so you should have extra time to recover. "Pain is temporary. Glory is forever."
Polar Vortex, WI USA - Wed Jan 29 23:59:31 2014
Thank you Brother Abby for the compliments. This is turning into a cult classic for us Wausonians, but this year more than ever, I will need all of your help to keep it going. Please take lots of pictures and video, save it to jpeg or mpeg computer files and somehow get it to me for this years flick. I can have surgery now and may be good to go the last two weeks of the season, or try to ski half ass and wait till season is over for surgery. Not happy about either, tough decision as skiing needs to be Deckster Balls to the Walls (or Lips to the Nips) fashion! I see a theme for this year in the new (old) no carry in policy (Decksters rebel!).
Brew city, WI USA - Sun Jan 26 19:44:32 2014
Trials and tribulations...The new Deckster DVD is out,Jeff did a super job of editing and putting this together. Very cool!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jan 15 13:42:46 2014
Torn cartilage…. arrrgh. Is there a Doctor in the house!
brew City, WI USA - Sat Jan 11 17:13:30 2014 An option for Rib Mt.? Marathon Co has the cows!
St Pt, WI USA - Thu Jan 9 11:53:43 2014
Looking forward to the Big Thaw this upper deck though, will be heading to the Back Bowls with a rag tag group of Decksters...44 of 46 days it's been snowing, 17 ft. of the white stuff!!!
Rapid Rick
Whiskey Rapids, WI USA - Tue Jan 7 06:13:09 2014
Decksters it's finally done. 2013 DVD will be on it's way to those of you I have a mailing address for. Thanks to Brother Abby I actually get some screen time. We did some cool front to back twin camera video this year. Not sure when we will be at hill next. I have an MRI and Ortho appointment this week. 15 years of work & play w/o an ACL in knee may have caught up. Ski w/abandon and take lots of pics!
The Millers
Brew City, WI USA - Sun Jan 5 15:04:08 2014
Hey Decksters, thanks for the call of concern. Yes the Millers are alive and well. Just been busy since Thanksgiving appearance. Christmas season has Julie Andrews singing w/MKE Symphony for Christmas Pops concerts, and now they just finished a 5 day run of Handel's Messiah. I have been busy trying not to blow up the house w/home improvement project and editing the 2013 Deckster flick. See you all next weekend, and, may have this flick ready for you all I hope! Merry Christmas to all (except those that ban carry in's)!!!
2 Planker & The Soprano
Brew City, WI USA - Mon Dec 23 14:12:40 2013
Put the Decksters into a monitored fishbowl? Upper deck beckons, see you soon.
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Dec 20 16:17:17 2013
Team Deckster rides again! Like a New York cockroach, we keep coming back! We will prevail. Pain is temporary, glory is forever...chicks dig scars!!
Old school <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Dec 19 14:43:14 2013
Arrrgh! Its too damn hot down here for a Deckster. 85F. About the same underwater. That's just wrong! I'm flying home to the single digits and bone dry air. Yippie!
barefoot mon <pirates@caribbean>
7 Mile Beach, GCM BWI - Wed Dec 11 21:47:12 2013
Watermellon Sugar, outta USA - Fri Dec 6 20:11:24 2013
The good, the bad, and the ugly... The good, Snowmakers are blasting snow like a whiteout! The bad, in the west, the area with no night skiing!The ugly...east is being ignored.
Gold member
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Dec 6 13:36:40 2013
I know it's gonna be real cold this weekend. But I have faith in all you Decksters to follow Eli's tracks to the bar and show the world what we're made of! I would see you there, but unfortunately I have a duty to fulfill somewhere south of Cuba. See you after the freeze. Arrrrgh!
Barefoot Mon <pirates@carribean>
Georgetown, GC B.W.I - Thu Dec 5 00:23:41 2013
Dude's in, White Friday it is!
Beer, Cheese USA - Thu Nov 28 18:28:07 2013
Who's up this weekend?? Time to blow the dust off the boards and terrify the tourist again!
Abamatix <>
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Nov 27 09:13:48 2013
Looking down at the hill...guns at full throttle as of 11:00am Friday!!Combat skiing with full pads this weekend! Plenty of elbow room at the bar.
D.B.Cooper <>
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Nov 22 11:42:23 2013
Opening Day was a rip roarin' success by my standards. Skiing with friends on fresh Rib River powder in the mountain fog, then laughing at the bar in another kind of fog. Watching Tomcat light the first blaze of the season while sipping that first extra-spicy Bloody Mary. Ahhhh...
Not to mention the Early Season Special: barstools!
See ya'll real soon !

Rib River, WI USA - Mon Nov 18 21:06:12 2013
Vini, vino,vokyl. I came, I drank, I skied. It was great seeing so many of you.
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Nov 16 20:00:06 2013
BTW. Do you think the awesome Terrain Park will be, like, totally rad and fully operational on the Run-Formally-Known-as-Dusky on Day One ? Just askin'
November Pow Hound
Wau wau, WI USA - Thu Nov 14 21:46:20 2013
"Stay away rain" ? That's no way for a true Deckster to talk. If they have barstools I'm all in. And if not... we have something else to complain about ! It's all good ! And hey, at least we paid already. Pity the poor FISH swimming up from the flatlands to catch the early season champaign powder at Granny at just $54 a pop.
November Pow Hound
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Nov 14 21:34:27 2013
groomed early this morning looks like enough skiable snow on miracle birch and dusky no way the run formally known as rauschl revenge willl open.stay awy rain.
rib mt, WI USA - Thu Nov 14 09:06:50 2013
Opening day on my day off? Have flask, will travel. Ski ya real soon!
Weskisoon, WI USA - Wed Nov 13 22:07:15 2013
walked up rib this afternoon to take a look at whats up.nothing groomed out yet but big stockpiles of snow on miracle ,birch, the run formally known as dusky and the run formally known as rauschls revenge. hopefully theyll get all four opened for sat.
boots on skis waxed
rib mt, WI USA - Wed Nov 13 17:16:18 2013
Received on Facebook; Granite Peak Ski Area We will be open this weekend Saturday 9-9 & Sunday 9-4. Minimal runs open. Early season pricing. All season passes picked up after Friday will incur a $10 late processing fee.
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Nov 12 19:16:12 2013
My foot is tapping and my throat is dry!
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Nov 11 23:10:06 2013
I don't know about you my fellow Decksters, but I can't wait to see the New Sundance Patio Firebar...Question---did this replace the failed Chicken Hut? Question---will they allow Dr. Kenny to stoke the Fire? Question---will there be bar stools??? and speaking of bar stools.....see ya all real! soon!!!
Rapid Rick
Rapids, WI USA - Mon Nov 11 18:00:07 2013
It's time to start doing that old historic native Deckster ceremonial snow dance everybody!!! HI YA, HI YA !!!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Nov 7 10:20:14 2013
lights on
rib mt, WI USA - Thu Nov 7 06:17:20 2013
According to the official propaganda, we were already skiing on Halloween. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me!
Yeti: love the email address. But I'm not going to respond and attract the attention of the NSA and Pfizer.

Wausau, WI USA - Sat Nov 2 22:56:26 2013
Blizzard conditions in Iron county last weekend! I have seen the "white" and it is coming soon!
Yeti <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Oct 31 14:29:37 2013
Saw giant flakes dropping out of the sky like lead weights on Sunday. Of course, they melted the instant they touched the ground. But hey, it's only mid-October ! Can hardly wait to get back on the Rictors and roast some weenies over the new flame-bar.
GranitePlanet, WI USofA - Mon Oct 21 22:12:50 2013
Snowed in RatPiss yesterday! Get ready, here come the Decksters!
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Oct 20 22:10:26 2013
Suspect # 4 looks a bit like Sven!!
No bar stools
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Oct 10 13:28:55 2013
SSSHHH, I think I hear a snow flake coming!
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Oct 7 13:11:26 2013
Welp! The Rickster and I were at the Peak Mon. for seasons passes and our annual golf trip to Carmies. Good times. Got great beers and really good food at the Redeye Brewery. Can't wait for slipping and slip sliding away at Grannie. See you all soon!
WhasNew, WI USA - Fri Aug 30 07:21:14 2013
I can't take this heat much longer!! Feeling the need for speed building inside once again! The knees are almost healed up so, that must mean ski season is close.We can make our own stools from ice/snowballs Deckster engineering will not fail!!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Aug 29 14:27:43 2013
Do you suppose the new outdoor bar will have...... stools???
Brew City, WcI USA - Wed Aug 28 20:38:27 2013
Hey Decksters, hope everyone is having a great summer, the flakes will be falling before we know it! Saw the Rickster on deck at Barnacle Buds, hope to see you all on deck soon. And yes, a movie is in the works, it's been a busy summer.
jeff & Beth
Beer and, Cheese USA - Tue Aug 6 21:10:48 2013
Folke 3 probably had more lifetime runs in on Rib than anyone, even tho' Eli is in hot pursuit! I imagine he's ripping up the pow in Paradise right now and I hope there will be some left when I get there (wishful thinking, I know). Here's to all 3 Folkes ! I feel privileged to have known 2 out of 3.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jun 6 22:25:05 2013
We lost one of the all time great Decksters this past weekend. RIP Nils Folke Becker III! Condolences to Billy and family.
Wausau, WI USA - Wed May 29 16:11:11 2013
Capt. Ahab
Minocuqa, WI USA - Wed May 22 14:41:58 2013
Just put wax on the skis for summer. Thanks to everyone for sharing a great season.
Stevens Point, WI USA - Sat Apr 20 12:11:21 2013
Looks like the end my friends! The boards are in the rack and the flask is empty. Team Deckster placed 3 on the national podium and the cheeseheads made it all the way to #6! A fine showning! See ya'll next fall and remember to keep that fire burin and keep the knees a turnin. ADIOS EN VAYA CON DIOS MI AMIGOS!
OG Deckster
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 18 15:43:21 2013
The return trip may have crossed some dicey waters, but the voyage was well worth it to cast off the season with all our fellow Decksters! Not an empty glass (or stomach) as we sailed into the sunset. Three cheers for the Skipper and all Deck Mates!
Jeff & Beth
Brew City, Beer and Cheese - Sun Apr 14 16:18:30 2013
Thanks to you all for all the fun at the Peak this season. My only regret is that I couldn't be there more. Maybe next season the stars will align and I'll get more quality Deckster time. See you all soon, and remember that if you're ever in the Rapids area and need a place to drink, golf or crash, I'm here for ya! Now, let the seasons change!
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Apr 14 07:11:26 2013
All Hands On Deck! If the taps r' dry fear not. All for one and one for all, lets swab that Deck mates!
Brew City, Beer and Cheese - Fri Apr 12 19:43:52 2013
Gotta be there for the Big Closing. April 13th, rain or shine ! The bar taps may be running dry but all flasks will be full ! Let Eli make the first tracks. I'll be right behind, running on fumes...
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Apr 9 22:51:20 2013
Uno Mas and it looks like the weather will be good for Sat. Will Eli be hiking for 1st tracks on Fri with the Fresh Snow??? See you all the 13th!!!
Rapid Rick
Rapids, WI USA - Tue Apr 9 18:08:41 2013
Last chance to ski with the big dawgs on Wednesday night!Be there...aloha
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 3 08:04:30 2013
Hold the Kraut! A wee bit much pre St. Patty's and travelin' forecast for Monday looks poor. So sorry to say we are stayin' put.
jeff & Beth
Brew City, WI USA - Sun Mar 17 07:05:07 2013
Smokin' corned beef, see U all Sunday!
jeff & Beth
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Mar 15 19:43:23 2013
Taking the Deckster nation to a whole new level! Time to TAG Aspen/Snowmass! Bringing home the hardware, Deckster pride will rule the west!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Mar 15 09:24:00 2013
Good Luck Team Deckster on the quest west! Show Ted how to Shred Cheddar!
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Mar 15 07:16:44 2013
Great to see all the Decksters who called in scared today (Thursday, March 7). I'm glad you have your priorities straight ! Especially good to see Chicago Tommy aka Hilfiger back in form. Since Itchy is AWOL, Tommy has some mighty tall boots to fill ! Are you up to that, bro' ? Ho, ho, ho, and a bottle o' rum !
WauWau, WI Club - Thu Mar 7 21:20:31 2013
A big thank you and shout out to all my Deckster brethren for just being your awesome selves this Saturday! It was epic!
wow! Saw!, WI USA - Sun Mar 3 18:29:30 2013
Beware the Deckster Paparazzi ! You have been warned !
Papa Razzo
Ribville, WI USA - Sat Mar 2 00:19:25 2013
Looks like weekend forecast has mild temps and sunshine. Hope to see everyone for some action shots. I need some good on hill video for this years flick, lighting has been poor so far this year. When the sun shines so do the Decksters!
Brew City, WI USA - Thu Feb 28 09:10:29 2013
Am heading up to Blackjack this weekend. Am going to try out Kenny's ski
rabelais <>
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Feb 26 20:33:21 2013
Great Blackjack pictures! I wonder who the Northern Decksters are?
rabelais <>
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Feb 26 20:31:44 2013
Tony, how do I email my photos that you wanted to you?
Andrea <>
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Feb 25 11:45:59 2013
Thank you Tone and Professer Eck for sharing your breakthrough study observations! Classic!
Pulp Friction, WI USA - Thu Feb 21 09:45:38 2013
Congratulations, Franz, Klanz und Team Deckster, ja. Du bist zo totally pumped up, ja ! Du vill dotally dominate, ja !
Berlin, EG Gemany - Tue Feb 19 23:53:06 2013
Team Deckster has climbed to the # 1 spot in the race league!!Stunned the critics and silenced the non believers. We will not be denied, we are Decksters!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Feb 14 11:12:19 2013
Full throttle weekend at the summit.First one to the parking lot needs to save as many spots as possible. Bag jump and Decksters! This could get interesting! A jolt of liquid courage and away we go! Lock in and hang on
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Feb 7 15:30:24 2013
I hear we may be talking a Double Decker Deckster event?
jeff & Beth
Beer and, cheese USA - Thu Feb 7 07:32:08 2013
Chili is cooking as I type! Best ever, I think. Saturday, upper Deck, BYOB and appetites. Time we got this party started! Looks like an "excellent day to ski" according to Accu-weather. It will be an excellent day to be a Deckster! See ya there, don't be square!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Feb 6 21:32:44 2013
Saint Deckster weekend! Free food and swill, free parking and no extra charge for sunlight!
Abnormal child
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Feb 6 10:53:10 2013
Bee-atches! I'm gonna be there! I want food, beer, stickers and a few friends to make me feel the Deckster love. Can't wait!
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Feb 5 19:55:31 2013
Fire away!!
Brew City, WI USA - Tue Feb 5 11:04:24 2013
Weather sounds good for the weekend---maybe Fire on the Mountain Sat. on the Upper Deck? Chile and Lips@Assholes, BYOB (not bring your own bar stools).....I'm sorry, I can't let it go, that still burns my ass!!!
Rapid Rick
Grand Rapids, WI USA - Mon Feb 4 16:16:44 2013
Deckster's, sorry for the 3 week hiatus, planning on being up next weekend. Will have plenty of Deckster stickers.... all for stickers, and stickers for all.
Jeff & Beth
Brew City, WI USA - Sat Feb 2 21:51:51 2013
Lars, go for the Saturday after a Friday night snow of a foot or so with sunny skies and 30 degrees! We will be there too!
Fore Cast
Brew City, WI USA - Sat Jan 26 18:57:16 2013
Hey, gang, I got a banked holiday to use for skiing. When is the best Saturday to ask off for? And why that one.
Wautodeau?, WI USA - Wed Jan 23 08:42:48 2013
Attn. all Decksters, Fire on the Mountain Sat... OK, just a camp stove, 2nd oldest one in existence by the way. Pam,s world famous chile, not Tenth Mountain Division Pam, my Pam. While supply lasts and some lips and assholes thrown in too. BYOB, I'll bet you think that means (bring you own Bar stools), no it means something to drink. No Deckster will be turned down, then I'll have a captive audience to listen to the story about my boots being cut, Bison will have to hear it again. See ya Sat.
Whiskey Rapids, WI USA - Fri Jan 18 05:45:01 2013
How about we get one of those long poles like the Nascar pits use to direct the driver into the correct spot! Put a # on it and wave it over the bar when refills are required at our pit area! Can't you see Sue jumping over the bar with bottles in hand, 15 seconds to refill all four corners!
Dick Trickle
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jan 9 10:40:38 2013
Time to resuurect the ancient clandestine redezvous locations know only to a elite company of Decksters. The "bench, cave, dynamite shack, pump house, quarry" all havens and safe houses of the past must now be reactivated and stocked with emergency provisions. Only those with the secret Deckster decoder ring will be privy to this information. All others will be shot on site and fed to the fish! end of message...out
Spyder web <Old schoolskibum,netski>
Parking lot, ussa USA - Fri Dec 28 08:32:25 2012
Bring back the goat skin bota bags and red white and blue K2's! Ahh wine and cheese on the lift,,,Now those were some high times!!! Power to the people, powder for the people!!Right on! Dig you cat's later!!!
Wayne Wong <>
Saporo, IL USA - Thu Dec 27 14:21:28 2012
No, I think that Vicky and Charles want everybody's money and are just bound by that philosophy. You can't please all the people all the time so just set policies that bring in the most dollars. Hey, it's their playground. We don't have to play. We just have to deal with it. Party on, Rickster! Keep smiling, everyone! I got vacation starting the 30th. Let the good times roll!
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Dec 24 08:20:21 2012
Sure does feel WEIRD sitting back away from the bar with all the moms, dads, and kids in what Lars refers to as the day care center. But look at the money that Charley and Miss Vicky doesn't get from me. The DECK or the Upper Deck, that's were it's at anyway. I'm beginning to think she really doesn't want us around.
Great White North, WI USA - Sun Dec 23 11:12:43 2012
Bigggest dump in years, what a day! You should have played hooky!
Long skis
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Dec 21 15:30:37 2012
Pray for the Big Snow ! Let's change that storm track and send it all up Nort'. Tomorrow is a Snow Day, if you're lucky enough to be in school. If you're a wage slave like me, it's going to be driving hell followed by purgatory.
switch hitter
Wonderland, WI USA - Wed Dec 19 20:29:34 2012
Tonester nailed it! Sounds like a movie theme to me, remember to capture those Kodak moments.
jeff & Beth
Beer and, Cheese USA - Sat Dec 15 16:40:01 2012
Oooh, I bet that Miss Vicki liked that. Raise the prices, kill the atmosphere in the day care center. Must not want my money. Those well heeled flatlanders can idle at their saved tables with their families, coolers and picnic hampers all weekend long. I really don't care. Just put the heaters back on the deck and I'll be fine! Oh, and shovel the slippery snow out there before some lawsuit minded newby has a tragicly expensive slip and fall. Let the bonfires be lit, damn the smoke anyhow! A little ashes just makes that 5$ burger taste like the Wisconsin outdoors! And sitting on a snow covered lift chair is just part of the Peak experience! Enjoy! It's only money!
Wausneau?, WI USA - Fri Dec 14 08:28:48 2012
Right on, Lars ! My only comment... Every year we Decksters derive great entertainment value from the amazing f*ckups that lie in store for us in the new season. The barstool fiasco is only the latest in the series. I mean, how else would we get to experience Dr Kenny's megaphone antics: "Attention bar ! Attention bar ! Tables number 6 and 7 require alcohol immediately ! Attention ! Attention ! This is your final warning !"
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Dec 13 22:49:10 2012
Well said Lars!!!
Rapid Rick
Grand Rapids, WI USA - Wed Dec 12 17:19:38 2012
Welp, another fine ski-son is upon us. I hope we all have a safe and insane time of it. The point of contention this year, as always, is the amenities being up to par or not. They're not, and, they'll never be what we'd like them to be. They've given us such a nice place to ski and have fun that I feel the rest doesn't matter. They only have one nice room with views and that's where people are gonna congregate at whether we like it or NOT! I, for one, think that the bar crowd was better off in the basement. But, with the current set up, what's a Deckster to do? Well, deck it and tailgate, of course. I may not practice gun control, but there is CONCEALED CARRY. Face it my bros and sisters, we are the fun at Granite Peak. We are the fun face of skiing, socializing, and all the intangibles at Rib that make it so much fun for all of us to keep buying season passes. Screw the bar, who cares? I don't care for 4 dollar beers, I just wanna see my buds and have some fun. If anyone out there has a better idea as to how to accomodate both us and the visitors without stepping on toes, I'd love to hear it. WE WILL PRESEVERE! We will outlast, outski, outdrink and have more fun than is generally allowed. Just don't expect it to be handed to us. It's up to ALL of us! See you soon....
Wauwudjadoo?, WI USA - Tue Dec 11 21:21:41 2012
Good to see so many Decksters Saturday! Good to get out and ski,(or try,in my case). Deck was nice, seeing as they closed the bar and turned it into a daycare center, but what are you gonna do? Deck it! Somebody should tell that liftie that the broom he was leaning on could also be used to clean the cold, wet snow off the lift chairs as they passed by. My butt is still frosted. LOL
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Dec 9 11:45:46 2012
Let's see??? What could we do to piss them off this year---last year it was the cables across the entrance to the DECK....hummmm,,,I know lets take the BAR STOOLS away from the bar on the weekends so that it causes less congestion, what at novel idea! You know what they say, Love without passion is no Love at't it the same...a bar without bar stools is no bar at all!!! Your Lucky Lars wasn't here---I'll spend my money elsewhere, isn't that why they call them BAR STOOLS!!!
Whiskey Rapids, WI USA - Sat Dec 1 18:32:42 2012
We'll see how these rockets stack up against old school wood & glass with turntable binders soon!
cold, brew USA - Thu Nov 29 18:49:57 2012
Yeah, I got the same skis, only turbo charged and with the Extenze hard edges with the Smilin' Bob logo. Approved by the AMA and endorsed by Jean-Claude Killington. I think I may break the sound barrier on Stones Throw if I have a bit of a tailwind. Fasten yer seatbelts and hold on, its gonna be a bumpy ride! See you all way too soon!
ausaum, WI USA - Thu Nov 29 00:06:42 2012
My new cold fusion, nuclear fuel injected, retro rocket, plasma, LED, nitro infused, liquid oxygen Flash Gordon skis are in the the stable and ready to rock!Come on snow,I'm ready to go!
Abomatic <need4speed@deathrace2012>
deep space, of mind USA - Wed Nov 28 08:41:30 2012
Lars Opening Day (11-25-2012) was ok...Bison and I saw 2/3rds of what Eli used to look like!!! Bar looks the same, don't think the Beer prices went down.
The Rickster
"Rapid", WI USA - Sun Nov 25 14:48:45 2012
Lift your glass today for Nils Folke Becker Jr! He will be sadly missed. He showed me the deck and the way the deck should be used! Folke was the godfather of deckstering and the 3:15 Miller maneuver!!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Nov 25 10:55:02 2012
sunday nov 25th is opening day
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Nov 24 18:35:32 2012
I win! Official opening is Dec.1st no matter what Rickster says!
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Nov 24 12:31:40 2012
Happy Thanksgiving my Deckster brethren! Now, c'mon winter! Get your act together! I ain't getting younger here and I got runs to make!
Wutsnoe, WI USA - Thu Nov 22 23:20:45 2012
As of 7:00 am looks like the snow making is concentrated on the original slopes...Sr, Duskey, Elk, Birch, Miracle etc...whatever the #%#$ they call'em these days. Amazing, they may have figured it out!
Old school
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Nov 13 08:42:50 2012
Hey! Wake up the skis! Wax on! Edge tools working overtime! New season is upon us! Another year of trying to live up to higher expectations! Get ready, cause here I come! Gotta put new skins on the van to brave the climb to the upper deck and I'll be set! See you all soon!
Wauski, WI USA - Tue Nov 13 07:40:51 2012
Next up...the C.J. Lang award! Longest duration on a bar stool. Nominate your pick here... tic toc tic toc..we have a winner!!
Old lift op
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Nov 12 16:00:36 2012
I can guess with both eyes tied behind my back...
Lost boys
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Nov 12 15:57:24 2012
A winner!! See you on deck soon.
MKE, WI USA - Mon Nov 12 12:05:38 2012
I saved the article for the Deckster archives. I guess I'm not the only Deckster that reads....the Milwaukee paper.
Newspaper Mill, WI USA - Mon Nov 12 00:15:22 2012
that would be cat, sally and kim
mr jack daniels
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Nov 11 19:29:45 2012
Hint; one of those people should be obvious! No guessing required.
2Planker <H>
Cheese and, BeerI Our's - Sun Nov 11 18:12:23 2012
Sunday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinal featured an article about skiing. There was a photo of the "Deck" at Granite Peak (aka Rib Mountain) three Decksters were in the photo, first Deckster to name the three in photo get's a beer on me!
Beer and, Cheese MKE - Sun Nov 11 18:02:38 2012
Nosing around the top of The Peak 11:00 Sun. morning, the latest Tourist attraction Dasher, was up and running in the rain.
wausau visitor, WI USA - Sun Nov 11 16:03:18 2012
Found my latest favorite beer, Leinie's Snowdrift Vanilla Porter. After 3 I'm thinking WOW, checked the bottle, 6% alc. Yummies!
Rapid, WI USA - Sun Nov 11 08:38:51 2012
Who will be the Deckster at the bar? I know which cat I'd bet on!
Winnakeg, WI USA - Fri Nov 9 12:05:49 2012
Maybe we should rephrase that. When will the bar open? Bonus shot for "who will be the first to belly up to the bar? Lets get our priority's straight!
Abaco Island
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Nov 9 09:58:40 2012
Don't care when, the sooner the better---can't wait to see everyone!!! LET IT SNOW
Great White North, WI USA - Thu Nov 8 20:00:08 2012
hope its the 23rd but I'll say the 24th
somewhere, WI USA - Wed Nov 7 14:36:48 2012
Put me down for Dec. 1st opening and Dec 21st for permanent closing, Damn those Mayans! How am I gonna get my season's pass to balance this year?
Armegeddon, WI USA - Wed Nov 7 08:48:21 2012
I'm gonna say Wed. the 21st! Pour the shot!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Nov 7 08:32:10 2012
OK Decksters, lets play "Pick the date" for the season opener!Winner gets a free half hour "education" Our "founder" and a shot of jeager on the house. I'm calling 11-29-12
Bionic legs Abby
Rib Rock, WI USA - Tue Nov 6 16:26:40 2012
Rib River pow is the ultimate ! Let 'er rip. Early ski season begins now. New Deckster video posted. See ya'll real soon. Ski swap tomorrow. Set it and forget it.
Winterland, WI USA - Fri Nov 2 23:18:42 2012
Tonight's forecast calls for fresh powder on Granny courtesy of the Rib river and the hard work of our pals, the snowgun warriors! Let 'er fly!
Sneau Falls, WI USA - Thu Nov 1 15:49:12 2012
Awwwww come on .. i love you guys .. esp w onions and beer!
Double Diamond Dave <>
Brookfield, WI USA - Thu Oct 18 20:08:58 2012
I do not "Hate' you ... Just Strongly Dislike ... Esp Jeff
Double Diamond Dave <>
Brookfield, WI USA - Thu Oct 18 19:18:59 2012
You're welcome; it definitely rates in the top four! The Decksters are the stars. Two Turn Tommy got redemption. The girls shook it. The Skipper taught pyrotechnics. Eck was Exorcised. Sue kept em' full. Damn that global warming. And what is the answer to #18 on the new quiz? One of my favorite rock bands sings "Train Kept a Rollin", so let's keep it goin! Let's hear some ideas for 2013; see you all soon! (No snowmen were harmed in the making of this film, we are expurts!)
Brew City, Beer and Cheese - Sat Sep 22 21:38:56 2012
The new Deckster video rocks! And not just cause I'm in it! Great music, great scenes with good friends all enjoying the joy of living in DecksterNation! Thank you, Jeff, for your dedication and creativity. All of the Deckster videos will be classics one day, hopefully playing in an endless loop in the Bear's den so the legend will continue!
Waitin4sno, WI USA - Tue Sep 18 10:56:36 2012
Decksters, I sent out DVDs to some of you whose where about's are known to me, any one that would like one e-mail me a mailing address. I have heard about a few glitches with some of the disk's any one that got one that does not work let me know. I tried a different format, this years feature I burned in 720 HD (figuring Abby's & my video where shot in HD) I tried a few copies on my DVD player and they worked fine, but they may not like older DVD players and/or TVs? You may also have to adjust the picture size in your TV menu. I will burn a bunch more in the format used previously, so please let me know if you need a copy.
Jeff & Beth <>
Brew City, Cheese and Beer - Sun Sep 2 14:53:03 2012
I, for one, am ever so thankful for the new FIB delivery system going up in the West! What a draw! Now maybe we can play in the East without skiing over the fallen family members that have unwisely blundered into the area. Unfetter the BEAST of the EAST! Better family photo and lift ops beckon in the West! We are truly blessed. Amen!
Deliverance Acres, WI USA - Thu Aug 23 15:36:49 2012
I have been to the top of the mountian! I have seen the deliverance of concrete and steel rising from the dirt and rock! Can I get an Amen brother and sisters?!? The miracle of the almighty buck has prevailed once again and the Reverend Charles is passing the collection plate! Give till it hurts my friends. It's the only way to the top!
Fr. Longski
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Aug 22 08:16:12 2012
Plan on having this years Deckster flick done by labor day and will get DVDs in mail. Also will get digital to Tony to post here . In the mean time check out link here They were preferring knuckle draggers to Decksters so I sent them something silly and they went for it! Second place.
Jeff & Beth
Brew City, Beer & Cheese - Thu Aug 16 23:37:09 2012
I'll reserve judgement until I see it for myself or hope Tomcat, Unofficial Peak superintendent,will set the record straight! What I was hoping for was a 6 person, high speed magic carpet style lift in the western frontier, but, at my advanced years, I need to sit a bit to marshall my energy and tune up my brain for my typical hell-on-wheels descent. Can't wait to see you all again!
Pulp Friction, WI USA - Wed Aug 8 08:24:37 2012
Eye witness report from the base of granny, the new lift is here and in pieces in the parking lot.
Elvis <Elvis is not dead.@>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jul 26 13:51:02 2012
The rumor mill has it that we may see a high speed in the west yet this year.Puma guys have been seen on the hill. O'boy!!Could be the end of downer and the 12 minute crawl to the top.
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jun 27 10:45:40 2012
Yes, this past seasons snow has been long gone, but the memories remain near. Fear not, this years Deckster flick is in the works!
Brew City, WI USA - Tue Jun 26 20:08:51 2012
It's all done! No 1 spec of snow left on the hill. We can safely put the slats in the basement without fear of missing a pow day. Justin has spoken!!
No Snow
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jun 7 15:03:53 2012
MERRIWEATHER, MI USA - Sat May 19 11:39:54 2012
Abby is correct. A summer (mid off season) Deckster get together would be fun! Any Decksters coming to the MKE area should rendezvous on deck at Barnacle Bud's , the Rickstir can attest to this. Arrr!
brew City, WI USA - Thu May 17 21:07:41 2012
Deckster daze?? July blizzard,Wazoo white out! Call it what you want but, we need a summer get together. Can you hear me brothers and sisters?? Ideas???
Wausau, WI USA - Tue May 15 10:51:47 2012
Arrr, me harties be preferin 50% Two fer one and one fer all, save nothin! Just ask the Skipper!
Port of MKE, WI USA - Wed May 2 19:50:29 2012
I enjoyed meeting all of you .. But Some of them did ... "Unspeakable" things to me .. forcing me to GIVE 30% off Deckters OMG ... U SOB's I was saving myself!
David joy <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 19 23:46:22 2012
Skied the Breck! April 3rd. Not bad in the early morning,then skied out and crowded:( Took a spill,I'm a old hurtin' deckster! But hey,what a wonderful area! I gotta get back!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Apr 7 11:51:45 2012
Never say never ! Had to ski one last time... but even the Rockies are getting rocky. Gaper Day on April Fools was a hoot. Went in costume with Anita and Michelle and did the midwest tuck down the mountain. Had to show those Texans how it's done ! We taught them how to drink, too. Hot and sunny Sunday, gray skies and locked up solid on Monday, then fresh snow on Tuesday. That's mountain weather. But even the Rockies are cooked now. The FAT LADY HAS SUNG.
Breckenridge, CO Summit County - Tue Apr 3 19:14:57 2012
I took ski stuff out of the car the other day. Skis and boots teamed up and flat out refused to go downstairs, saying it wasn't their time yet! Fine... poles can stay up too :)
Kronenwetter, WI USA - Wed Mar 28 09:10:02 2012
Kudos to Jeff for his Ironman/Dr. Kenny tribute video! If you haven't watched it, do so. Thank you all you Decksters for a great time this last season.I wish I could've been there more often, but, it is what it was.I'm proud to be associated with all of you hard skiing, fun loving bunch of goofs. See you soon, keep your sticks on the ice....
Wyanearlyspring, WI USA - Tue Mar 27 23:37:01 2012
Glad to have made it last Sunday for St. Tom's/Deckster Fun Day to honor Carmie and see you all. We are all saddened by the shortened season, but If the hill was going to close early, that was the appropriate day. I should have enough material to put together a video for the season, if not I will be calling on Decksters for good stuff. Got any? This years bonus track (dedicated to the Doc) is already posted here. Have a SAFE summer everyone, and may the snow fly early and abundantly next season!
Jeff & Beth
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Mar 23 18:37:11 2012
What happened? I leave for a week and they close the hill!I was just getting warmed up.
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Mar 19 13:12:25 2012
The Old Bitch did it to us this year. She didn't give us much snow, warm weather fighting us to make it, and then 80's to take the snow away. WOW! So to all my Winter Time friends, have a Great Summer! "The Rickster"
Rapids, WI USA - Sun Mar 18 20:15:29 2012
See you at the 19th hole!
Dubelin, WI IR - Wed Mar 14 21:00:40 2012
For all that care, my previous post is not correct. Everything stands as was originally planned. If you don't know what was planned then you probably should not be reading this or if you are a true Deckster you know who to call to find out the details. :)
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Mar 14 18:17:21 2012
heard the fun day has been moved to Saturday, is this a true statement? Although what day is not a fun day when you are at the hill. :)
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Mar 13 18:40:44 2012
Will Granny survive the heat!
Brew City, WI USA - Mon Mar 12 09:46:10 2012
Hit the back bowls on the ONLY good days they have had! Epic! 3 feet of new since Monday and still snowing. Best hurry though, temps are rising into the 40's this week in the U.P. The end is near! Plenty of sunny deck daze still to be had! See ya soon!!
Abnormal and child
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Mar 5 14:26:45 2012
All survived the 4 of the 6 days skiing POWDER (from Heaven not Hoses) in the Montana mountains. The Snow Gods must of have felt sorry for us Powder starved Decksters, better to be Lucky than good. Matti, one of our new friends(a Pro patroler)from Snow Bowl is coming home to see family in Madison, he asked me about Boehemia, I never said a word, he brought the subject up, honestly. Apparently the word is out, even in Montana--- Remember, Chivalry is not dead and the Mountain still rules! See you all soon. "Rickster"
The Rickster
Snow Heaven, Mt. USA - Sun Mar 4 11:12:57 2012
Heading for the back bowls once again! Monday report to follow....epic!!!!Tell'em Matti sent you!!
Not Matti
lost in space, WI USA - Fri Mar 2 15:38:33 2012
Decksters, it is Demo Daze this weekend, (Saturday). My buds from L&J will be manning the Nordica demo trailer, be sure to try them out. They can't wait to tip a few with the notorious Decksters! Be sure to check out all the other new planks Shep's has set up for torture by Decksters. See you all on Deck to rate or berate! And please be notorious!!!
Brew City, WI USA - Thu Mar 1 18:02:20 2012
I'm getting pumped for the weekend! Let's ski! Gabba-gabba hey!
Mill Valley, WI USA - Thu Mar 1 17:09:47 2012
POW! Breckenridge! I'm coming back and the invite is open. Two Turn Tommy!
Tommy H
McHenery , IL USA - Tue Feb 28 21:12:11 2012
Looks like the chicago carp have spawned out, heading down stream and back to lake Michigan.This year the hot bait was the Bloody Mary with a twister tail!! Caught our limit last weekend trolling near the "fire pit" Fishing with Capt O'Malley will get you to the hot spot everytime!For your next charter call 800 TOM CAT!.
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Feb 28 08:27:06 2012
A "Banner" weekend it was! The FIBs may have out numbered the Decksters, but I don't think they had as much fun, just deer in the headlights.
brew City, WI USA - Tue Feb 21 19:00:27 2012
Happy Precedents Day, one and all ! Have the FISH gone home, yet ?
Granite Heights, WI USA - Mon Feb 20 23:14:17 2012
Once again the Decksters bring home the hardware at the Badger state games!!! Lots of bling!
Deck hand
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Feb 10 15:06:31 2012
Hey Anita ! Good to see a Deckster chick post from the wild west. You are always in the Loop. You can run to Summit County but you cannot hide. The Loop knows all and sees all !
RE: Rocky Mtn high. We may all show up at your door at the same time, like hungry Jehovah's Witnesses, so be careful what you wish for ! See you Prez weekend. The Magic Carpet will be fully loaded, and so will the Decksters.

Tone d'Bone <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Feb 9 23:06:04 2012
Couldn't attend Deckster Tues. nite, but I'll be there for Thirsty Thursday! Please join me as the more, the merrier! As a bonus, if you have a Badger Games medal from last weekend, I'll buy you one!
Pulp Friction, WI USA - Wed Feb 8 23:11:03 2012
Hey i know you think I am out of the loop...but my write in write canidate is Tone the Bone from the GOD party Grand old Decksters...You know i have lodging for any Deckster wanting to visit Summit or Eagle counties. I will be back at Granite Pres wkend. Hope to see my buddies! Anita Whetstone
anita <>
breckenridge, co USA - Mon Feb 6 19:53:25 2012
Two days of sunshine in a row? What is with this weather. Sorry to be missing it. Decksters, GO for GOLD!!!
Jeff & Beth
Brew City, WI USA - Sun Feb 5 08:58:58 2012
Lots better than Father Fists Patrick! Youch!
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Feb 4 22:42:11 2012
Or Father FitsPatrick or Patrick fits Father!
Rapid, WI USA - Fri Feb 3 20:29:54 2012
Grabbing or fondling of the little boys is not allowed, we are skiers, not wrestlers, priests or school teachers!!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Feb 3 13:41:33 2012
Beat 'em like a wrestling team mate on the Rapids bus!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Feb 3 01:59:10 2012
RE: Red-headed Stepchild. Would that be, like, Shawn White ? Or Mustang Sally ? Whatever, dude. Congrats, Deckster racers !
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Feb 2 22:22:09 2012
Top of the heap, Decksters are #1!!! Beat the competion like a red headed step child.
Dr. Ski
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Feb 2 14:54:40 2012
We have seen NOTHING in reply so far. Just as I've always suspected, there appears to be no rational reason for all the dubius changes at the Peak. I hope that one day I will see logic and fairness implemented at Granite but I fear it will be a long time coming. I have been to the mountain top! I will be heard, for I HAVE A DREAM that positive change will come! Passholders will no longer be treated like chattel and will someday get the same consideration as knuckle draggers! Can I get an "Amen"? We shall maybe overcome. It's the American way! Or shit will just stay the same, whatever...I'll keep skiing there just to support the Deckster nation and the Point brewery! Remember this, "Everybody Wang chung tonight!" Stay thirsty, my friends,
Sno=fun, WI USA - Mon Jan 30 07:37:52 2012
Well, well, well...there is someone that reads the e-mail sent to Granite Peak! I received a reply today---it reads--- Dear Rick and Dear Lars: Thank you for your concern, your comments will be passed along to the owner. Hummmmm does anyone really care? We shall see!
the Rapids, WI USA - Thu Jan 26 17:59:39 2012
Love the "Tomcat" Miceroni with egg roll please!
Zippy Kat
Uknow, WI USA - Tue Jan 24 20:54:59 2012
Although a tad cold, windy and gray today, my heart was warmed by the sight of all the beautiful children running around the bar, yelling, spilling ketchup and taking all the available seats so that Rickster, Buzz, Bison and I were forced to drive to BoJo's to get some refreshments and food! BoJo's was weird, room to sit down, eat and drink without your senses being assaulted by unattended children. You could actually see and hear the games on the TV! Oh, that's right! IT'S A BAR! I guess by some flukey state law that small juveniles aren't permitted to be in there without a parent present! Novel idea! I like it! I sure wish Granite Peak would get a bar like that! But where to put the hundreds of children ? Maybe that big building that's never open by the bottom of the Comet lift. Just a crazy idea, I guess. Ski ya soon! See you at BoJo's!
GranitePeak Davcare Center, WI USA - Sun Jan 22 20:44:10 2012
Fellow Dexters, today pushed The Rickster over the edge. I e-mailed Granite Peak when I got home today... #1 (Wed. Dec. 21, 2011) I sent an e-mail asking why there are now cables blocking the entrance to the Sun Deck? I never did receive an answer to this question. #2 Skiing today (Jan. 22, 2012) why was there only 1 person scanning tickets at the 6 pack while there was 50 to 100 people standing in line with every 3rd to forth chair going empty, Great Planning on a Sun.! As it states in your guest comments above---We are committed to making Granite Peak the best it can be! The Rickster would appreciate an answer if that isn't too much... I'll keep everyone up to date with an answer, if I get one this time.
The Rickster
Rapids, WI USA - Sun Jan 22 17:17:03 2012
Looks like a Deckster Sunday. Are you with me?
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Jan 21 20:23:01 2012
I want to swap mine for one like yours ! What to put in it ? Hmmm..... Download the Jack app from whiskey. com
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jan 17 21:46:22 2012
Thanks to the Deckster Detectives my phone was found, I got it on Saturday. Looks a little different but I'm thinking I like this one much better. Hmmmmmmmm, what should I put in it. :)
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Jan 16 17:25:15 2012
Sorry Tonester, we got it, 6" on my Deck. A famous Dr. once said "I have a dream"
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Jan 13 13:15:43 2012
Congratulations to Team Deckster for an honorable showing ! And let it snow ! Come on. Where's that 5-8" ? Snow, I mean. I'm talking about SNOW goddamnit ! Gimme a break. And Happy New Year ! But why does my headache keep coming back ? Oh, yeah, I keep going back to.... well, you guys know where to find me. Happy MLK Day ! As if. I live in Wisconsin.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jan 12 21:16:05 2012
First night of racing and team Deckster takes home 2nd place. Missed 1st by a thin red one. We will not be denied!! like a bad headache...we just keep coming back!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jan 12 09:51:17 2012
Calling all Decksters!! It is special Olympic's time again. Jan. 28th from 10am till around 2pm. Anyone wishing to help please let me know! Rick and Sally had a great time last year and I hope they want to continue helping!!! I do not have thier e-mails or phone numbers so if they do not see this, could you let them know!! Thanks! Sarah and I will see you on the 28th!!!
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jan 10 16:16:00 2012
Calling all Decksters! It's special olympic time again this year!!! Jan. 28th from roughly 10am till 2pm. If you would like to Volunteer please let me know soon. Rick and Sally had a great time last year and I hope they want to help again!! I do not have Rick or Sally's e-mail's so if they do not watch our board here can you let them know about this!!! Thanks and Sarah and I will see everyone on the 28th!!!!!
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jan 10 16:00:48 2012
Sorry, Tone. Work schedule meant I would've had to leave at noon, just when the decking gets fun! As far as my postings go, who will post if I don't! Ski you soon, bro.
PaperCity, WI USA - Mon Jan 9 11:27:28 2012
Awesome "spring" ski day! Almost the whole gang was there ! Good to see everyone. Even Jeff, the official Deckster videographer was on-site to relieve the usual Papparazzi of their onerous duties. And a splendid deck day it was ! But where was Lars ? We miss you... Stop posting long enough to ski with us for a run or two !
Wazoo, WI USA - Sun Jan 8 19:53:07 2012
New ski contest at the Peak! Find Sally's phone. Prize depends on Sally! If its in working order, bonus! I hope it ain't a white one! Good luck and Happy New Year!
Whycallatall, WI USA - Sun Jan 1 08:27:31 2012
Out of control rocking chair riders?
uranus, wi USA - Sun Dec 25 20:07:06 2011
thats to keep the out of control skiers and knuckledraggers using the new highspeed magic carpet from injuring unsuspecting patio patrons and breaking huge windows.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Dec 22 07:04:49 2011
So what's the deal with turning the ski patio into an unaccessable compound!? Will there be a judgement day for perpetuators of such stupidity or will we just have another one of Skinner's brilliant anti-skiing ideas to bitch about?
Steel Cable, WI USA - Wed Dec 21 18:15:34 2011
Apparently seven more runs open today, hopefully the east is part of the seven, not seven lower runs, or the west, they were blasting in the east last night.
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Dec 17 08:01:11 2011
Could be for the Midwest Best Ski & Knuckledragger Ass ociation. Let the Knuckledraggers get conditioned to using the West. When the the real stuff falls it's ours!
Ski dude
WI USA - Thu Dec 15 09:11:30 2011
What are they thinking?? Why would the west be a high priority? Could someone explain the logic behind this? I'm so confused!!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Dec 14 11:09:40 2011
geez theres no condos in the far west area i was looking at a brochure from a couple years ago.apparently they didnt happen.sorry.yea making snow over there before east does suck
stilldepressed, WI USA - Sat Dec 10 17:04:38 2011
Greetings from dee Cayman Islands. Enough sand n surf already. I want to see some snow !
barefoot mon
7 Mile Beach, BWI - Thu Dec 8 07:02:17 2011
The song remains the same as always. Cater grooming towards the monetary rewards. Season pass holders are locked in, condo renters are more lucrative and are courted accordingly. That's the way the snow falls at Granite Peak. Same with all the terrain parks, more for traveling boarders who pay the high daily lift fees.The truth, the owner is all bout turning a profit as fast as he can. That's the way it, get used to it.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Dec 8 00:52:06 2011
they make snow over there so the new condos have the ski in ski out feature
totally, depressed USA - Wed Dec 7 17:23:48 2011
Just when you thought things were looking up, Some genius wants all snowmaking to go west NOW. Drop what you started and move everything to the area that gets the least amount of use and has no night skiing. Gotta get snow on those waste land slopes before opening the east side. WTF??? Looks like the NEW owner is just as belligerant as the last.
Pissed pass holder
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Dec 7 13:33:57 2011
Thanks, Waldo! Yeah, I knew about the Peak's sno report site, but I guess I was hoping to get more of a Deckster perspective on the whole thing. Now I know that I can safely come up and visit because the Magic Carpet will be running! What a relief! Maybe I'll even try to muster my courage and attempt to ski Miracle if I can figure out how to load on that scary looking Comet lift. It has a safety bar, right? See you up there sooner than you think! Thanks again!
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Dec 6 18:33:52 2011
was up on top today and heavy grooming going on big rib or senior or what ever they call it now sundance?and on pebble beach.i would say with the cold weather they should be able make enough snow to open them this weekend but they think different then most .might want to save it for christmas crowd.also looks like superstition has enough snow,if you go to granite peak website on the middle right of the home page theres a snow report icon .it shows snow depths and whats open ,right now it shows 6 runs open.once again they think different then most.lars i would probably think the new 400 ft. magic carpet should be up and running for you
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Dec 6 17:59:10 2011
Hows about a status update on the home Deckster mountain? Any info would be appreciated. Thanx!
Wausopen?, WI USA - Mon Dec 5 07:40:43 2011
Only $200!?! Man, if my tax refund only came sooner! In my current state of financial insecurity I could see buying into a tenth share. Maybe if you could get 9 other Decksters interested, you'd be home free. But then we'd all have less money to spend with Sue! Wow! What a dilema! Well, good luck anyway.
Wausmunnyanyhoo, WI USA - Sat Dec 3 14:11:30 2011
Why waste your hard earned money on the worthless Green Bay Packer stock sale when you could be the proud owner of the REAL Americas team THE DECKSTERS!!! The Deckster race team is offering this great opportunity for a corporate owner/sponser to buy a piece of skiing history for the 2011-2012 season. Be the evny of Wall street and the likes of Jerry Jones! For a mere $200.00 you will have bragging rights and full ownership of the legendary Deckster name for the entire race season. This is a one time offering so get off your ass and buy it now! We will throw in...2 personally autographed team photos,(sure to bring big $$ on E Bay) Total access to all team events in the upper lot. The inside scoop and latest gossip regarding incarcerated team members and a front row seat with the team at the year end awards banquette! For further information on this once in a lifetime opportunity, contact our agent/legal team of O'Malley, Jack Daniels, and Coke @ 1-800-BIG TIME. Operators are stand by wainting for your call 24-7!! Call within the next 6 months and get a bonus signed ski pole from last years team! Wow, how can you beat this deal! Call NOW!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Dec 2 10:57:37 2011
Happy Turkey Day ! We heard today is the big opening day at Granite Peak ! To quote from their always reliable website: "Arrive Nov 24, Thanksgiving Weekend, get 3 days for price of 2 tickets". Our mouths are watering: "Have your Thanksgiving feast at Granite Peak for just $10.95 per person !" See all you Decksters up there ! I'm sure conditions are fantastic, even though their website still shows 0" for a base and there is absolutely nothing under "News" or any indication whatsoever that the lifts will be running. But we have faith ! Praise the Lord and pass the turkeys on the highway !
The Fish family
Chicago, IL USA - Thu Nov 24 09:52:36 2011
"tune up, turn on and drop in" I love it, Lars ! Who said that Timothy Leary's dead ? But I see nothing wrong with Whitecrap. Or spam, either. Not as long as you have no fear of death, like a true Deckster !
Nirvana, WI USA - Sat Nov 19 00:54:57 2011
Local news rag sez the guns are blowing snow at Granny. Time to tune up, turn on and drop in soon! Thanksgiving turkeys are always a good omen at the Peak. And like Danica always says,"When you Peak, you win!"
Pulpsburg, WI USA - Fri Nov 18 10:38:36 2011
The old lodge at IH always smelled like rotting tuna and old socks.Just like a cheerleader from Mosinee I used to know!
Yabby dabby do
Slopeside, WI USA - Tue Nov 15 09:07:34 2011
And, WhiteCrap is the SkyLine of the north! Anybody out there ever skied at the pride of Adams-Friendship? If not, it was like shopping at Walmart on Sat. afternoon, if you get my drift! Hey, look! The carnival people are back and brought their skis with 'em!
Scent-tray-lia, WI USA - Tue Nov 15 00:44:41 2011
Ya! I always thought Indianheads lodge smells like an old spam can.
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Nov 14 16:35:00 2011
Methinks IndianHead is the Spam of ski areas.
Basementality, WI USA - Mon Nov 14 00:53:16 2011
if anyone is interested a rhinelander radio station is selling 2011/2012 daily lift tickets (no blackout dates)for indianhead for $25+$1.25 tax regular $49 this season at their marketplace page..bought and used them last season with no many cans of spam can you buy for $26.25?
basemelting, WI USA - Sun Nov 13 11:23:50 2011
Man,if it comes down to eating Spam, well, sweet Jesus take me, please! Ugh, I'll wait for manna from heaven when my gargantuan stash of Point and Jacklinks jerky runs out. Looking for stash points? Ask the all knowing Tomcat. He's still got stuff hid up there from the 70's. Nice tie dye, bro! Let the hording begin!
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Nov 13 00:02:42 2011
I'm going to eat them all before anybody else gets to them !
Mordor, hungry Middle Earth - Sat Nov 12 19:58:27 2011
i plan on hiding cans of spam under every crevice on the peak this season just in case i'm one of the few that survive.
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Nov 12 14:30:12 2011
Hey kids!Only one year left til the end of the world as we know it. Yep! Earthquakes, nuclear bombs, comet collisions, race and class wars,zombies marching into town, and all sorts of chaos! So lets ski like our Deckster creed dictates!Loud, proud and in the in-crowd! Show the Mayans, Nostrodamus, and Biblical prophets that we ain't going down without a fight! And, God willing, if it's all bullshit, we still have an epic year! I'm ready, willing and able! Gird your loins and count your coins. Krugerands and pirate gold is premium, dollars and sense are out! Survival of the fittest, Deckster style! Posers and non-believers beware! We will presevere. And prosper,(although propagating might be left to others, damn that Heaven;s Gate vasectomy I was conned into having). Let's get it on!
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Nov 12 01:14:06 2011
Just happy to see ya! The ski chicks dig a guy with a big RPG hangin out of his spandex.
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Nov 11 09:19:30 2011
Hey, Ab! Is that a RPG in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
Wausin yerpantz, WI USA - Thu Nov 10 23:32:53 2011
Hey! The dance worked! Ski you all soon!
Wautseu, WI USA - Thu Nov 10 21:50:15 2011
Abby's snowdance worked ! Vicky claims that all 74 runs will be open tomorrow, Thursday, Nov 10 ! Groomed and ready for action. I will breathlessly await Angler Dave's complete ski report. I especially want to know if the Terrain Parks are properly tuned and adjusted before I grind my edges on those Skullcandy objets d'art.
wazoo, WI USA - Wed Nov 9 23:55:18 2011
I think I'll wait till Thursday for the groomed cordaroy!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Nov 8 08:53:45 2011
Powder day tommorow!! 6-9" predicted in our area. Who's up for a run??
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Nov 8 07:52:38 2011
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Nov 6 15:05:27 2011
Decksters! Please start your ceremonial snow dances!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Nov 6 09:13:53 2011
Brother and sister Decksters, I am calling on you all to join, with hearts and minds, my initiative to OCCUPY GRANITE PEAK this winter. Let us put aside our petty differences and get down to the true basics of the Deckster creed. Ski fast, look good, drink plenty and talk smart! Then we'll meet at the deck/bar/parking area, join hands and sing "Kumbaya" or the Buffet classic "Why don't we get drunk and screw". Embrace the movement! Politics and politicians will come and go, but the Decksters must presevere and prosper. We shall overcome! C U Soon!
Wausnoe?, WI USA - Sat Nov 5 08:20:21 2011
I prefer the sawed off 12 gauge. Fits nicely in my ski coat and keeps the unit warm. 3.5" magnum loads will take any asshole right out of their boots at 50 yards.If I can't stuff all of my RPG in my pants,if it's sticking out of my fly is it still considered concealed?? Go ahead punk, make my day!!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Nov 3 15:05:56 2011
Waiting for snow. pondering what to pack in my parka with my concealed carry permit. 44's too bulky, 38 or 22 won't have enough stopping power for the average perp/boarder. What's a guy to do? Ya gotta ask yourself"Do ya feel lucky, punk?" Well, do ya?
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Nov 3 06:44:42 2011
I feel a need for speed. Anybody up for some street luge down the park road? YeeHaw!
WhizzRapidly, WI USA - Sat Oct 15 05:47:30 2011
Looking at some new boards on the internet---must be ski season soon---Can't wait!
Wis-ski Rapids, WI USA - Fri Oct 14 10:40:07 2011
Only 6 weeks till the opener!!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Oct 13 14:26:43 2011 there anybody out there........they are skiing in Coloradooo!
Usauwhat, WI USA - Tue Oct 11 19:23:56 2011
So I post earlier and it doesn't appear until I post a new version! Sheesh!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Sep 14 18:59:26 2011
Yeah! And then get Chicago Tommy and Johnny P. to park the Illinois motorhome next to it! It takes a village! Rib Mt. RV park, gotta love it!
Trailer, WI USA - Wed Sep 14 18:57:23 2011
Yeah! Park the boyz from Illinois next to it for that gypsy/ski bum encampment. Bill would be sooo happy!
Wautaboutme, WI USA - Wed Sep 14 08:31:20 2011
We need a portable party house to fill in the new parking lot. Maybe a big ol' RV that we can stash nearby and bring out on the weekends!KGB can drive and we'll get a disabled sticker for it. That'll get Barney/Bill wound up!Hell, he only has 1 bullet!Party on Brothers!(and sistas). When the long arm rears it's ugly head we can claim it's all for Kenny!Our wounded warrior.
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Sep 9 14:22:03 2011
Rickster and I surveyed the new parking lot for the upper deck yesterday and were both mightily impressed. Nice blacktop, ample parking and visitor center in the works. QuestionL: Why pay thru the nose below when tailgating is so much fun? Stay tuned and plan ahead. See you all on the slopes/terrain parks.
Wausup?, WI USA - Thu Sep 8 15:22:01 2011
chinese downhill every run:),think of the possibilties, be it terrain park,nastar course or any of the is our bitch!get tuned and eat your wheaties it'll be go time before you know it!!
2plankerville, WI USA - Mon Sep 5 20:12:37 2011
It's season pass time. Rickster and I are coming up Wed to take on Carmie's nine after our photo session. Snow kidding! Maybe burgers and beverages at BoJo's after, maybe see you there! How about a Dr. Kenney status report?
Wauntaski, WI USA - Mon Sep 5 07:38:44 2011
my point was that I have been asked to stay off the course more times than i've been asked to stay off the terrain park. My solution, adjust the levels of my skull candy, fly everybody the bird and ski were I want. The detox and withdrawals make me edgy. Think snow, summer sucks.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Sep 1 17:13:10 2011
its been obvious that the leasee of rib mt.knows where to make the majority of his money when his marketing last year went from granite peak ski area to granite peak can argue nastar vs. terrain parks but im not going to sit still on the sidelines for this one. ive decided to sell my vokyls and tecnicas on craiglist and buy a burton board,shawn white edition boots,get my helmet wired for skull candy ,learn the language and move my waistline 3 inches above my knees and start boarding.
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Aug 31 17:50:27 2011
Could you please foward me the address to the Skiing is FUN page that you talk about speedy (wanna race down the terrain park)
Fun City, WI USA - Tue Aug 30 14:02:18 2011
If you don't want ski racing at GP, your on the wrong page Eli! Team Deckster ring any bells?? Team sit on your ass knuckle dragger is one page over!
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Aug 30 10:40:50 2011
Eli, the whole world is my terrain park but I do what I can to make it a better place. Turning Missionary into a boarder park is contrary to my wants. Sometimes I wonder just what the hell goes thru Skinner's mind vis-a-vis moguls that no one skis and safety announcements no one listens to and Bar prices that make FIBS wince. It's all about appearances for the sake of money! See ya soon anyway. I'll ski whats left.
Smallville, WI USA - Wed Aug 24 23:50:01 2011
the whole hill is my terrain park, it could be worse they could make it a NASTAR course and tell everybody to stay off of it.
the edge, - Wed Aug 24 08:36:30 2011
Shaken or Deck-Stirred for real. Deckstered baby!
brew City, WI USA - Tue Aug 23 20:57:21 2011
So now we have to duck the fools on the east side too? More idiots crossing the hill without ever looking uphill!Time to rally the troops. This is a HUGE saftey issue. I know our management team at GP reads these so...Stop this nonsense before someone is killed. Release or not, you will see a major suit heading your way. Nip this in the bud now!!
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Aug 23 14:56:36 2011
Please email the Peak to protest them wrecking Mission with a goddamn terrain park! The whole east will be scraped down to the base layer of ice. Might as well ski at Powers Bluff.
No way, hoser!, WI USA - Tue Aug 23 01:00:14 2011
In Hayward yesterday for breakfast. Thought I'd pick something out of the tourist rack to read while waiting for breakfast. 2011 Season GRANITE PEAK booklet...5 Terrain Parks...there was only 4 last year. Ohhhhh Nooooo, another on bites the dust, Mission Ridge---in the EAST, the latest terrain park---oh my God, say it isn't so. On the cover it says #1 Transworld Snowboarding Parks Midwest. Jeff had it all figured out in last season's Deckster video. Our beloved East, sacrificed! (74 Runs. 700' Vertical---65 Acres of Tree Skiing---True Mountain Skiing in the Heart of Wisconsin)---
Wis Rapids, WI USA - Sun Aug 21 16:25:15 2011
Sorry for you loss Todd and Dane
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Aug 18 15:09:08 2011
Lost a senior Deckster this week:( Todd & Dane, Vic & I send our condolances. Connie will be missed dearly. I do recall Decking with her years back.
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Aug 18 08:19:32 2011
Hey, WTF?! Tomcat starts posting and nobody seems to notice. Did Dr. Kenny give him a computer? What gives? I'm freaking out. Need to lie down....
Info-Hi-Way, WI USA - Wed Aug 17 11:31:44 2011
Kenny, Going for that Evel Knievil/Lynn Dickey X Ray look a like contest! Hands down winner in the AARP divison.
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Aug 15 11:22:42 2011
the quest is on decksters!we have to obtain a "who killed kenny"tee for the doctor:)whoever suceeds will be severely rewarded!!
nekoosa, WI USA - Sat Aug 13 14:36:32 2011
Just talked to Kenny- Per the rumor floating around- Kenny is not dead!! Tomcat
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Aug 6 14:59:19 2011
Nastar has set the dates, March 22-25. Who's up!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Aug 4 10:19:45 2011
glad to hear positive happenings with kgb!i'm sure we'd all voluteer community service to help him on medication HIGHway:)
bison <>
nekoosa, WI USA - Wed Aug 3 16:46:23 2011
The KGB is home and recovering! Elvis has left the building!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Aug 3 16:28:31 2011
any updates on the doctor?
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Aug 2 11:26:25 2011
Hooray for good vibes, karma, prayer, and tough cockroaches! Way to go Doc! Thank you for the good news Brother Abby.
jeff Harenda
Brew City, WI USA - Thu Jul 28 19:10:30 2011
Good news,KGB is awake (plenty of pain meds) and talking! Breathing on his own and gaining traction.They will be moving him out of ICU today.Still looks like a Nascar wreck but will be back terrorizing the tourists before you know it! Tougher than a New York cockroach, he just keeps coming back!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jul 28 09:05:39 2011
Get well friend...take it from an expert, Deceleration Sickness hurts!
Wiscorap, WI USA - Wed Jul 27 17:47:57 2011
Payed a quick visit to KGB Wednesday, The Doc is in tough shape. A lot of damage to the left side ribs, lungs and shoulder area.He's not quite out of the woods yet. Keep the good vibes, karma,and prayers coming!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jul 27 07:49:58 2011
Hey Tony, can you send me your e-mail address
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Jul 25 18:16:33 2011
I also just heard about Dr.Schidell. Heel up Kenny! We all know you'll be operating this season!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Jul 25 14:45:28 2011
Just heard the doctor is visiting the doctors in the ICU at Wausau Hospital. He was in a bad motorcycle accident last week. Keep in in your prayers.
Rippin Sal
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Jul 24 19:12:55 2011
Ain't enough of that stuff to do my chores.
Limp Biscuit, WI USA - Sun Jul 24 00:51:51 2011
youre right lars your kind of bag jump is the only one i could complete with some help from viagra
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Jul 22 09:00:35 2011
Waldo, does this "bag jump" have anything to do with MILFS? Stay cool and stay in skool.
Jump City, WI USA - Fri Jul 22 08:41:18 2011
get your aerial moves together the bag jump is coming jan 56&7 2012 to catch us that come up short in the terrain park jumps. check it out at wanted to do a 720 with a grab.what next?
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jul 21 17:57:22 2011
Only 120 days to the start of 2011-2012 ski season, keep that in mind as the temps top out near 100. What color bikini wax do we apply in this heat? Hot pink?? Fast and slippery, just the way we like it!!! Stay thirsty my friends.
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jul 19 08:29:38 2011
Lars, never drink and drive, use a 3 iron!
Deep space, OZ USA - Mon Jun 27 11:12:22 2011
Larrrrs, be careful of where your shipmates hang out. The Deck at Barnacle Bud's can be a dangerous place on a Sunday afternoon!
Brew City, WI USA - Sun Jun 26 20:22:15 2011
Abby, let's do Bullseye and I promise to do the driving. You help with the drinking.
Lesson up, WI USA - Sat Jun 25 23:56:17 2011
Been splattering goats blood and shaking chicken bones on my driver to no avail! Saw the head spinning around and puking out pea soup! Strange sounds and weird lights coming from my bag in the middle of the night. I need an Exorcist. Where's O'Malley when you need him?
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Jun 24 08:21:02 2011
Tried to get something going the last few years, no luck getting results, much like home life. Rickster, Bison and I will be getting season pass mug shot 1st week in Sept. We will try to play Carmie's the same day, then maybe Bo-Jo's for sustanance and suds, then who knows? We're always up for a good time with our Deckster bros and sisters. Any ideas? Stay thirsty my friends..... Lars
Pay-per-capita, WI USA - Fri Jun 24 00:30:54 2011
Local weatherman says the snow is all gone! Time to start making snow agian, it's almost cold enough! Can you hear me Al Gore??
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jun 23 16:28:13 2011
has been canceled due to inclimate weather
ice cold, WI USA - Fri Jun 10 19:06:26 2011
Where and when is the summer hummer/ golf and ski outing??
A-1 nutcase
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jun 7 11:42:34 2011
I just viewed Jeff's new video, Shaken and Deck-Stirred. WOW! I was blown away by the editing, the concept, and the cutting edge cinematography. The local yokels recruited for starring roles were iconic and ironicly, very cool people that I've skied with, in a hot video. Speilberg, Fellini, Lucas and Kubric now welcome to their folds Mr. Jeff Harenda as the best of the mid-west video filmographers. Jeff, if you want my admiration you've got it. If you ever want input, like a Quenten Tarratino twist, let me know. You are the bomb! You capture the whole Deckster experience every time.
WisRatpiss, WI USA - Mon May 16 19:17:42 2011
Osama finaly gets to be a holey terrorist. New drink at Hollyrocks, the Bin Laden: 2 shots and a splash! The Tenth Mountain heroes would be proud. Moral of story: Do not screw with Tomcat and Seal Team #6. See you in the Holy land! Hey, Osama, here's your camel dung pizza, where's my tip?
Islam is bad, WI Pakhishitter - Thu May 5 00:28:50 2011
Rumor has it the SEALS brought in Tomcat for his expertise to set fire to the downed chopper.Watching Fox News for confirmation.
tvlland, WI USA - Tue May 3 11:26:11 2011
I heard a rumor elite Deckster forces were spotted in the mountains here.
YabaDabaDo, Pakistan - Mon May 2 20:18:58 2011
may 2nd 2011 chill factor 25, took the storage wax off the rock skis and made 2 runs down senior(or sundance)about 20 turns.could had made it down all the way, climb up would have been too long.first may skiing in almost 50 yrs at rib mt.(the peak).had 2 ft of snow in most places on the climb up.walked over to r+r there's 5 ft over there.unreal.might make a run memorial day if this weather keeps up.119 days on skis ths season.
longclimbup, WI USA - Mon May 2 09:46:06 2011
I talked to a pair of skiers on Sundance aka Senior last Sunday. A dude and a girl. They had two cars and had worked out a "system". Very Deckster ! They kept coming back for more ! Me, I was "skiing" my Maine lounger after a long day of yardwork. Nice to back on snow.

NEWS FLASH. Jeff has released new videos. Check them out.

Meltdown, WI USA - Thu Apr 28 23:18:05 2011
P.S. if any one needs a previous year movie let me know. It will only cost you a beer on the deck!
jeff Harenda
brew City, WI USA - Sun Apr 24 20:36:03 2011
Decksters, were all the eggs in your baskets? If not send me a mailing address and I shall send you this years DVD, Shaken or "Deck" Stirred. Happy Easter!
jeff Harenda <>
Brew City, WI USA - Sun Apr 24 09:08:27 2011
april 23rd and the moguls on big rib are finally softening up.
silicone spray
mashed potatoes, WI USA - Sat Apr 23 07:51:41 2011
April 20th and we could still be skiing!3 inches of freshies,plenty of sunshine! This isn't right!!
Bummed out
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 21 14:37:10 2011
Any given Tuesday afternoons, Billy and myself can be found at Carmellos golf and drink . Feel free to hook up anytime. Weather providing, a bit of yachting may be involved also.No RSVP reqiured
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Apr 12 15:42:27 2011
Just got back from the LAST PLACE TO SKI in da UP. That's right... SKI BRULE ! Hey, when you need another fix, you get desperate, you know ? Flat light until 1PM, but then the sun burned thru. I ripped a few slushy carves on the evil orange machine before retiring to the deck. Still not a bad way to wrap up the season.
Lars: Nice rant !
Bayfield: Someday I, too, hope to become totally illiturate and drink heavenly ! Until I learn how, I will keep skiing, riding and posting.

tone da bone
Iron River, MI USA - Sat Apr 9 21:50:25 2011
Beware of Turkeys
Charlie Sheen
somewhere, - Sat Apr 9 10:13:38 2011
Beware of Turkeys
C Sheen
fantasyland, WI - Sat Apr 9 10:10:57 2011
Tony, no spell checking.
Up North In Bayfield
Bayfield, WI USA - Fri Apr 8 18:47:26 2011
Sorry for all the postings. Computer illiturate and drinking heavely.
Up North In Bayfield
Bayfield, WI USA - Fri Apr 8 18:44:11 2011
Just got back from Lutsen $66.76 lift ticket $5.00 beer on upper deck $80.00 in gas. Another day on the slopes- PRICELESS. Looking for one more day to celebrate Waldos Bday.
Up North In Bayfield
Bayfield, WI USA - Fri Apr 8 18:40:01 2011
Just got back from Lutsen $66.76 lift ticket $5.00 beer on upper deck $80.00 worth of gas. Another day on the slopes-PRICELESS. Hopefully one more day for Waldos B-day. PS not sure if I paid an enhancement fee.
up north in bayfield
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Apr 8 18:27:49 2011
Mr. Lars, Donald here again!! In all good humor it seems you may have an anger issue with some mid-western ski area!!?? Not unlike the explosive anger Meatloaf displayed towards Gary Bussey on my High Profile tv show the " Celebrity Apprentice ". Have a great summer and thanks for your vote in november!!! P.S. Thinking O'Malley as a possible running mate!! GO PACK!!!!
The Donald
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 7 20:15:13 2011
I'd either respond or apologize if I had any idea what you're refering to, but, as usual, I'm clueless. Miss you all already, great year with great friends. Can't wait to see you all soon enough.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 7 01:22:12 2011
Mr. Lars, I'm glad you have been watching my show Celebrity Apprentice!!! Say hi to Mr. Bussey!!!
The Donald
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 6 14:43:22 2011
And, pray tell, why the hell did the Peak close so damned early when conditions were fine for at least another week or two? I'm just dumbstruck, (or a dumb fuck),that after decades of faithfully skiing the place, that a little more consideration toward extending the season for us pass holders was not even an issue. I love skiing, love my ski pals, love my Point beer, the east, and all the Deckster shenanigans that go with being a pass holder. I DON'T like a shortened night season, a shortened day season, short tempers. In short, I feel shorted! See you all not soon enough,shortly. Lars
Wausthedeal?, WI USA - Wed Apr 6 01:05:53 2011
Great Season, you all missed a great last day. The doctor and I got fresh tracks all morning then I kept the east lift operators awake in the afternoon skiing a great line. Then of course into the bar to have one of the last of the beers. Sad to see it end, see you all next season.
Rippin Sal
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Apr 5 21:06:30 2011
Vios con dios mi amigos!! Another banner season comes to the end! Don't forget your summer trainig regiment if you want to make the 2011-2012 team! We are taking this national next year! Use the swim up bar, ride your bike to the pub and carry your own cooler to the beach, workout!! Take one for the team, drink for your friends that can't! We are only 7 months from the next ski season! Se Y'all real soon!
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Apr 5 15:16:35 2011
careful rick what you say about "Les and the over 80 crowd".There's a few of us on the first 2 chairs during the week still in our 50's that can even make it down miracle uassisted.and we have enough savvy to use a computer to look at this's to another good peak year still have some left for the UP and lutsen.if i don't recognize you over the summer it because you dont have your goggles on.
lots of snow left, WI USA - Tue Apr 5 08:32:08 2011
Yes, it's been a phenomenal winter ! But to everything there is a season. Turn, turn, turn...
Looking forward to Jeff's next creative effort. And if you haven't checked out the Deckster videos in a while, look again. New IMAX versions ! May be slow to load first time, but you can replay them. Well worth the wait !

Finally, my favorite Eck quote from the season:
"I don't want to sit around all day watching birds and eating oatmeal."

tonester <>
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Apr 4 21:50:14 2011
It's a wrap! What a great season of skiing and decking with everyone. Got some great video and pics this year, you know what that means. My cover may have been blown so the rest will be top secret! Hope to have something for everyone in about a month.
Jeff Harenda
Brew City, WI USA - Mon Apr 4 19:10:17 2011
Yes! It was a trophy season! It was great going out with a wonderful time on the deck. Also a little dancing in the lounge. Everybody have a fine summer,see you at the Farmers Market,and the 1st tee.
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Apr 4 15:09:23 2011
Sunday April 4th---dreary, wet, windy and cold! It's the exact opposite of probably my most memorable of ski seasons. Going out to get the hounds and head to my so-called ski tuning shop to hot scrape the skis, slobber some wax on them and tuck them away for next winter---it's a little depressing but its been a great one, good things don't last forever. So to all My Winter Time friends---Have a SUPER SUMMER, see you next snowflake---Lord willing and the bed bugs don't BITE. "The Rickster"
Wet cold Rapids, WI USA - Sun Apr 3 14:17:02 2011
Congrats Team Deckster! Saturday afternoon forecast looking good! Last casting call.
Jeff Harenda
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Apr 1 20:34:18 2011
Team Deckster proudly displaying hardware at the year end awards ceremony.Rising up from the ashes and kickin ass!Never a doubt,we will not be denied. Wait till they see us next year, pity the fools
Need 4 speed
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Apr 1 11:37:02 2011
Woke up Wed. morning---going to be warm and sunny, hum should I go to work or join Les and the over 80 crowd today? Checked out the Deckster Board---Tonemeister you did it again (What type of skier are you)---had me giggling, loved it. Can I be more than 1 type? Oh to answer the question, see you on the deck you Handwarmers!
The "Rickster"
Grand Rapids, WI USA - Wed Mar 30 06:28:11 2011
Wednesday under the lights, drag race the groomer to any hidden pow! Slogan above the shop door must read " We will leave no snowflake ungroomed" You can't fix stupid!
Gangsta Deckster
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Mar 24 11:02:23 2011
It really dumped nice on Wednesday and I'm pretty sore from shoveling. I think I deserve a little reward... don't you ? Tomorrow I'm callin' in scared and runnin' up to da Peak. I know Eli will have tracked the hell out of everything already, but the bumps will survive. Will I ? See you there !
Snow Central, WI USA - Wed Mar 23 21:58:10 2011
Will it be a Retro Brew Fest? Old duds and fresh suds.
jeff harenda
Brew City, WI USA - Tue Mar 22 21:25:43 2011
Brew Fest Sat. Fresh snow,sunglasses,sunbrock,Wheww! Damb! I need a cold shower.
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Mar 22 16:40:58 2011
We are the type your mother told you to stay away from! You should have listened, too late now.
Deckster O.G.
Lake Wausau, WI USA - Tue Mar 22 16:28:10 2011
Tuesday night, all dressed up and no place to ski! Fuck it! putting on my boots and headin to the deck with a sixer of old Milwaukee and a bottle of mad dog, move over Tonto, this is our bench!
AAAA abby
Rib Rock, Bedrock USA - Tue Mar 22 16:23:39 2011
Back Bowls are closed for the season. But the Front Face is open for bizness ! Friday is My Day.
What type of skier are you ?

Snow Central, WI USA - Thu Mar 10 22:27:44 2011
Hey, Decksters! Have you heard the news? Thar's gold in them hills! Yep! Rickster and I are going searching for white gold on the Peak's flanks on Friday! Come on up for a chance to hit it BIG! It's almost like the stuff is falling from the sky! Happy mining!
Endless Winter, WI USA - Wed Mar 9 12:15:59 2011
Attention Decksters: I have just discovered that Google search results depend critically upon what Web Browser you are using ! That's right. If you use MS Internet Explorer and you go to Google and type in "decksters" you will get completely different results than if you use an open-source browser like Firefox (what I use). Apple's Safari browser gives you the same bullshit. This means that these companies are being PAID to serve you up the answers that they are PAID to serve you. Do not trust anything that you receive using IE Explorer or Apple's Safari or whatever crap Facebook may want you to use. These companies only exist to fuck you over. There are superior browsers available for free. If you want help, let me know.
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Mar 6 20:23:29 2011
Congratulations Deckster bulletin boarders (shredders ?) !
As of today if you Google "decksters" the first true link (not counting the paid-for "Shopping Results") is da Mighty Board ! Keep rockin' and rollin' and postin' away !
And pray for a big snow dump next week in the middle of the World's Largest Secret Fishing Hole !

tonester <>
Wawsaw, WI USA - Sat Mar 5 09:42:43 2011
Maybe I'll get my Ribs Blessed---Could be an option!
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Feb 26 10:07:14 2011
Sounds like Sunday School is in session.
Brew City, WI USA - Fri Feb 25 21:44:44 2011
Ok decksters, spring is springing! Nothing but warm sunny daze on the deck as it should be!This is our finest hour.Fron now till the end, decking is mandatory! The Rev. Kenny will be presiding over the Sunday services and blessing the sacrament wine and anointing all with his blessings! Be there or risk being stuck from the sacred book of St Thomas!!Rock on!!
Abby O' Leary
Wazzup, WI USA - Fri Feb 25 11:47:44 2011
'sno fun shoveling. Snow fun skiing! Rather play than work in this stuff. CU 2sday
SnoXquse, WI USA - Mon Feb 21 20:01:07 2011
Deceleration sickness is bad enough, I just get home Saturday night from FL. to hear WINTER STORM WARNING 8-12 plus...Decksters rip it up I'll be looking out the window watching the snow flakes fall! WAH, WAH!
The Rickster
W, R., WI USA - Sat Feb 19 22:51:31 2011
The rumour is TRUE, I'm broke---but I'm not broken. I'm here in sunny Florida recharging my Batteries. If things go well I hope to be back on the snow in 2 - 3 weeks, hell the NFL players seem to overcome their injuries in such a short time. Allthough my Deckster contract is different than theirs, I'm going to have to talk to The Cat about my signing bonus and maybe Dr. Kenny can fix me up with something to get me back in the starting lineup sooner! Still hurts to laugh though, and you know how I like to giggle. See you all soon.
Clearwater, FL. USA - Tue Feb 15 07:11:15 2011
I hear the Rickster is doing OK, considering his Bar-B-Q rib status and all. "Pain is temporary, glory is forever!" Who said that first ? I dunno, but I think I picked that up from Anita. Speaking of which, the She-Devil herself showed up last Saturday, skiing with Stu and Laurie. I was heading for the bar when I was abruptly yoyoed on the way down Pebble Beach and was ordered to stop. Anyway, it was my personal privilege to escort the tourists back to the East Side and show them where true Decksters ski. Mission accomplished, I headed straight for the bar. A fine time was had by all. Kenny had already stoked the fire, so there was no further heavy lifting required, except for the occasional mug. Jeff & Beth were even there to direct, so I know spring must be around the corner.
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Feb 14 22:12:36 2011
Well, guess I missed a bit while toiling away at my local pulp and sulphite mine. The Rickster has been dinged while giving his all for the Deckster race team. I'm talking broken ribs, not bar-be-cued like I like 'em. To his credit he did a second run afterwards because the team needed his time to qualify for results. Will trumps sensability once again! Heard also that Buzz and the Bison had an unscheduled meeting on Dead Girl's Run Saturday. Ker-bang! Ouch! Sheesh, don't watch out for my buds one stinking week and the carnage rains down! I am not a good wingman at all when absent. I'm scared shitless and I'm contemplating sportbike body armor for the next session on my agenda which will be Thurs. night. Hope there's some Decksters left healthy enough for me to ski with, not to mention drinks! Ski safe my friends, for the wolf is never far from the door. Now close that damned door!
Wounded, WI USA - Sun Feb 6 00:17:28 2011
Decksters, we are snowed in down here, 18"+. Pretty much all of Milwaukee area shut down for last 24 hrs. Sorry to say we are staying in the Brew City for Super Bowl and missing BSG. Good luck to our participating brothers and sisters, light it up baby! We plan on being at The Peak weekends of 2/12 & 26, and 3/19 & 26, hopefully see you all then for some action shots for this years flick. Go Decksters, go Pack!
Jeff Harenda
Brew City, WI USA - Wed Feb 2 16:34:41 2011
BSG weekend. Just another reason to put on the gear and party down! Team Deckster will be laying down fast tracks for all to catch. Come out for the pre superbowl warm up and be loud and proud brothers and sisters!!Prefered parking area will be rocking, BYO. CU there.
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Feb 2 07:56:45 2011
It's Feb. people can start commenting again---it is going to be warm this weekend---Decksters will be racing---I'm thinking Party at the upper Deck, my pocket book is tired of dropping $50 an afternoon. Bring munches and alcohol!
W. R., WI USA - Tue Feb 1 17:27:20 2011
AP January 12 2011, Team Deckster proudly returns to racing under the lights at Rib Mt. Like a New York cockroach, we just keep coming back!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jan 13 15:50:15 2011
And so it begin's... Return of the Decksters, live and in person tonight.Downhill racing at it's finest. Go fast or go home!
speed racer
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jan 12 13:56:15 2011
Another Tuesday and another insane Russian! Says the Decksters can bring the show to his country and party down with the best of them!Very impressed with our abilities on AND off the slope, Were going global!!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jan 12 13:53:18 2011
Better entertainment provided by good old Mother Nature this last Wenesday nite. Great conditions, great temps and a fine gathering of Decksters on the slopes and in the den made for one damn nice ski night. We were turning and burning on some of the best snow of the season. Lean 'em over and crank the G's! A challenge beckons. After some very spirited runs with Rickster,(Rapid Rick), the Buzz, and Dean-o, we were enjoined by the fastest female Deckster on skis I've ever seen since Michelle and the lately not been seen 'Neets. Yea, bros, That Sally can motor with the best of us. Red hair flying and death defying. I'm just glad she didn't run my tired old hippie ass over with a pole plant to boot! And I thought I was skiing fast! wtf? Guess I'm gonna tune and wax and have a few more beers for the gravity effect in hope of keeping pace! Whew, I got smoked faster than a pinchy at the cave. Try to keep up and see for yourselves, its a revelation! See you all soon, your old slow, humbled buddy Lars
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Jan 7 01:22:35 2011
Ya! Lets just have more entertainment like that in the future!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Dec 26 19:11:43 2010
After a brief consultation with some of my esteemed cohorts, the best diagnosis of the afore mentioned chick, ( hereafter refered to as Bipolar Becca), involves a genetic defect in her brain chemistry compounded by liberal doses of the ever popular drug, Ecstacy, hence the smoldering, come hither stares, and alcohol, causing massive confusion in her troubled mind over which Deckster to cull from the herd for her twisted pleasure. Thankfully, there is safety in numbers and all male Decksters in attendance were able to fend off her wanton advances and remain pure as the driven snow and able to face their peers without a hint of guilt. But it was kinda like watching a train wreck, eh? So it is! CU SUN and TuesPM....
Wadwazit?, WI USA - Sat Dec 25 01:08:24 2010
And now for the bonus round...WTF was she on???
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Dec 23 09:32:35 2010
Oh your so right Lars! This does prove that we are not alone! That mynx was was beamed down.
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Dec 23 07:59:00 2010
Wow! What a night! What Deckster grabbed the brass ring and went to crazy land with the space princess? Good skiing, but, man I haven't seen a chick that whacked out since my second bride went on a PCP/acid/coke two week bender that I'm still getting bills for 20 years later.Whew, glad I gave her the old "My name's Tom O'Malley." line that's always worked so good in the past. Happy Holidaze!
Tribecca, NY USA - Tue Dec 21 22:37:02 2010
Lars,I can't seem to shake the feeling. I think I've noticed you repeating yourself. You'll be OK.Have a bottle of Point.And see another one in the morning!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Dec 21 15:31:50 2010
First day of winter,Christmas just a couple of days away. It's just keeps getting better! Now if that fat bastard would just bring me some new skis and a big bag of cash, we can all be merry!
Abby Kringle
North pole, WI USA - Tue Dec 21 11:03:56 2010
Got the holiday blues? Wait 'til Tues Buzz amd I are comin to cruise! Decksters rock, lets roll!
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Dec 20 18:42:27 2010
Got the holiday blues? Wait 'til Tues Buzz amd I are comin to cruise! Decksters rock, lets roll!
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Dec 20 18:42:11 2010
You get them Abbi-nator, way to stick up for the Hometown Ski Area. Does anyone remember someone telling us in the bar on Sat. how Chicago was going to kick the Patriots butt Sun.---Pity the FOOL---"The Bears still Suck"
Whiley Rapids, WI USA - Mon Dec 13 18:19:55 2010
Indianhead reporting 29" in the last week. BULLSHIT!!!Showing "powder pics" on the site, all the way up to thier ankles, whooo who!! On the gound in Bessmer..12-15" max, don't waste your time or money, absolute fabrication. F#$%$#* losers
crabby abby
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Dec 13 15:02:05 2010
Bring it on! If anyone is looking for "White Out!" I feel we'll all find it Sat. 12-11-2010, This day may be brought up in conversation in the future! You all done good with that Think Snow thing. Danka
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Dec 10 15:01:49 2010
Yo! Looks like Tone's gonna get his wish, big powder drop is on the way. Sat. looks primo for all those that can make it and I hear our Chi-town hustlers are due in town. Abby, I couldn't decipher your message but if you were eating venison while watching videos with Vicky you should've been skiing instead! Sadly, I gotta work til Thurs. but until then, ski fast and take no prisoners! Later...
PaperCity, WI USA - Fri Dec 10 12:39:23 2010
Yo! Looks like Tone's gonna get his wish, big powder drop is on the way. Sat. looks primo for all those that can make it and I hear our Chi-town hustlers are due in town. Abby, I couldn't decipher your message but if you were eating venison while watching videos with Vicky you should've been skiing instead! Sadly, I gotta work til Thurs. but until then, ski fast and take no prisoners! Later...
PaperCity, WI USA - Fri Dec 10 12:39:15 2010
Greetings Decksters from Grand Cayman ! Wish you were here. Great week of drinking and diving. Did I spell that right ? Hope it dumps before I'm back. Sh*t! That means I will have to shovel snow in my Speedo and sandals to get into the driveway ! No pain, no glory.
tone da bone
7 Mile Beach, Cayman Islands - Thu Dec 9 05:22:14 2010
First Tuesday night...Veni Vidi Vici and still standing
ozone, WI USA - Wed Dec 8 11:30:09 2010
Anybody up for a Wen. nite session? My only opportunity to bond with the Deckster nation this week, so be it! Clothing optional, but highly recomended due to forecasted temps.It could be fun! Wimps will not be tolerated as always. See ya!
Wausthehaps?, WI USA - Tue Dec 7 07:42:14 2010
We came, we saw, we skied the 3 runs Sat. and Sun. Hopefully more like the full old scheme open soon. Hard to dodge the new-bys and shredders. Best run is into the Den right now. Good Deckster showing Sat. Nice to see all that made it and will no doubt see the rest of you all soon! And its snowing right now.
WausOpen?, WI USA - Tue Nov 30 11:53:37 2010
Granny is finally open for biz-ness ! I missed you guys opening day, but was there Sunday with Sue, Tom, and Steve. Where were you ?
Nice day. Can't believe I wore shades instead of goggles on opening weekend ! Packers lost in final seconds, but hey, great game ! Sue kindly passed our text messages on to Matti, who was probably flat on his back, as usual !
Mine read: Back bowls still closed.

tonester <>
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Nov 29 21:29:35 2010
Gobble, Gobble, Happy Turkey Day to the Deckster Nation!!! See you all very soon!
jeff Harenda
Brew City, WI USA - Thu Nov 25 14:29:47 2010
Thanks for the info Waldo---you made my day!
Grand Rapids, WI USA - Tue Nov 23 17:59:42 2010
From the base camp we can see snow being made on Miracle,Birch,Duskey,Senior.Just a reminder to buy your season pass for the back bowls 12-4-10 $100.00. We shall return!!!
base camp, AK47 USA - Tue Nov 23 14:28:14 2010
i saw that they took down the barricade and opened the gates on park rd for dearhunting so i took a ride up the hill this morning before chains required and talked to the ranger. good news is the road and upper valet parking WILL be opened this winter.YEE HAA!!
orange huntingzone, WI USA - Tue Nov 23 08:20:28 2010
Wow, do my eyes deceive me or is that snow being made on the for the tentative opening the 27th---bring it on! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the "NATION"
Rapids, WI USA - Sun Nov 21 09:03:01 2010
Abby, last time I did goats milk, the shot I did on the back of the bowl WAS a hallucination, or at least I hope so! Tone, great pix, nice to know Deckster history is still being archived for future generations to study and analyze. I see that Nov. 20th has been scratched for the Opening. Maybe that'll give the DNR,(Do Nothing Rational), time to ready the upper deck parking lot for prefered parking! Rots o ruck on that one. See you all soon reguardless.
Wadailsya?, WI USA - Wed Nov 17 23:54:29 2010
Great shots of the back bowls! I'll never drink shots of goats milk before skiing ever again.I'm done with the hard stuff, made me hallucinate, thought I was living in the U.P. for a minute there! Thank god I survived the bad trip and made it back to the front side. Whew!!
Abnormal child
lunar base, oz USA - Wed Nov 17 15:18:59 2010
Lars is a poet, but he don't know it.
At least, he only rarely show it.
'Tween now and the Open, got nothin' to do.
But da Packers rule ! And Marshall Tucker, too !

Wausau, WI USA - Sun Nov 14 19:56:55 2010
Fire on the mountain, lightning in the air. Snow on the runs, Decksters waiting there. Don't know what I'll do til the snow finds me there. The Vikings suck, and so do the Bears!
Pay-per-fuck, WI USA - Sun Nov 14 01:25:24 2010
FYI. I have just posted (finally) incriminating evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the fabled Back Bowls of Rib Mtn really do exist ! But tell Matti not to worry... his secret is still safe for now !
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Nov 14 00:50:14 2010
Just don't take a picture of da Vieny---it got a feller in trouble over here in Mn. But it's snowing with 3" on the grass and 4"-6" coming by days end--let it snow,let it snow, let it snow!
Eden Prarie, Mn USA - Sat Nov 13 08:42:14 2010
So ver talkin' veinie roast!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Nov 12 15:17:01 2010
High octane fire starter, got gallons of it that I will contribute.
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Nov 12 07:58:16 2010
I'll bring the wood---sounds like a good way to start off '10-'11 ski season!
Whiley Rapids, WI USA - Fri Nov 12 05:49:51 2010
Fire on the Mountain ! Send for Dr. Kenny. Everything's gonna be alright...
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Nov 11 22:37:59 2010
the hole where the new visitor's center going to be sounds like a deckster size fire pit for dr. kenny
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Nov 10 13:32:08 2010
when i talked to the clerk at the dnr fri the "PROBABLY" of "PROBABLY NOT" left a slight glimmer of hope. all i know is there's a big time paving project going on today hopefully our road but probably paving a terrain park.cant see whats going on ill walk up there later to see.
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Nov 10 13:16:05 2010
dont call scott walker he'll shut the project down. and then privatize the park which will be bought by a insurance company that has made bad investments ,which will have to sell to a worldwide bank at a loss, which will jackup the user fees to profit on their investment to a point that only the rich can afford access to the peak.
beertown, WI USA - Mon Nov 8 20:49:32 2010
J.H.Christ! I'm calling Scott Walker and bitching! I want my damn parking lot open or give me the keys to the A-frame and I'm setting up camp! Nothing fails like gov't or prayer! What was all the talk about this last couple months concerning more efficient gov't? The effing Republicans have screwed me again! Next election, vote for me and Dr. Kenny, we're running on the Anarchy ticket! We won't make any promises and we won't get anything done but, we'll take your money anyway! Oh, wait, we already got that.
WTF!, WI USA - Mon Nov 8 07:30:08 2010
Thanks for the info Waldo---That really SUCKS---Rock Star parking is gone for this winter. We'll have to smuggle party goods to the upper-deck.
WI USA - Sun Nov 7 08:19:25 2010
rick to answer your question the a frame is moved over to where the woodshed was just south of the triple chair turntable. where the parking lot was is a hole about 100 by 300 by 8 ft deep for the new visiter center.
still bummed, WI USA - Fri Nov 5 10:09:39 2010
heres the park rd scoop totally unofficial.i talked to a worker on tues and he told me the road won't be finish till spring.its way behind schedule i quess they hit this AM i took a walk up the sr. headwall($200 fine if you're caught past the gate on park rd)and talked to some constuction workers up there.they said the curb and gutter crews were shutdown for the year and all that was going to be done yet this year was roadbed so there's access to the towers on top.they had no idea if the park would be open. so i stopped at the DNR and asked them if the road will be open for the winter and she said "PROBABLY NOT" bigtime bummer.
bummed, WI USA - Fri Nov 5 10:03:45 2010
Must be close to ski season---the kennel rust is gone from the dogs.
Whiley Rapids, WI USA - Wed Nov 3 17:18:53 2010
waldo---what happened to the A-frame, our north wind block?
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Nov 3 15:33:26 2010
has to be close to ski season.for you fashion bugs, menards have their imported ski gloves on sale for $1.88
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Oct 31 14:23:19 2010
Small ponds are froze over in wazoo this AM...tick tock it's ski o'clock. Here we go agian my brothers!!
Lost Boyz
Ski city, catotonic - Fri Oct 29 08:43:07 2010
I saw snow today, it won't be long!
Sno-wonder, WI USA - Thu Oct 28 18:49:55 2010
park rd is still closed they curbed and guttered it last week.sewer and water are all in and have done some paving like the walking path. suppose to reopen by nov 1 so valet parking will be open for the ski season.they dumped alot of the diggings on the east runs so should be alot less snowmaking there.heard they forgot to get permits so some of our area enhancement money will be going to the dnr. be glad when its done the contractors really took over the entire area making it hard to get around.hoping to catch marks boy playing tonight on espn.
construction zone, WI USA - Mon Oct 18 18:48:25 2010
Greetings from southern Decksterville! Getting ready for another great ski season and wondering if the park road is open yet for prefered parking. Anybody been up there lately that could inform me? Ski with you all soon.
Wausaup?, WI USA - Mon Oct 18 08:55:38 2010
Thanks Abby, your right!! Just under 12 months to go!! Thanks for thinking about us!!
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Oct 11 18:28:39 2010
Your right abby, a little under 12 months to go!!! Thanks for thinking of us!!
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Oct 11 18:23:37 2010
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Oct 5 08:57:50 2010
Yes, Decksteria is on the Laacke and Joys website. Hate to say knuckle draggers took top spot again. Here is link to page to view and vote! My favorite of course is our Deckster flick, but check out Inspire by Desire, pretty fun.
Jeff Harenda <>
Brew City, WI USA - Sun Aug 29 21:53:40 2010
see the decksteria video is on at laake and joys website. go to ski snowboards and snowshoes to view and vote.
no knuckledragger
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Aug 26 18:10:02 2010
Hey, Jeff! Got my new Deckster video from Rickster, it is GOOOOD! Got our picture taken for 2010-2011 and enjoyed a hearty round of golf at Carmie's with a free on course beer gift from brother Andy. Sweet, kudos to Andy! Pond party at Rick's bout a week later with Buzz, Rickster and the Bison. Killer nipple biting bluegills were out in force! Beer guzzling eased the pain but not the swelling. Seeing the Bison jump 4 ft. out of the water howling, priceless! Get your groove and cameras ready for this season, evidently, the 2009-2010 season was not worth posting pix of, eh, Tony? So lets all try to document this year's fun and mayhem and post 'em here for posterity, yes? Soon.....
BurningWood, WI USA - Wed Aug 18 07:45:34 2010
Thanks for the kudos brother Abby. Lars, check w/Rick for a DVD, and thank you as well, however it is the Decksters that rock, I simply roll with it!
jeff Harenda <>
brew City, WI USA - Wed Jul 28 20:24:44 2010
Ooh, I want one, too! Jeff rocks and the Decksters roll. Please, (my email's broken) send me a copy ASAP! Snows a-comin'
Dullsville, WI USA - Fri Jul 23 00:13:14 2010
Just watched the new Decksteria from Jeff, great flick and excellent job of mixing/editing! The Decksters at our finest! Next year more sex and violence!!It sells baby!!I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille.
Brother Abby
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jul 22 14:52:04 2010
Hey! A big Deckster shout out to the Bison and his family on Aus signing with the Jags. Way to go!! Now for that big sporting goods endorsement contract that would comp him and the Bison lots of free snow equipment! It could happen! Best of luck, Aus, smack 'em and sack 'em! You do Central Wisconsin proud!
WI USA - Fri Jul 16 06:59:59 2010
summer sucks anything over 40 is too warm-THINK SNOW
nowhere certain, USA - Mon Jul 5 10:58:45 2010
Wow! Goes to show you how little I know about soccer....I thought the vuvuzela was more of a "woman" thing. You know, whats tight is right and all that.
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Jul 3 18:22:07 2010
whle everyone is enjoying the summer i've been glued to the 52" flat screen watching world cup soccer and practicing on my vuvuzela.i think i'll have the" star spangled banner" ready to play for the 4th.did watch spain vs portugal and brazil vs chile the other day with my tecnicas on.days are getting shorter heard they made snow at brule the other night.i'm ready
construction zone, WI USA - Thu Jul 1 16:05:43 2010
I don't always drink beer, but when I do , I drink gallons of it! Good one Lars!!!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jul 1 13:33:14 2010
Ahoy Decksters, glad everyone is enjoying summer! As Lars is looking ahead, lets not forget the great season we had. I put together another Deckster themed video (Decksteria) which should be posted on in about two weeks. Hopefully the judges will not be biased towards knuckle draggers this year. Any one that would like a DVD e-mail me a mailing address, (promise not to share your location w/the authorities or Russian spies), will send free for allowing me to use your images or likenesses of. I thought Tom preferred High Life?
Jeff Harenda <>
Brew City, WI USA - Wed Jun 30 22:44:48 2010
Yea! Great summer weather and the golf is primo. No worries tho, we'll be skiing in 5 months! Tom O'Malley IS the most interesting man in the world. He does not always drink beer, but when he does, he prefers Dos Equis! If he insults you, you'd send him a Thank you card. Adios!
Tri-City, WI USA - Wed Jun 30 09:46:31 2010
Yes, Happy summer time! Loven' those long days.
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Jun 27 21:00:28 2010
Happy summer my fellow Decksters!!!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jun 24 08:26:30 2010
All things must pass. That doesn't mean it ends. No, it only keeps on moving. Best wishes, Bill and family, know we care. Lars
PaperCity, WI USA - Thu May 13 20:03:19 2010
Condolences as well to the Beckers, from Jeff & Beth.
jeff Harenda
Brookfield, WI USA - Sat May 1 15:20:53 2010
To the Beckers, Vic & I send our condolences. Jean will be sadly missed. I still remember starting to be a deckster with Jean some years back.Now that was decking!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Apr 30 15:26:17 2010
Austen's party was awesome, I bet at least half the population of Iola-Scandy was at the center for autographs and pix! He was a trooper, signing until his hands cramped, smiling like there was no tomorrow and giving interviews to the local media with that charisma only a Deckster could appreciate. Way to go Aus! Bison and Julie were pumped up proud, me, Buzz and Rickster were in attendance and glad just to be there while local history went down. Let's all wish him luck and sucess on his new career.
Kellner, WI USA - Fri Apr 30 00:57:49 2010
Party on Wed. evening in Iola, Buzzy, Larz,and Rickster are going to see Austen off to Jacksonville.
Biron, WI USA - Sun Apr 25 20:52:07 2010
Congrats to the Bison...Austen picked by Jacksonville!!! Trip to Florida in the future? Atta boy!
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Apr 24 16:10:03 2010
The season may have ended, but the memories have not, soon you will see!
jeff Harenda
Brew City, WI USA - Tue Apr 20 21:22:15 2010
"Y"? Because we love you...N O U Can't Ski. See ya real soon!
Summertime, WI USA - Thu Apr 15 20:13:20 2010
Now it's time... to say goodbye... to all the family... V-I-C K-E-Y H-O-U-S-E !
Wazoo, WI USA - Fri Apr 9 00:03:13 2010
To the slopes, To the lounge,To the Deck, we say good-by. So slip on some shorts and exspose those pasty white thighs!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 8 08:59:42 2010
The geese are flying north, the black bears are out of their dens and my skis are in the basement.Looks like the end my friends.
Abby <>
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 7 08:31:44 2010
Ding! Dong! The season's gone. It seems just wrong, didn't last too long. Oh, well, put away the planks and crank up the clubs and wait for the next time. As always, great skiing with great friends. Have a great summer and stay outta trouble. Ski ya soon!
North Navou, WI USA - Thu Apr 1 12:05:23 2010
Heard a rumor that the Peak is down for the count(hah-hah-hah). Checked the web sight it's TRUE. I'm melting, I'm melting! Bison, my son Shane, Eli, the Cat, Pete, Dave, and I got in one more Tuesday. So I guess this the end to another gooood year. So too all my winter time friends until the next snowflake-----have a Great Summer! Love you all, Grampa
Grampa Rickster
Biron, WI USA - Wed Mar 31 16:34:23 2010
Just got an e-mail from Granite Peak they guarantee they will be open until 4/4. Thanks to everyone last week for letting me get some video, I think I have enough material to put something together for the contest. Kim and Michelle, sorry we did not make Coral Lanes last week. See you all for good times closing day 4/4, will for sure be at Coral Lanes for good music and good times Friday night 4/3, Decksters come on out!!
Jeff Harenda
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Mar 24 21:36:23 2010
Any one skiing this weekend? I called up the hill today and they said they were planning on being open until the 28th. I am going to give it a whirl, I need some more video of Decksters rippin and sippin!
jeff Harenda
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Mar 18 21:52:04 2010
Trifecta night, golf , dinner and skiing. meet at Carmelos.. 4:00 t-time.
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Mar 16 08:29:01 2010
The biggest cheese store in the state is probably Brennans, and they have never heard of Topfen. Oh well, ice packs and ice cold beer it is. Any word on a closing date?
jeff Harenda
brookfield, WI USA - Sun Mar 14 18:46:02 2010
Lindsey's first aid cheese is topfen. I'm assuming it's some kind of head cheese.The bad news is UNofficial Word from the lifties is the Peak is closing on the 21st ,if it lasts that long.I hate to say it but it's getting pretty thin in some spots.Damn that Al Gore.Hopefully they'll groom out some terrain parks for snow.They were grooming all morning and into the afternoon yesterday and it helped conditions.(hats off to all the peak groomers they did a great job with little product this season).So bring your rock skis.Also the Park rd. is closed weekDAYS from 7 to 3 for logging.BE SAFE these last days.
meltingaway, WI USA - Fri Mar 12 08:28:11 2010
Actually Dr.Kenny is good at icing an ankle as I found out last Saturday. Hey Rick we are in the same position, foot elevated on ice, beer in hand out of ice. Any one remember the name of that cheese Lindsey used? Mine is a high ankle sprain, swelling is finally subsiding. Fortunately (for me) the next two weekend forecasts do not look good (rain?). Hope to be back in action the last two weekends, in some fashion. Working on editing the video I have, to see if I can come up with a flick. Speed may not kill but it certainly can injure! Need to talk to my tech, 2nd time pre-release caused bodily injury.
jeff Harenda <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Mar 11 14:35:27 2010
Just for giggles..Matti will never see this as he is repulsed by modern technoledgy. Whenever you refer to traveling to one of his "SECRECT" spots, such as lake superior or a nationally advertised ski hill, please include the phrase...and tell'em Matti sent you! Keep a lid on this and he'll never know where it's coming from and will perplex him to no end.
deep space, WI USA - Thu Mar 11 10:18:31 2010
A Great Weekend at Baby Jackson. Not much snow left, oh my poor metrons. Another ski casualty though, sprained tendon in my left foot. Dr. (not to be confused with our Dr.Kenny) said Noooo! skiing, no work, and ice, now I interperat that as ice corn snow, ice cold beer,ice in my drink with the Decksters. Keep me informed of any suspicious goings on at Granny will you Please! I might be Broke but I'm not Broken.
Rapids, WI USA - Wed Mar 10 11:22:21 2010
Hey, curling stones are made of granite, games are played on ice, beer drinking afterward is traditional. I'm seeing some simularities to our favorite winter sport, eh? Goalposts? Try kicking that rock through and its time for an ambulance run. But I bet one would go down White wolf all the way to NN, trees be damned. Whoo-hoo!!
Stoned, WI USA - Sat Feb 27 07:39:58 2010
after watching 43 hrs and 35 minutes of men's and women's olympic curling I still haven't figured out how it's played or scored.has to do something with that big bullseye frozen in the ice on one end.Abby you're right I think they need a net or goalpost.
c u n march
housearrest, WI USA - Fri Feb 26 16:49:44 2010
How can you pass on all that figure skating!Sports that can not be , timed, measured or scored should be removed from the olympic games. Starting with figure skating!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Feb 24 10:54:20 2010
who could even think about leaving the house to ski when you have 24 hrs a day of men's and ladies' olympic curling oncnbc.thank goodness for tivo.GO BODE
c u n march
housearrest, WI USA - Tue Feb 23 18:05:37 2010
Okay! Upper deck will be rockin' Sat. Sunshine, monkeyshines, moonshine?, and burgers and beer. What's not to like? Just graduated summa cum laude from the mill's Safety University, graduation party on top of the world in N. Central Wisconsin. Attendance will be taken and truancy is not an option. Be there or regret it forever! Bring Mom, but, not the kids! Smoking area optional.
Shangrila, WI USA - Fri Feb 19 19:55:51 2010
Looks like Mardi gras at Bohemia 3-6-10...The Decksters will be attending. Better warn them that we are coming!!Join us!!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Feb 19 10:32:18 2010
OK, all this fresh snow and not a mountain in sight!! See you all on the "Deck" tomorrow. Saturday night head to Coral Lanes for some good 60's rock'n'roll. No cover charge for BackTrax, Cheap drinks, dancin' and good clean fun?
jeff Harenda
brookfield, WI USA - Fri Feb 12 20:25:58 2010
So we had to come north for metal, but if you want freshies, you will have to come down here! 12.5" of powder at our chalet in Brookfield yesterday!
jeff Harenda
Brookfield, WI USA - Wed Feb 10 19:42:36 2010
So, what's the final tally? I'm up for day skiing on Fri.....mayyyybeeee Thurs. pm also. Wear that Badger bling proudly, Ab and Bill, congratz and ski ya all soon!
Decksterville, WI USA - Wed Feb 10 00:07:40 2010
The deckster nation comes thru..hardware baby!!
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Feb 8 15:27:29 2010
Congratulations,and hats off to Abby & Billy B. and sons Willie & Joe for their fine fast performance in the 2010 Badger State Games!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Feb 8 09:32:09 2010
Abby, use Tech-9's if you have to, but, defend the turf at all costs. Just don't do the suicide bombing thing, no? I can't make it Sat. but,Friday day skiing is gonna work for the Bison and me next week, ok? Ski you all later, sooner would be better cause the season is half ass done and we haven't all bonded properly. Peace out!
Wausgoingon, WI USA - Sat Feb 6 00:44:07 2010
Badger state weekend, another good excuse to head up and support the Deckster nation as we defend or home turf!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Feb 5 11:07:11 2010
Anybody up for skiing/socializing Wen. nite? I wanna hear all the stories from the U.P. and make some more. CUNDPM
The 'Pids, WI USA - Tue Feb 2 07:41:06 2010
Upper Indianhead trip was EPIC! If you go skiing here, tell them Matti sent you!!
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Feb 1 15:13:56 2010
Thurs morning, waiting for Buzzy. It's DUMPING at B.J.(Baby Jackson)--- just think--- REAL SNOW for REAL DECKSTERS!
Whiskey Rapids, WI USA - Thu Jan 28 08:47:04 2010
Still have rooms available at lac la belle lodge, The LES is dumping on the UP,Get it together and join the the crew for a weekend of insanity. It's not too late, you can do it!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jan 27 08:06:37 2010
check out blackjack's website on MONDAYS the month of february they'll honor any other ski area's season pass for a free lift ticket.
cheap skiing
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jan 26 18:42:40 2010
Calling all Decksters! Please go online on the Wausau Daily Herald site to vote for my nominated team name for the new WRapids baseball team: River Rats! It's a popular vote deal, one per email address, so spread the word. Go, Rats, go! Think of the marketing and cool hats and jerseys and stuff! Help a brother get his wish and banish the generic team names which include such gems as: Papermakers, Red Fox, Boggers?! and other such drivel. Thank you all for your support! Ski ya soon!
WRats, WI USA - Fri Jan 15 13:43:12 2010
The Decksters are making a pilgrimage to the Mecca of the U.P.( Bohemia)Departing on 1-28-10. Miss this and no virgins for you! Anybody wishing to meet up should contact thier parole officer to see if you can leave the county without being arrested, then contact Abby, Matti, Tony, Rick, Buzzy for further info. Lodging options are limited so get your ass in gear and make a commitment to go! Hope to whip the Deckster nation in to a frennzy and show the yoopers how things get done in Decksterville!
Abster <>
Wazoo, wisco USA - Wed Jan 13 10:53:27 2010
Thisty on Thursdays? Be prepared to quench it as its my friggin' day off and I want to ski with my buds. CUNDPM
Wausnutoolyke, WI USA - Mon Jan 11 23:42:54 2010
Thisty on Thursdays? Be prepared to quench it as its my friggin' day off and I want to ski with my buds. CUNDPM
Wausnutoolyke, WI USA - Mon Jan 11 23:42:54 2010
Wow! How'd I do That?
Wausup widat?, WI USA - Sat Jan 9 00:13:24 2010
Yeah, Sunday morning commin' down. It's more than just a song. Sunday a.m., ski and see ya later, 2nd shift beckons with the false promise of easy money. Jeff, I hate to say it, but, snow shoeing looks like really labor-intensive walking/trudging through snow to me. Did you lose your skis or something? Do you get paid for doing it? Or do you just wish you were here? Shine on, you crazy, video creating, diamond. CUNDAM!
Wausgoenon, WI USA - Sat Jan 9 00:11:59 2010
Yeah, Sunday morning commin' down. It's more than just a song. Sunday a.m., ski and see ya later, 2nd shift beckons with the false promise of easy money. Jeff, I hate to say it, but, snow shoeing looks like really labor-intensive walking/trudging through snow to me. Did you lose your skis or something? Do you get paid for doing it? Or do you just wish you were here? Shine on, you crazy, video creating, diamond. CUNDAM!
Wausgoenon, WI USA - Sat Jan 9 00:11:54 2010
Yeah, Sunday morning commin' down. It's more than just a song. Sunday a.m., ski and see ya later, 2nd shift beckons with the false promise of easy money. Jeff, I hate to say it, but, snow shoeing looks like really labor-intensive walking/trudging through snow to me. Did you lose your skis or something? Do you get paid for doing it? Or do you just wish you were here? Shine on, you crazy, video creating, diamond. CUNDAM!
Wausgoenon, WI USA - Sat Jan 9 00:11:20 2010
Hey Decksters, with 8"+ of fresh POW we are staying put to do some shoeing in the Kettle Moraine this weekend. Hope to see you all next weekend, should have my new helmet camera by then.
Jeff Harenda
brookfield, WI USA - Fri Jan 8 21:01:31 2010
Wens. night! Skiing with the stars! Please prepare the powder and fire up the ...groomers. Any word or sighting of Eli? CUNDPM.
Wrap-ids, WI USA - Tue Jan 5 06:57:32 2010
The tourist's have gone home!! Had the place to ourselves Sunday. Jeff, any wood is good wood, don't let your putter flutter, follow through all the way to the hole.
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Jan 4 16:27:21 2010
Yes, Happy New Year to the Deckster Nation!! Abby, I'm an excellent driver and plan on using my wood!
jeff harenda
brookfield, WI USA - Thu Dec 31 20:08:42 2009
Happy new year Deckster nation! Remember..if you are out and about tonight, don't drink and drive!! Use you 3 iron!!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Dec 31 13:33:38 2009
Hey gang, it's special olympics time again!! Pretty sure it is Jan. 30th. Let me know who would like to volunteer this year!! Hope to hear from lots of you!! I will have more details soon!!
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Dec 29 14:08:03 2009
I'm up for Sun., anyone else? X-mas games over, time to play. CUNDAM, hoping the rain hasn't wrecked things.
Decksterville, WI USA - Sat Dec 26 20:50:37 2009
Merry Christmas to the deckster nation!! Easy on the egg nog! see y'all this weekend! Peace out!
North pole, WI USA - Thu Dec 24 10:30:08 2009
Hey Decksters, the Milwaukee contingent will be there this weekend. Hope to see you all soon! Lights, camera, cocktails, action!!!
jeff harenda
brookfield, WI USA - Sun Dec 20 23:36:21 2009
Good to see the southern chapter out in force last night. Nice nickers Lars! Now I'll know what to wear on the proverbial golf outing, chest waders! Glad to hear Scott is back! Only tech in this area that knows how to tune a ski to Deckster specifications, sharp enough to shave!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Dec 18 14:47:36 2009
Hey everyone, got a text from Scott M ( rental shop ) that he went back to work today in the rental shop after 2 years stemming from his illness! He is really excited to kind of get back in world! Don't be afraid to stop and tell him it's great to see him!! Not sure how many hours he will work per week but I beleave it is a great for him!! I have been in contact with him alot from the start of this whole thing and I am very happy for him!! DECKSTERS RULE!!!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Dec 18 00:47:23 2009
Thursday nite looks all right for me. Abby, that signature looks like a forgery on your excuse, but what do I know? Daze shift this weekend, Tuesday night under the lights looks feasible. Its good to be skiing again, no? Happy holidays and Festavus for the rest of us. Winter solstice pagan ski festival postponed until next Tuesday, burnt offerings optional.Burn one for me!
Snowproblem, WI USA - Tue Dec 15 23:32:41 2009
Ok guilty as charged!Due to parental obligations!I'll have my mom send a excuse next week.It's Tuesday, lets rock the peak tonight, first run of the year should never be attemped with out a swing through the den for a quick lesson! hope to see ya'll there
Ab-o- matic
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Dec 15 11:04:43 2009
Good to see all of you that made it Sat. Even got a call at work from Chicago Tommy Sunday looking for Decksters at large. Roll call WAS taken Sat. and unless you slackers have a Dr.s' excuse or phoned in, you are on notice! If all of us fringe Decksters could make this weekend's opening, you have no alibis and need to show up Thurs. night and plead your case. Ahh, its all good anyway, just missing all of you and your fine companionship and funny "What I did all summer." stories. See you backsliders soon, hope you all have your stories straight! Kudos to all that did turn up for opening weekend. T'was great to see the smiles on your faces.
Ski Town, WI USA - Mon Dec 14 00:33:29 2009
$5 for parking in the upper lot? Smells like old fish to me. I'll get my sticker and dicker later. I will be up there Sat. getting turns and more info and, hopefully, reuniting with a strong turnout of Deckster gangsters. I got permission to be a bit late for work Sat. afternoon so at least I don't have to take a sick day. Let's frickin' SKI ! Hoping to see as many of us as possible. Like Tiger sez "Just do it !" Yeee-haww!
RatPiss, WI USA - Tue Dec 8 08:11:14 2009
Hey gang, just to let you know that I am working 3:30-11:30 so I can not race this year! Feel bad but need to make some cash to pay for the wedding!! I wonder if ( doc- kenny ) has the bus still running or get it out of hypernation? The rangers on top of the hill want 5 dollors per car for parking!! If Sarah and I pay for the parking we will be eating road kill for at least 20 years!! Hmmm, lots of barbieque sauce! Any recieps??
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Dec 8 02:16:45 2009
Heard again that there will be a Wednesday night adult ski league! Sharpen those edges and wax up brothers and sisters!!Rise up deckster nation! Like a New york cockroach, we just keep coming back
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Dec 7 16:00:08 2009
SORRYdon't know why my message was sent twice.should have read the directions.
rib mt., WI USA - Fri Dec 4 15:12:01 2009
SORRY don't know why my message was sent twice. should of read the directions.
rib mt, WI USA - Fri Dec 4 15:06:52 2009
Hey, Waldo, I heard you the first time. We got a dusting of snow last night in Rapids with more to follow. Plan on being up there opening morning, maybe longer. Gave my rock boards a tune up yesterday and I'm stoked. Me in Texas ?!? Yeah, right ....having cocktails with George and Laura Bush before hunting with Dick Cheney.....NOT! CU soon.
WI USA - Fri Dec 4 14:54:29 2009
where the hell are you at Lars?Texas!
rib mt., WI USA - Fri Dec 4 13:01:32 2009
where the hell are you at Lars?Texas!
rib mt., WI USA - Fri Dec 4 13:01:21 2009
I think it's trying to snow! Bout time, eh?
Rapids, WI USA - Thu Dec 3 07:58:17 2009
Hey gang, I have heard that the hill will not open this weekend but are looking at the following saturday! Hang tight!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Dec 3 00:31:29 2009
Hey Decksters, If any of you can make plans for a Summit County break I'd love to ski with my old buddies. We need snow here too, but it's still pretty good. I'm going over to the Beaver this weekend to watch The Bod and Liggety compete on USA turf. Miss u guys. I'll be home around Christmas, maybe can make it up to the Peak!----Neats
Neats <anitawhetstone>
Breckenridge, CO USA - Mon Nov 30 21:59:05 2009
If the Wednesday nite races become reality...wax on brothers and sisters. Just to make it simple it should be called Deckster night. Start talking smack to our opponents....what opponents??
Moscow, WI USA - Mon Nov 23 14:44:06 2009
Just found out that wed. nite race league is on for this season! Details unknown but call the hill!
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Nov 21 16:26:26 2009
Ok, This should have spell check! I meant IT!!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Nov 20 01:17:13 2009
Hey Angler, should we make it a double deckster wedding? Lars, I may be time to get back on the meds!!?? Sarah and I want to thank everyone for saying congrats! The gang always takes care of their own!!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Nov 20 01:14:03 2009
The last area golf course closed Wen. I am sooooo ready to ski. It would be heavenly not to have to talk to my wife about Thanksgiving plans with the in-laws. Please, dear God, let the snow fly soon or I may end up on CNN as an example of all that goes awry around the frantic holiday season. P.S. Also looking for high powered handgun that will fit in a lunchbox. Sooner than you think....
Desolation Road, WI USA - Thu Nov 19 23:51:35 2009
trying to find something to occupy my free time now that the yardworks done and i'm ready for the hunt and no snow.all i know is bowling sucks.was thinking about brule tomorrow but 1 iffy slope in a snowboard park kind of turned me off.I'll see in the AM.Dave the hodaghunter turned me on to a site this morning which is pretty's and click on skiing.there's hours of coverage from this years first 2 world cup races.i had my boots back on after the first 1/2 help the inch.i had to download a player program ,silver something,only took a minute and then had to reboot.but was worth it.think snow.
weston lanes, WI USA - Thu Nov 19 17:28:58 2009
Hey Abby, Beth scratches my itch. See you all soon! Congrats to Todd & Sarah!
Jeff Harenda
Brookfield, WI USA - Wed Nov 18 20:12:58 2009
I've got itch, but no place to scratch!!
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Nov 17 15:00:48 2009
Sorry about that waldo,I saw and helped toast a full size ottoman in the campfire last weekend.I feel the air will clear shortly. Think Snow & cold!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Nov 14 14:42:47 2009
woke up thursday morning with my tecnicas on ready for friday the 13th at brule to find out the website was changed from free sking friday to wish for snow friday.BUMMER.might as well take my boots off, had them on since accumulations in October ,and buy a gun deer license ,even though there's no deer ,for something to do.thank goodness espn classics had winter x games on this am.should help for a few days.and the snow was crusty just like the peak.wishing for snow or cold. please don't use any aerosol cans or burn plastic bags until opening day.
rib mt, WI USA - Sat Nov 14 09:12:48 2009
Everybody got the itch? I know that I'm jonesing pretty bad, I need to renew my seasonal vows. Ceremonies and arcane rituals need to be witnessed and performed. I call upon all of my fellow Decksters to pray for snow and the invigorating cold that will re-energize us and restore the natural order. Hey, sacrifice a drink, burn a few sacred herbs and beseech the winter Gods to show their power and promises. Then we will gather at the mountain and bond with nature and each other as only Decksters can. We are ready! God willing and able. See y'all soon! The tree needs offerings.
Wennisette Tyme?, WI USA - Sat Nov 14 00:21:36 2009
Great news, Todd & Sarah ! Congrats, best wishes, and many future fishes. But please don't let Dane wear high heels to the Wedding. Help us talk him out of it.
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Nov 4 23:25:47 2009
Todd, Congrats and good luck! Have you thought "ski wedding" at the Peak, perhaps in the ampitheater, followed by a symbolic cornice jump? No, I think maybe not. Aspirus ER not the best honeymoon setting after all. See you up top real soon, Larski
Wausaup, WI USA - Tue Oct 27 10:27:40 2009
Congratulations Todd and Sarah! Not that we need another reason to party but LETS ROCK!Dane will make a cute brides maid,make sure he wears his high heels and fish net nylons.
abby <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Oct 22 09:40:57 2009
Hello fellow Decksters, just wanted to let you know that Sarah and I are engaged! We will let everyone the dates and times!!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Oct 21 19:52:44 2009
Holy cow, snow on the upper elevations at the peak this AM. Thought I saw Eli heading up with skis on his back!
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Oct 12 11:08:09 2009
The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things. Of winter snows and chairs to catch and what ever the season brings. In winter the skies are gray, and the beer is cold. Giving rise to Deckster stories and skiers both brave and bold. So let's raise a glass to the start of yet a brand new year. And looking forward to snowy slopes and very much good cheer.See you all soon! Wax on! Lars
Sno-problem, WI USA - Thu Oct 1 19:12:03 2009
Heavy frost on the hill this AM, looks like time to wax on! Big deckster bash at billys cabin this weekend, Ducks,grouse,fish. Beer, booze and guns! Life on the edge! Hey, were decksters!!!
the wonderfull land of OZ, WI USA - Wed Sep 30 09:44:11 2009
Happy birthday, Tony, you are still young at heart and ski like a Deckster on a secret mission. The Bison and I got our mugshots taken along with a nice nine hole golf excursion at Carmie's 2 weeks ago. Can't wait, bring on the snow! See you all soon.
Wausup?, WI USA - Wed Sep 16 20:10:17 2009
Happy Birthday Tony!
Ann Berns
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Sep 15 19:05:06 2009
5-30 Motto ol I heard Brule is make ice
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Sep 15 16:34:30 2009
So..what color wax for these conditions?Hot pink?
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Sep 15 14:58:54 2009
monday night "dancing with the stars"pink slippers,tighty whities,cheetos,tom delay,donny osmond,ufc's chuck liddell,cowboys michael irvin and a olympic snowboarder i never heard of?Ithink i'll watch the history channel
rib mt, WI USA - Thu Aug 27 18:11:02 2009
It's lonely out here in cyber space, any big party on the horizon for labor day? Minocqua?? Last blast of the summer. wax'em up The peak will be calling all too soon.Maybe not soon enough for Eli and Matti. Saw Matti at the fair wearing ski boots!Eli is still hibernating.
Abener spaniel
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Aug 21 08:58:03 2009
Sheesh! It looks like Monday nites are gonna be Antique Road show on the old black and white Curtiss Mathis 16inch family friendly console... if the rabbit ears still work. Damn it all anyway! See you soon. Cool summer = early snow!
Not Wausau, WI USA - Thu Aug 6 00:30:04 2009
Where is Eli??
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jul 29 17:08:25 2009
SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Party hardy cause there is no MONDAY!MONDAY! MONDAY!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jul 29 13:44:02 2009
"Dancing with the stars" monday nights?Get real! My flat screen plasma will viewing "Jon and Kate plus Eight "reruns with the tivo in the on position.
cable, WI USA - Mon Jul 27 16:22:18 2009
Thank God! Dancing with the Stars,Yeah Baby! Pink slippers,tighty whities and a bag of cheeteos
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Jul 24 15:03:54 2009
No Monday night! Season pass should be reduced 14.23% for reduced services, any bets?? Someone call Obama,goverment take over of the ski industry will stimulate local economy and make us all rich and famous!!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Jul 24 14:27:44 2009
Hello all!! Looks like no monday night skiing for this season!! Check out the web site. Hope all is well with all!!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jul 23 15:07:16 2009
Hey, Waldo. Abby. Good to know Decksters don't all hibernate during the season of the long days. Abby, like I said, its always good for a 9 of fun here, no questions asked. Got more vacation end of August, early Sept if we can get some interested golf-Decksters down to Central Wis. or I will travel, if need be, and put on a clinic on what-not-to-do with a club in one's hand.No, not that one, golf club is what I'm saying, okay ? Get in touc.....Lars
Whyparneau, WI USA - Sun Jul 5 20:48:15 2009
First of all where was Tony with his 40 year old snowball on June 24th when the snowmelt contest ended?I heard it actually melted on the 22nd but there were still 6 snowboarders chillin' on that patch of snow and Justin Loew couldn't get them to move to check it.He tried luring them off with monster and rockstar energy drinks and finally got them off on the 24th with the rumor of Shaun"the flying tomato"White was at the Oak Island skateboard park.My computer model was way off ,will have to learn to ride the huffy with my tecnics on ,no gas card. What's up with this? A week after Steve Schlief leaves Wassila,Alaska the governor,Sarah Palin, resigns.I told him he should help her look for Russians and North Korean missiles but that was it!Did she meet her soulmate?Stay tuned to msnbc for updates. Days are getting shorter snow getting closer!
3 lakes, WI USA - Sun Jul 5 16:32:20 2009
I heard that Dane is so upset about Jacko's death that he is naming his boat " Billie Jean "
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jul 2 13:50:01 2009
Yo Lars, Given the current weather pattern, we may see you on the slopes sooner than expected! My golf game is in the tank. Going to the Voodoo princess to shake some chicken bones and goat blood at my driver. Matti and Eck cleaned every dollar I had last weekend at bass lake. Ouch! I'll be working on getting my money back with a little help from the golf Gods, revenge is a dish best served cold.As soon as the early summer dust settles I will try to get south for fun and games. Hope to see y'all soon.Take out the club on BEAT IT, BEAT IT!Lost my Farrah poster years ago but I did have it.
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jun 30 15:14:15 2009
Hola, Deckster nation! It's summer and I know that you all aren't hibernating or mourning Michael Jackson. You all just beat it, just beat it. Golf has eased my pain of not being able to ski with my brethren, but a little communication would be helpful, especially since I had to take down my Farah Fawcett masturbation posters. If any Deckster is willing or able to golf in Rapids, my home is open and free to stay at as long as you don't puke on the floor or hit on either me or my wife. Well, okay, you can hit on me, but don't expect any kinky shit or satisfaction. Just ask my wife, she'll vouch for me. Hopefully see or hear from you all soon, like before the snow flies. Later...
Paperview, WI USA - Fri Jun 26 00:09:25 2009
Abby, Eck, Eli,Bill, Matti. Anybody up for some golf week of June 8th? I'm off, your course or mine, I'm semi-flexible even at my advanced age. It beats watching the NBA finals or mowing the lawn. If not, I'll be watching David Carradine's last movie, "Hung Fu, it's curtains this time." Let me know or suffer my indignation and scathing postings. Buyer beware. Lars
Lars <>
Paper View, WI Transylvania - Sat Jun 6 01:54:06 2009
Good advise from Waldo, Ahh now I see it.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jun 4 16:49:48 2009
Found "state of decksteria" much easier to view on Laakeandjoy website not to knock your efforts Tony to bring it to Cantbeatfun.Didn't have to download Quickplayer which seemed to affect viewing of other favorite videos.For some reason I couldn't view at a full screen.I tried everything.I had to delete after viewing to restore my computer to what I consider normal.I'm not a IT guy but anyone that couldn't download and view on this site might want to try laakeandjoy.And you can vote for the decksters. Great video. The bad news is I was cruising upnorth and the UP this week and it looks like they put the snowguns away at Brule.I don't think They'll make it to June 1st.Have to wait till halloween to downhill again.
backside ribmt., WI USA - Sat May 30 09:08:14 2009
OK Abby, sounds good, keep in mind it must be less than 3 minutes. A Deckster APB will be needed. That is the one unfortunate thing from this year is that by the time I decided to do another one, I only had three good weekends of filming, so not all Decksters were able to be featured. I think the helmet cam worked satisfactory (although hard to keep a Deckster in the field of view), a radar gun would also be fun. As I said before E-mail me a mailing address and I will send out a DVD to any one that would like (free).
Jeff Harenda <>
brookfield, WI USA - Tue May 26 18:36:43 2009
Just watched the video and I think Jeff was robbed, great flick.I have a few ideas to beat the shredders, more sex and violence!The MTV crowd really digs boring rail shots, faggy jumps ie: jump up, grab your board. Same move over and over. Next year, pick a weekend shooting date, send a APB out to the Deckster nation and we'll give um something they will never forget! Car chase's aruond the chalet, death deifying leaps over the bar stools, bloody Marys dripping down your face,irate bar customers and thats just the opening credits!Like a New York cockroach...we will prevail! XXX OOO ABBY
Wausau, WI USA - Tue May 26 11:06:37 2009
Hey, all! First off, Jeff, your video rocks. Even my Mom and some old Deadhead buddies of mine were enthralled with the editing, music,creativity and forethought that went into "State of Decksteria". You belong in the Deckster hall of fame. Eli, if you ain't gotta copy yet, email me, I'll find a burner and get one to you post haste. But, contact me soon while I'm still at this address, Shit be happening. Spring brings changes, not all for the better, but, in time all will settle down. And, snow will fall and Decksters will ski with reckless abandon and share stories, inebriants and good times. Here's hoping for a great summer for all of us and God bless the spirit of those who try to push the envelope. Peace out.
Lars <>
WisRatpiss, WI USA - Mon May 25 21:57:40 2009
Decksters, sad to say the video did not take first or second, those top spots were secured by knuckle draggers! It seems the judges preferred juvenile stunts over a story about the best group of people on snow! Or around a fire! You can view all the entrants videos at click on "winter sports" link on left side of their home page, then on "vote for your favorite". They are doing internet voting for third place ($100). On the whole, I think the videos were better than last years, but go ahead watch and judge for yourselves. Yes I was hoping to win, but if you guys all enjoyed it, that is satisfaction enough for me. So, next year less plot and more action!
jeff Harenda <>
Brookfield, WI USA - Mon May 25 21:00:07 2009
Whats going on Decksters?? No one is talking!!!
Wausau, WI USA - Mon May 25 20:17:47 2009
Can't figure it out Eli??
Wausau, WI USA - Thu May 21 14:45:38 2009
Eli, quit feeding the dog so much and you could up-date that 20 yr. old computer!! Sincerely, your old ski hill movie buddy!!! LOL
Wausau, WI USA - Thu May 14 15:08:16 2009
Hello deckster nation!! I'm having a problem viewing the video on the site. Does anybody have a copy on DVD they can burn for me. Memories of the past winter help me deal with boring hot summers. My season ended April 17th when I skiied in 73 degree weather. It was 62 when I arrived at 10 in the morning. I figured it was God rewarding me for putting up with the January temperatures this year. Hey Lars, Chainsnap kicks ass, I listen to it almost daily. Peace out, THINK SNOW!!!!
the jack daniels estate, WI USA - Thu May 14 11:54:01 2009
Jeff: Thankyou---Thankyou---Lars dropped my copy of the video, 1st thing I did when got home from the salt mine was plug it, Whowwwww! That kicks ass. NICE JOB.
The Rickster
Whiskey Rapids, WI USA - Fri May 8 15:54:18 2009
Good luck to Jeff on his video ! It totally rocks, showing the best of the Deckster experiences,(within reason) and a whole lot of our gang banging and bingeing. If you haven't accessed the video, its a must see. Contact Jeff before he signs a big Hollywood deal and he'll most likely send you a personal copy. It should be on a permanent loop in the den next season. Yes, we're all superstars in our own minds, but Jeff has validated all of us in a most rocking way. I watched my DVD at least 8 times in a row and caught different Deckster action each time. Try it and see if you don't agree ! Missing the snow and all of my brethren, golf is a weak substitute for skiing, but, it's all I've got until next season. Summer summit? Live the dream ! Lars
Lars <>
Wausneau ?, WI USA - Fri May 8 02:09:12 2009
It must freeze cause it can't burn!
Frostbite Falls, WI USA - Mon May 4 21:29:19 2009
forty year old snow!!? Doesn't it freezer burn?
google, WI USA - Fri May 1 16:40:46 2009
Well, I can see you've all been salivating for Jeff's new Deckster video ! I think I figured out a way to post it. At least, it works for me. Let me know if you have trouble viewing it. Nice job, Jeff. Did Martin Scorsese ask to become involved with this project ? Or did you threaten to offer it to Kevin Costner first ? Anyway, at least some Decksters are up on current technology. Just don't f**king try to twitter me, goddammit !
I think the snow on Rib will never melt because I have a snowball in my fridge, as usual. I have a collection that goes back to 1969. When Justin announces a winner I am going to plant it in the middle of R&R and call 911. So there !
Keep the home fires burning and stay loose !

tonester <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 30 23:32:44 2009
Been spending alot of time on the peak lately trying to figure out the winning date for the Channel 9 Granite Peak meltdown.Have put together a computer model I hope my calculations are correct.Going after that R-Store gift card I need gas money.The moguls on whitewolf are finally starting to soften up.Should be excellent skiing by the first of May.
lostwithoutalift, WI USA - Tue Apr 28 18:39:08 2009
Rather quite out there! Where have all the decksters gone? Long time no hear. Must be molting the winter skin off, kind of a slow time like a bear coming out of hibernation, dizzy ,lost, confused...oh wait, that sounds like a deckster leaving the Bears Den!
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Apr 28 14:10:50 2009
Looking for snow, head west, Mammoth, Squaw and Snowbird still have 100"+ base! Very tempting. Yes, the movie is done, I had to re-edit slightly as I noticed someone was flying the bird, and Beth thought I was zooming in too much on some ones behind! This year I titled it "State of Decksterity", premise being a Deckster would rather rip up the slopes, and socialize on the Deck than go to work. Sorry Kenny, Goldmember stars this year. Video contest winner will be announced May 8th, and this year a panel of judges will determine winners not internet voting. I will send an electronic copy to Tony but do not know if it can be posted here? Any one that would like a copy on DVD e-mail me a mailing address and I will send.
Jeff Harenda <>
BrookfieldWausau, WI USA - Mon Apr 27 21:33:39 2009
Hey, ya'll! Hope the snowless weather is treating you nicely! Golf is in full swing down here in Rapids and the promise of more to come! Tony, great 2009 pictures, you should get a prize for photo-Deckster journalism! I can't wait to see Jeff's video after seeing the static pictures of Goldmember in action. Golf outing this summer? I have time off in May, June, and August to burn and there is nobody I'd like to burn it with than my fellow Decksters. Give me a heads up or a hell yeah and we'll get this party started. See you or hear from you soon, Lars
Lars <>
Pulple Beach, WI USA - Mon Apr 27 20:16:05 2009
Happy Easter! Jeff, I can't wait to see the video of State of Decksteria. Golf is on here in central Wis. Summer beckons like a forgotten lover, much like skiing powder days in March in Montana. Hope all is well with you all in Decksterland. Outing WILL HAPPEN this year,even if I have to perform the labors of Hercules to make it so. CU all soon, maybe on U-tube via Jeff's rockumentary. Decksters rock, Lars rolls!
Lars <>
Augusta, WI USA - Sat Apr 11 20:59:14 2009
Movie is done! Helmet cam worked great, Goldmember has a starring role. Working on formatting to DVD, maybe Tony can post on site. Any Decksters going out and about Wazoo this holiday weekend? Dave Steffan @ Arrow bar Saturday? My brother-in-law's band is playing @ Coral Lanes Friday, (Beatles, Stones covers, FREE!) See you soon. Jeff & Beth
Jeff Harenda <>
Brookfield, WI USA - Thu Apr 9 23:48:28 2009
Good skiing and great company this last season. Good to see all of you for the LAST DAY at the Peak. Glad to see J. Paradise and hear that Eck is not mortally wounded. Still, season might be paused, but, golf and spring beckon. Hope to see a whole bunch of you this summer at the proposed drinking/picnic/golf/camping outing that hasn't quite jelled yet. Trust your inner-Deckster and keep your ears, and options open, as well as your minds. CU all soon, take care......Lars
Wausnext, WI USA - Tue Mar 31 00:47:10 2009
Wearing the black arm band as I haul the skis out of the truck for the last time.Always an outside chance that the big Bohemia will get a major dump,but I'm not holding my breath.As always another great season of skiing and social interaction with the areas finest! VAYA CON DIOS AMIGOS!
Abnormal <>
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Mar 30 15:28:05 2009
Hey gang, sad to say the Milwaukee contingent may not make closing day (helmet cam done for season) due to a bad cold. Must have been from going topless on deck last weekend. I think I have enough footage to complete the film for the contest. If anyone has some good photos or video send to my e-mail. We will see how I feel later today and decide about making the drive to bid farewell to another great season with all of you. If we do not make it I will let you know how video turns (due April 17) out and can make copies available, this years video is entitled "State of Decksterity" Thanks - Jeff & Beth
jeff harenda <>
Brookfield, WI USA - Sat Mar 28 09:11:48 2009
What the Eck!?! Inquiring minds want to know the scoop on our Bro. Bad hurt? Good prospects? Sunday appearance? Rapture happening? I got info on Illinois golf for him that I'll be packing Sun. See you then, Bison will be backing my action.Later....
Wausaup?, WI USA - Fri Mar 27 19:17:53 2009
The peak is still open till Sunday the 29th.Lots of snow left,skiing was good today but grooming wasn't worth a darn but why waste alot of time for 10 people.There were more on the golf coarse bouncing their balls off the water hazards.Another reason to wear a helmet when in Comet liftline.Hopefully they'll have it in better shape for anticipated crowds this last weekend of the season.Snow possible for sat. pm(up to 3 ") so Lars better find his orange golfballs just in case.And BE CAREFUL!!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Mar 26 19:16:02 2009
Hey! What the hell? Ski hill's open yet this weekend?!? I'll be there, if only to say my peace and find out what happened to Eck. I can't hardly believe his gold powersuit did not protect him from injury as it has in the past. Is the magic gone? Not possible. Is the season ending? Most probable, but, I'm not going down without swinging til the end! Ski whats left this Sunday and I'll also have my clubs in the van for back-up. Be there and share the love....see you all soon!
Lars <>
Lost Whorizons, WI USA - Thu Mar 26 18:20:18 2009
Sat. Mar.28th starting at 1:00pm Stoney Creek Inn, Blues Cafe,$13.00 in advance,tickets can be purchased at County Market,Arrow Bar,Inner Sleeve. Angler Dave & his sidekick Vic will be cutten' a rug Sat. afternoon. Angler Dave may be doin' some Daffys,jeffersons,spread eagles,and of coarse some bunny hops. So oil up those old Deckster ski legs boys & girls. Hope to see some of you there!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Mar 26 10:45:45 2009
Kudos to all who did the retro thing this last weekend!! Hope Eck will recover from the big crash!! Lower leg under the calf tendon or muscle!! Hopes are high!!
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Mar 24 17:28:12 2009
Tick. Tock. The Decksters are out of clock. The fun is done and we await the next season and seeing all of our Bros and Sisters in their prime as always. I sure had a great time with all of you and I can only hope that next season will be as good or better. I was hoping for this next weekend to say my good-byes, but, it don't look good, eh? I'm really hoping for a mid-summer Deckster outing, but, if not, I'll live to ski another day God willing. I don't have to tell you all how much skiing with you and the attendant drinking/socializing means to me. I feel it is the same with all of us. See you as soon as it is, thank you all, it was a great winter as always. Lars
Lars <>
Muddville, WI USA - Mon Mar 23 19:21:08 2009
Decksters should still have a golf outing! Maybe no plans for camping or whatever, just have fun at Rib Mtn. golf course
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Mar 23 19:08:18 2009
bummer news!sundance chalet closed for season,heat off in the stone chalet(sit close to the fireplaces Fritz keeps them stoked)and hill CLOSING March 29th.Enjoy the final days, hills in good shape but keep on your toes some thin spots.and we have Carolina rain to end the season.I think i had one of their cd's but can't find it.And be SAFE these final days.
melting mt., WI USA - Fri Mar 20 14:56:35 2009
Most excellant to see the Deckster nation out in full display on a fine Saturday.This is the last Tuesday night, lets make it count.
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Mar 16 16:33:39 2009
I hear ya but I can't make it. The rest of the upper Decksters will be there so I'll pass it along. Abby, you should've been there for last Saturday's balloonfest.( See blog on ski midwest for details.)I heard that you were recovering from the shock of yet another birthday, but, man, it was good. Maybe see you all Tues. pm for the last of night skiing patrol. Today was well attended albeit cold and noisy. Wax on!
Lars <>
Mill town, WI USA - Fri Mar 13 03:43:58 2009
Heat wave weekend ahead! Surfs up on the deck, grab your woody and head on up for fun in the sun. don't forget your bikini wax. How about a little cook out in the upper private parking lot? Can you hear me Lars, Rick, Bison, Buzzy? Game on!!
Abnormal child
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Mar 12 14:33:02 2009
Yo,Decksters! Anybody get a copy of the picture taken in the den Fat Tuesday? Truly one of the most prestigous Kodak moments ever captured should not be allowed to slip away. Email it to me if you do, hey? Hell, in years to come it could end up as a treasured icon in it's own shadowbox. It was good to see all in such high spirits. Unfortunely work schedule forces me to refrain from Lenten skiing until March 7. In the meantime, please feel free to carry on without me. Later....
Kellner, WI USA - Thu Feb 26 16:57:52 2009
New and old Decksters get better and better! Congrats to all racing or Volunteering!! Our best is yet to come when spring is about here! No matter what happens, we always prevail!!
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Feb 22 19:05:30 2009
Great to hear from the eastern contingent, the GEEZERS rock! Banging on the tidy cat box(see lost tribe pics)the howling conch shell,the authentic cow bell, all idications of accute decksterizem. Must be something in your water supply also. Rumors have it that the directors are considering changing the name to the Johnson state games.You guys can party with the Decksters anytime.I cast a vote to adopt the eastern chapter of the Deckster nation. The ski season only gets better from here to the end. Can't wait for sunny weekends on the deck! Hope to see ya'll soon.
Abby <>
Decksterville, WI USA - Tue Feb 17 10:23:27 2009
On behalf of the Geezer Racing Team, a heartfelt congrats to the Deckster Racing contingent. Also, thank you for your annual hospitality. We always look forward to sharing your deck and company. See you next year, if not sooner.
Geezer Racing 3
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Feb 11 18:03:31 2009
Stand tall Decksters,keeping with the proud tradition.. the Decksters walk away from the badger state games heavily laden with bling. As always a crowd favorite. Big thanks to the cheering section and tech sqaud.
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Feb 10 13:39:49 2009
Congratulations to brother Bill and brother Abby on their fine performance in the BSG's. Way to be fast fellows!
Angler Dave
Rib Mt., WI USA - Tue Feb 10 08:39:36 2009
C U All Thirstday nite.
Thirst-day, WI USA - Mon Feb 2 21:25:55 2009
Special thanks to all Decksters who helped on sat. for special olympics!! It sure is a feel good way to help others and were lucky, glad and happy to be a part of it!! Next year I will be contacted again for vounteers so if more of us or anybody you may know would like to be a part of it just let me know!!!! Thanks again everyone!! Todd
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Feb 2 13:00:39 2009
Good to see all this Sat. thru the lens of my new, bargain priced Scott googles. Were much better than the beer goggles last Sat. Wed, Thurs. nite looks like a winner. Wed. is really UNCROWDED usually, negating the 1/2 price throngs on Tue Thur, so see u all soon. And, no Waldo, I lost my gaiter also!
Skifreeordie, WI USA - Sun Feb 1 16:51:35 2009
I think Abby will get 4th place Sat. Jan. 31st
angler dave
Rib Mt., WI USA - Fri Jan 30 23:15:20 2009
Lars are you sure all you lost were your goggles ?they found a pair of tenica ventos laying in the parking lot last night.note to self, when impaired don't put things on roof of vehicle
abovezero, WI USA - Thu Jan 29 18:51:24 2009
This weekend "live" at G.P. special olympics. Todd,Dane, Abby and a few other good hearted souls will be the cheering section on the bottom of mistree Saturday am. Stop by and spread some cheer and ring your cow bell.Just to bury the I am not a participant!The self induced brian damage diagnoses was nullified
sudsville, WI USA - Thu Jan 29 15:13:22 2009
Ach du leiber, that German fest Saturday was a rocking good time ! Many Decksters showed up to help me and Rick celebrate our shared Teutonic heritage. Concertina Carl was at his best, as well as Brad Emanuel, can't get enough of those drunken sing-alongs. In my excitement, I remembered all 3 German words I knew and shouted them repeatedly, ( and, NO, Vicki, I was NOT calling you a schwein-hund .)I got to also witness our fellow Deckster, Matti, inadvertantly insult and embarass some fish drama-queen to the point of crocadile tears. Hey, she DID look like her friend's mother. Matti gets a full pardon on this one. I must also report that both St. Tom AND Tony were in fine singing voice and both my wife and Rickster's were amused, not offended by their subtle touching and clever double entendres. It pays to marry a good Wisconsin girl, eh? Anyway, anybody spotting my goggles or the contents of my wallet please get in touch with me this Sat. when I return to the scene of the grime for even more fun. Decksters with computers are urged to check out Ski I found it and I think I'm the only one logging on. Sweet. Our own blog site?? CU soon.
Dresden Ready2go, WI USA - Wed Jan 28 21:54:19 2009
The weekend beckons, supposed to be sunny and single digit temps. In other words, the forecast calls for "FUN"! Rickster and I are planning a Saturday outing sking the uncrowded, freshly groomed runs. Dress warm and get down! No excuses, no problems, just say "Yes!" to your inner-skier. C U all soon!
WeSkiRapid, WI USA - Thu Jan 22 10:32:21 2009
Also on Sat. there's a snowshoe hike at the state park from 11:00 am.til 2:00pm so the parking on top might get a bit crowded although I read most of the activities are near the concessions stand under the tower. F.Y.I. anyone considering going to Indianhead the Wausau/Marathon County Park Dept.(office just north of the VFW on River Dr.)sells unrestricted lift passes for 2008/09 season for $10 off regular price adult $36/youth $30.Used them last week without a hitch.Paid for gas.Lots of snow UP there.
freez'n rib mt., mars - Thu Jan 15 10:38:54 2009
Saturday! Be on the chair early boys & girls! The DNR is report is that the F.I. B.'s are running this weekend! I have a dream! One day! All the lil' Decksers will ski & ride together!
Angler Dave
Rib Mt., WI USA - Thu Jan 15 09:27:22 2009
16 below means hot skiing with no fish.The Tuesday diehards were out in force to the amazment of friends and family.Broke the sound barrier on white wolfie as a denial to tower 11 and the black hole of compression.The membership committee has reviewed and rejected Barrack Obama's application for induction in to the Deckster nation.only scored 30% on the deckster quiz.Can you feel the love brothers and sisters
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jan 14 08:14:44 2009
OOOh! Pardon me, please. Let's just party like its 1999 and counting. Got a fattie? Talk 2 me and let it be......
Wrath's Child, WI USA - Tue Jan 13 19:27:40 2009
After reading all the comments I think we are getting away from what we are all about! Skiing, Fun, and Sun ( march, april ) Our gang is true and will never go away! Keep this in mind! If we let other things interupt, then we are no better then those who do not understand what we are all about! I know we will overcome and be the better for it!!!! I say this because when we started, it was always about fun and not BITCHING!! Original member speaking here, Todd
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Jan 13 17:10:42 2009
So beware of what? They say that the truth shall set us free, but, I say it's the rumors that set us off! Current mid-seasonal rumors are: The bar has been bugged by none other than Chas. Skinner in order to find more ways to squeeze local dollars into his vast larder. Vegas puts the odds at 50/50. Next, the half chair more affectionally known as the yo-yo will cease operations shortly due to liftie shortage due to above mentioned greed. Odds: 40/60. Third; no outside beverages allowed outside on the new deck. This one has to be pure 100% bullsh#t. Why would they be called "outside" beverages anyway. Odds: try and stop me and I'll relocate to the freedom of the upper deck. A word of wisdom; Its just as easy to beg forgiveness as it is to ask for permission. And lastly, just so we can all sleep easier at night, beware of who we have become lest we allow others to dictate who we might be. That sounds about right, if it doesn't; it don't matter. Once a Deckster, always a Deckster. Just because it skis doesn't mean it's a skier.Look for the telltale signs if you're in doubt. Big smiles, handwarmers and that mischevious glow = Deckster. Bad attitude, closed heart and wallet = wanna be. Study hard, test may be forthcoming. Ski safe, but, ski fast...not me.
Nevermine, WI USA - Mon Jan 12 18:46:27 2009
A Prayer for the Kid on Wed. nite who is now in SNOW HEAVEN, It's Sad, skiing one of Our passions! Wed. nite sounds great to Me Abbi, also told Buzzy, He's up for it. "BEWARE OF THE DECKSTER WANT-TO-BE HE IS THE REAL POESER!" SKI SAFE--------The Rickster
Rick Ashenbrener <>
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Jan 10 12:22:15 2009
Hey, all, racing sounds like a good way to emulate my late hero, Dale Earnhardt, especially with the carnage at the Peak this last week. Wow! What a bummer! Let's be X-tra carefull up there and not let the hill bite into us as we would carve into it. A thought; what would happen if some over zealous county mounty would drop a dime on all the unattended minors in the bar-area on the weekends? I've tried giving Vickie a heads up on this, but, sadly been ignored just like my many e-mails in regards to hill improvements and such. Oh, well, what comes around goes around, I guess she might get a "pass" from the local constable due to seating considerations at holiday time. Rules are rules, unless you're family. It's not what you know, but, who you,(or your daughter) blows, eh? Ski safe my brethren and do not ask whom the siren sounds for, for it sounds for us. Not them.....Lars
Sue Falls, WI USA - Fri Jan 9 21:34:42 2009
Calling all Decksters!!! Word on the street is we may have a Wednesday night ski league in the making!Will start mid Febuary and anybody can race.$5.00 per race day and you only pay if you race.Results will be posted on NASTAR so you will be ranked nationally and locally. Just a shits and giggles league.Rise up Deckster nation, heed the call to humiliate yourself in front of your peers and family and the entire world wide web. Spread the word.More updates to follow...
abby <>
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jan 7 11:27:33 2009
From mid 60's"LongThongs". Had nothing to do with turd-cutting underpants.
icy rib mt., - Mon Jan 5 18:59:50 2009
How about a boot tree! How about a Ski Tote! Also an all time favorite, the rope-tow hook! Yeah! Baby! Plenty of "Shaggin" in my wet-look jacket!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Jan 5 17:06:57 2009
Can you beat ..yellow hanson wax bladder boots, Olin mark 4 comp 4. The original twin tip. USAF issue snorkel parka along with matching ever fogged goggles.Top this off with purple leg gaitors ( see picture of Matti on this site) and you are at the pinicale of 70's fashion. Almost forgot the I ski hot dog usa red white and blue sunglasses and of course the ever present bota bag. It was a groovy time man! A man could drive his VW beetle up the slope without fear of your fellow skiiers RATTING you out to the feds for a harmless lap around the chalet.
Ole yeller Abby
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Jan 5 10:34:45 2009
Yeah,1971, Hart Hornets, Marker fall apart bindings, Raichle boots and a 6 foot scarf with jeans and my flashy, trashy bright yellow White Stag ski jacket. Skiing the ice field that was Senior at -27 degrees and livin' the vida loca! It was the best of times, yet, it was the worst. I wouldn't pose for pictures with that shit, much less, attempt to ski on it without MAJOR life insurance policies. Oh, I almost forgot, my goatskin wine bota,(Lambrusco filled), and my chrome mini-pipe filled with Mexican dirt weed. It just didn't get much better than that! See you retro-freaks this Sunday with an encore performance Wens. nite and more sightings next weekend because I have been granted a boon from my night labors and I gots to make that season pass pay for itself before the week is up. I'm seriously overdue, like that girl I went out with at MSTC, but, that's another story best left for later.....Lars
Mill Valley of Tears, WI USA - Fri Jan 2 23:42:42 2009
spademan bindings,rear entry boots, Hart 210 cm straight skis,one piece skisuit and cowboy hat.1971??Sounds like the guy I went up the highspeed with yesterday.Talked about Steamboat all the way up.I wonder where he was from?
snowy rib mt., WI USA - Fri Jan 2 19:13:35 2009
did I repeat myself ? Sorry.
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Dec 26 12:25:21 2008
1971 was the year. Getting bored with the T-bar line. Time to slap on the shorties.Lil' wooden skis with cable bindings.Hop on the chairlift,heading up getting bored again. Hey lets stand on the chairlift on the way up! Oh Yah,we're cool!
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Dec 26 12:20:57 2008
1971 was the year. Got bored with the T-bar line. Slapped on the shorties. Lil' wooden skis with cable bindings. On the way up the chairlift got bored again. OK lets stand on the chairlift on the way up. Oh yah we're cool.
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Dec 26 12:16:06 2008
Happy holidaze to all! I can't wait to get back skiing after I dig myself a tunnel to the road. This is epic snow, boys and girls, which takes me down memory lane and the winters of my youth, when men were men and skis still had bark on their topsheets. It makes me pose the question of what does it take to be an old school-type ski veteran? Do you recall rear entry boots, Spademan bindings, driving a stick shift car with ski boots on, using a ticket bail for an emergency pipe cleaner or what GLM stood for? Then you qualify for old school and I'd like you to share what old school stuff you can recall with the rest of the Deckster nation. Any thoughts or amusing/embarassing recollections? What say you? I know most of us have 20 ski years or more to gleen from, eh? C'mon and share, it'll make good reading while waiting for the plow truck to arrive. See you all soon.
Snow Wonder, WI USA - Fri Dec 26 06:45:26 2008
Seasons greetings to the Deckster nation! Easy on the egg nog this holiday season.
Santa ski
south pole, ak USA - Wed Dec 24 09:11:41 2008
Would I be insulting a Arab if I threw my ski boot at him??? Would I miss? No way! Strike 3 right up side the head!Givem the heater right in the eye!
lost, of mind USA - Wed Dec 17 14:34:32 2008
Don't do it! Don't pull the pin on your designer bomber vest just yet! If the mountain won't conform to Muhammed, then Muhammed must ski what is available, preferably on some Solomon XTC DuneRippers 180cm. The east beckons like an oasis on a hot desert day after walking behind the flatuence of a thousand camels, but,it will be there eventually when the most faithful will hear its siren song.Western influences be damned, like a fish out of the water. Hang on to patience like it was the Quaran and keep your shoes on! No need for dire measures yet. Instead, think about the suave satisfaction of defiling the White Wolf for the first time, like your sister, before the tribunal of elders, up on charges of listening to the subversive sounds of Abba and paying with her life. Time will pass like the stink of an old goat and the east will rise again for the most faithful. Allah akbar! It will be so!
Abi-Dabi, WI USA - Wed Dec 17 08:58:23 2008
Are you the guy that threw his shoes at the commander in chief?
halliburton, - Tue Dec 16 19:46:14 2008
Considering climbing the radio tower with a high power rifle? Thoughts of strapping a bomb to yourself and skiing into tower 11 on white wolf? Wishing to see your spouse's picture on a milk carton? If you can answer YES to 1 or more of these need help and we are just the friends to help! Join us for a little winter Jihad fun! Imagine your family and friends suprise when they see you in your new Spyder towelhead outfit. It's never too late to stuff a M-80 up your ass and ski into the groomer as a protest over the high price of a lift ticket! Those 72 well worn old whore's are waiting for you in ski paradise! We suppressed and deprived need to take a stand against western civilization and ski to the east. Who needs the western frontier when it can only be used at Da man's beckoning?Take a lunch and call your mother as we won't see you for several days if you ride the downer lift.So, saddle up the camel and head on up!If you want blood and suicide..go hang with the shredder's eeeiiii!!!! Abdul
dark cave, of confusion Iraq??? - Tue Dec 16 15:23:25 2008
Happy Kwanzaa fellow Decksters!As of this moment the temps have risen above zero for the first time in 48 hours.Pull out the speedo and head for the beach or the hill depending on you state of mind.If you are familiar with this site, odds are your state of mind may be questionalble or even scrutinized by so called higher authorities.So wax up your woody and header out too dig some fun in the sun or under the lights what ever the case may be.
Jesse jackson Jr.
Folsom, ca USA - Tue Dec 16 14:12:29 2008
Season's greetin's, Decksters and cretins! It was most fine to see so many of the Deckster nation in action this Saturday! I see that Chi-town Johnny has been hitting the gym,oops,maybe, Jim, as in Beam, this summer and lost x-tra lbs. but not the skill and unbridled talent that has made him a living testamonial to the Deckster lifestyle. Hence his motto: "Last runs, first call." All the rest of the tight knit clan was looking good, skiing fast, drinking responsively and talking smart. Kudos to Sarah, Michelle, Eli, Bison, Eck, Skipper, Rickster, Abby and Matti for suds and hugs, not drugs, ( a long standing tradition for this crew.) As soon as the SunDance chalet opens, we hopefully will not have the child care center located in the relocated Bear's Den. After Dec. 20th, I propose that all unattended children found in the den be sent to their rooms for winter's duration. Have faith! The holidays approach with more opportunities for ski days and nights. Let's get it on!
hoocares, WI USA - Sun Dec 14 18:11:51 2008
Me and the Rickster and Buzz will be attending the mountain worship services Thurs. night. Be there or be square.
Wausup?, WI USA - Wed Dec 10 17:25:52 2008
Storm warning! Snow is coming! Run for the hills! The skiing may be epic! Powder burns and swoopy turns! The East may rise again! Good to see our Deckster bros this Sunday, glad no bad repercussions from my collision with St. Thomas, but, where are the rest of our gang? Ely, Tony, Reiny, Sarge, Falka jr., and the rest, not here on Gilligan's isle. The hill and the new deck beckons, who will show up? Buzz? Tommy? Michelle? Eck? Johnny Paradise? We await your arrival and miss all of you at the gathering throng on the new deck! May we see more of you this upcoming weekend. Doctor's excuses or bail problems be damned! Its WINTER, let's ski! Get a day pass or gnaw through your restraints. Escape to the Deckster love fest and enjoy the cold bite of winter freedom! Tele-shots for all! Later...
WeSki Rapids, WI USA - Mon Dec 8 20:21:54 2008
OOoh! Mea culpa! I took out the Skipper this last Tues. nite. Total yard sale! My fault at least 65%. Probably caused by karmic backlash due to me and the Rickster poaching 2 closed runs. No harm, hopefully, no penalties nor a review by the Deckster Safety Squad. I do try soooo hard to remain in everyone's good graces.The new used Blackeyes were going faster than I anticipated. See ya all sunday, if a penalty is dealt, I'll deal with it then.
Truth or Consequences, WI USA - Thu Dec 4 17:36:07 2008
Yea, I'll be a-lighting the flame on Thanksgiving AM and giving thanks for reaching another ski season. Decided not to run for two reasons.IF I did survive the run, the season would be over and done with. The ski season for me starts and ends with....TURKEY!
S. Decksterville, WI USA - Tue Nov 25 20:51:46 2008
Hey Gang---So which Head are We refering too? Don't fret, I'll be there Sat. A.M., I think I deserve it. OUCH---MMYYY---AAAH---NOOO---OOOH---The Rickster
The Rickster
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Nov 20 17:35:25 2008
I can see it now! Lars running with the torch ( bic lighter) from rapids to light the new deckster eternal flame for the opening dedication ceremonies.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Nov 20 10:32:35 2008
Decksters unite! I can't be there until Thanksgiving A.M. So carry on the opening, flag waving ceremonies without me. Wax on!
Waushoppenen?, WI USA - Thu Nov 20 01:08:19 2008
Just caught word that the hill will open this Saturday.I'm going with Lars on the bikini wax. Hot,pink and slippery.That will put steam in your stride
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Nov 18 14:53:41 2008
Hey Boys & Girls, Angler Dave needs feedback. Just wondering about what will happen if person would pack sandwiches in a person so called boot-bag. Then lets say that person would leave that sandwich,I mean boot-bag near the new and improved Deck that they built just for us. I mean they finally got it! DECK! Decksters! What a concept! Remember boys & girls! If the bait shop is out of bait,head back towards the big coolers and finish out your mission! Let'er Snow! Angler
Angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Nov 13 16:42:47 2008
Abby! I've found that a good bikini wax will greatly enhance performance under a variety of conditions. Hope this helps you out. By the by, Rickster's head is still attatched firmly. It takes a lot to bring down a Deckster. See ya soon.
WI USA - Thu Nov 13 13:23:46 2008
For all the brothers and sisters who can't see the hill...looks like it's snowing in the upper elevations. Wolfie is pouring it on!Just wondering what wax to use in these conditions. rocks mud and fast wax.Won't be long now and we will be surfing the new and improved deck. Looking forward to seeing our seasonal (Rapids,Chicago) commrads again! Hey, what the word with the Rickster?Heard through the grape vine that he had his head amputated! Will save alot on goggles and hat's!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Nov 13 08:09:23 2008
Season's greetings fellow Deckster gangsters! I just got back from Wausau,(paid $10 late picture fee, WTF?)where I was given a personal guided tour of the new patio area by none other than Brother Eck who was taking a much deserved wiggy break from his backbreaking painting labors. Heyyyyy! I'm pretty impressed with Eck's painting, the layout,firepit,tables and especially those steel cables waiting to bisect the unwary, perhaps impaired, out of control, hill voyaging gravity enthusiast. It won't be long until we can once again conveen the Deckster nation and get on with this winter's merriment. A brief word of caution seems to be in order in part due to the aftermath of the 2008 St. Thomas day massacre. Remember, I'm as guilty as anyone of playing fast and loose with my interpetations of the laws of our fair land, therefore, who better to say so? Let's be a little more aware of those who would plot our demise so they could maybe advance a law career by causing legal ramifications for the rest of us, and treat them as the Amish would a cast out backslider. Mainly, by imposing the Shunning and by minding our P's and Q's when it counts. Stoning them with large, sharp cornered chunks of granite would be preferable, but sadly not done anymore in this day and age. My advice is to fly a bit closer to the ground, maintain formation with trusted wingmen/wingwomen and stay under the radar. That said, let's not get real paranoid here, let's just have fun and if the rare opportunity arises to avenge wrongs.....think thrice before acting. That which does not kill us will only make us, damn it, I forgot what. Stronger? Braindead? Prisoners? Oh, hell, you know what I mean. See you all soon, peace out.
Undertheradar, WI USA - Wed Nov 12 22:41:42 2008
This week on Putz patrol..."how to find your way home without a map"!Next weeks exciting episode "avalance control on the bunny slope" and how to brow beat a 10 year old into tears.
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Oct 17 13:35:05 2008
Souldn't that be part tme fun/wrecker? I'm not signing any waivers unless they promise to shoot my "good" side. Mr. Skinner, I'm ready for my close up.See you Decksters soon!
Rapidski, WI USA - Fri Oct 17 08:42:19 2008
For you couch potatoes with cable or dish, premiering on Oct.20,part cop,part emergency worker, part funlover the new action reality show "SKI PATROL".I wonder if they'll do a St.Tom's Day party reinactment.
aniwa, WI USA - Sat Oct 11 16:07:08 2008
Hey everyone, Just to let you know that Dane and Kim had a boy thursday morning! Zachary Dane has joined the gang!! Everything is well with them! Kim will be home on sat. Todd
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Sep 18 17:15:19 2008
Thanks, Neat. The Tie One On party was a huge success. You always know it's a good party when the cops show up ! Pics will be posted eventually.
Labor Day was awesome too. Gus gives great Salsa lessons ! See yuall at the Peak soon.
Just got back from hiking up the MTN to try to get in shape for the Cascades next week. I checked out the new HEATED DECK. Get ready for some HOT times ! T

Tony No Baloney <>
Wazoo, WI USA - Thu Sep 11 23:19:05 2008
Neats! Hope the party was a great hook-up. Still hoping for a golf/drinking,campout at the top of old Rib Mt. I got 3, yes,3 weeks vacation starting Mon. Its gonna happen! See you on the snow if not before! PS: Looking at some Atomic Blackeyes to rip on, Ferrari Enzo deemed too expen$$$ive.
Area 51, WI USA - Sun Aug 17 00:54:29 2008
Calling all Decksters! Agusta and I are hosting the first annual "Wild Thing Tie One on Party". This Saturday 8-16-08 at Yacht Club in Minocqua. We will tie on together as many boats as we can get to Minocqua in an attempt to break the record for the biggest fresh water party barge in Guinness Book. Camping at my house, the Cocktail Cove. BYOB. Call if you can come. 715-213-0400. Come up Friday if you are free! Neats
Neats <>
Minocqua, WI USA - Mon Aug 11 00:22:17 2008
Das boot ist das gudde! The 16th won't cut it for me, but, I got vacation from the 19th til Sept8th. Any interest there? Mill pervs be damned, just don't pass out unattended in your car in Rapids or Eddy might get you. Keep your line in the water.
Pervertville, WI USA - Sat Aug 2 07:10:27 2008
Das boat has been eating my weekends,just spent last weekend off shore power boating lake superoir with Matti and Billy on Matti's yacht.My kidneys are still bleeding!Like I needed another addiction,this great lakes fishing has used up 6 of my 9 lives and its only August. Need to get the feet back on terra firma.Anybody up or the weekend of the 16th?
wazoo, WI USA - Fri Aug 1 11:12:19 2008
Wo ist du, mein dexster bruddas? Ist we going to do dast outind or just talk about what could've been,later? Either vas, see you das vinter. WTF?
Lost Crutches, WI USA - Wed Jul 30 16:50:29 2008
Wo ist du, mein dexster bruddas? Ist we going to do dast outind or just talk about what could've been,later? Either vas, see you das vinter. WTF?
Lost Crutches, WI USA - Wed Jul 30 16:50:21 2008
Congrats, Jeff! The fix was in cause you should've won. Still hoping and praying that a summer Deckster gathering will come together as I carded my first eagle this last Monday. Anybody else? Keep your stick on the ice.
Grunt Rapids, WI USA - Wed Jul 16 06:56:16 2008
Hey, hey Decksters, Beth and I got second place in the Laacke and Joys snow sports video contest! thanks to all of you who voted for us on their web site. First place was absconded by some posers, (high schoolers who no doubt put posts on Myspace, facebook, and the like). The contest was purely by popular vote and not on the merits of the video; SUCKS. Anyway, second place gets ME new ski boots of my choice, and BETH two tickets to Granite Peak too hone her skills. Not bad, thanks again.
Jeff Harenda <>
Brookfield, WI USA - Tue Jul 8 19:37:04 2008
Hey, Hey Decksters, Beth and I got second place in the Laacke and Joys snow sports video contest! Thanks to all of you who voted for us on their web site. First place was absconded by some posers, (high schoolers who no doubt put posts on Myspace and Facebook and the like). Contest was purely by popular vote not on the merits of the video; sucks. Anyway, second place gets ME some new ski boots, and BETH two tickets to Granite Peak to hone her skills, not too bad.
Jeff Harenda <>
Brookfield, WI USA - Tue Jul 8 19:24:31 2008
Well, it seemed like a good idea... Don't mind a little rain and a breeze, but today is just not Harbor Bar party weather. Let's shoot for another time. T
Tone <>
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Jun 29 12:14:38 2008
If the weather cooperates, I may ride over to help plan the campout/golf outing that I've been waiting for. Who knows? Shiftwork has been a bitch this summer and I am on nights so its a maybe kinda thing.Keep me in the loop. Thanks!
Kellner, WI USA - Sat Jun 28 06:50:06 2008
CALLING ALL DECKSTERS ! Here is the PLAN for this Sunday, June 29 ! Clearwater Harbor Bar in Waupaca is a very cool lakefront party bar. Bazooka Joe is playing on the floating stage 3-7pm. I will be there. Tomcat claims he will be there. Everyone is invited. I will check my email Saturday if you want to know more. Otherwise, just show up. Woody Allen said: "90% of life is just showing up !"

You can check the URL link below (click "Tony") to learn more about the bar. We could all get drunk and plan the upcoming camping experience. What do you say ?
Tony <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Jun 26 22:44:07 2008

Thanks for the BD wishes! Good party, new porch pulled through better than it's owner. Toured a couple nursing homes, sampled the pureed carrots, tried on some Depends and looked for widowed hotties. After that, I think I'll just ski until I die instead. Is a Deckster outing still in the offing? Down here in south Deckstervania we're all interested in attending if logistics work out. Hang on Eli, ski season is just around the corner!
Sun City, WI USA - Thu Jun 19 11:19:22 2008
No unearthly sightings of me at the course, still in retirement, may come out of retirement for a deckster outing. Well Todd I hope your clubs get more use than your skis. And even on the course I only think snow, white ball, white glove, white shoes. I need SNOW and new skis.
eli (aka jack daniels daily) <>
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jun 18 12:23:58 2008
Can it be true!! I heard there was an Eli sighting at Trapp River!!! Is he out of retirement? Lots of summer to go buddy!!
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Jun 16 13:53:15 2008
hey deckster nation, I'm already sick of summer wish it would snow. Happy Birthday Lars. Hey, Tony the slideshow from your trip, AWESOME, your the man!!! THINK SNOW
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Jun 14 03:08:10 2008
Sounds great! I'll be attending without all my wives and children, (state of Texas be damned). Available ladies take note, I'm always looking for fresh gene pool contributers, biblical knowledge a plus! Let's do this thing before world's end, (2012 for all you clueless nonbelievers). Camping and drinking with a fire on top of Granite peak after some golf in the summertime. Whoa, other than the rapture, this will be the highest moment in my sorry life. Does the good Dr./Rev. Kenny hit the white orb of truth or will we have to rely on his orational expertise around a sacrificial campfire for proper guidance in the ways to survive the summer without the healing, frozen snow? Can't wait to see you all! Spread the word across the Deckster nation! It's gonna be awesome!
Nirvana, WI USA - Sun Jun 1 01:01:55 2008
Here's the scoop on camping on top at Rib Mt. State park. First of all I think The Staff has been alerted to a possible summer renedezvous of "The Gang" as there are pictures of the kingpins from this website posted at the admittance building. So I had my large SUV and took the cover of a FLDS bishop with 4 wifes and 17 children from the YFZ ranch looking for campsites for my family reunion after the State of Texas releases the kids. Well it worked and the state park HAS camping on a first come basis.Sites are $12 ,The guy was very helpful,I think he was a volunteer,and said other then the 4th of July a site should NOT be a problem but someone could call on the thursday before to check on site availability,7158422522.If it's starting to fill up someone from the area could pay and set up a couple chairs for occupancy.On this friday A.M. there were only 4 sites taken. There are 30 sites of which 1 is reserved for handicapped.The group site was lost to the anchor guys of the new HDTV tower so that's not a option. Other options would be the new homeless shelter under I39 51/29 highway just north of the park entrance with bathrooms at the Travel Center and pool,hot tub and continenatal breakfast at Days Inn or camping in Marathon Park with a dining experience at the nearby Salvation Army shelter.
rib mt., USA - Fri May 30 09:31:10 2008
Atta boy waldo, The group site would be great!If we need to be a religious or civic group, we can send the Rev. Kenny Schidel to straighten their asses out.I just assummed the nimrod that told me it was closed knew what he was talking about. Never trust a nimrod!!
lost in space, WI USA - Fri May 30 09:09:28 2008
Unless things have changed since last week there still is camping on top of rib mt. but they no longer take reservations.30 sites first come first served.I'll go up to the top tomorrow and see if anything is different this week.I live just down the road.I think there is even a group site away from civilians I'll check it out.So don't get too excited lars
Wausau, WI USA - Thu May 29 15:38:23 2008
WTF! What in the hell did I get into when I got suckered into buying my pricey state park worthless window sticker? A few years ago Ranger Bill was trying to evict us from the upper deck because it was a "camping only" site. Now I can't sleep there??? Boy, I love my return on paying my inflated state taxes. Do we now have a Bush as a governor, or have the Deckster's been put on a security watch in the aftermath of the infamous St. Tom's day snow snake massacre? Do you think that they'd rent me the A-frame for the weekend? Could I just park the trusty mini-van in the Granite parking lot ala Tommy and Johnny style and sleep without fearing a knock on the door from the local SWAT team? Man, I'm confused and pissed off, (like always).What's a brother to do? God knows I'd hate to do anything bordering on the quasi-legal. Hell, the powers that be might rescind my drivng privledges or fine me heavily, oops, that's in the past. Never mind. Hey, help us southern Deckster faction out with some alternatives. Maybe Switek will be in Montana and we can hot tub and camp out in his backyard. State Park Speedway might be a sleeping option. Think my sticker will work there? How are the homeless shelters in Wausau? And there's always that big church parking lot down the road. God loves us all, no? As I remember, the bible quotes Jesus as saying that his father's mansion has many rooms. How much a night is what I want to know. And is a hot tub included? WTF, indeed. Keep me posted and pray for my soul, if you go that way.
Disappoitment Acres, WI USA - Wed May 28 22:49:26 2008
Just got word that the Rib mt. state park no longer has camping.WTF. Funding must have gone to the special forces of marathon county to help pursue the axis of evil at granny peak. We need a plan B. Happy Bday Lars, Bonus points for arriving in a stolen state patrol car??
Wausau, WI USA - Wed May 28 13:51:05 2008
FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH,THE AWAKENING. Yup, Decksters, that will be Lars' 55th birthday. Imagine the horror when he figures out that he ain't a spring chicken anymore and that he can't retire for at least 7 more years of corporate servitude. Oh,the humanity! Please let his retirement/ lottery plan end his misery and open up the skiing/golfing nirvana of which he speaks of constantly. Frankly, everbody is getting tired of hearing about it and a change of topic would be welcomed by all. Decksters are welcome to attend a BD after supper beer/campfire/sniper camp at his humble abode on the night in question. If you can't make it down to Kellner, we'll see you at the outing/party in, July? Illegal fireworks, handguns, pitbulls, homeless wayward teenage girls and moonshine are all welcome at this venue. Steal a vehicle to attend and win a doorprize. Summer rocks, Lars rolls. Later....
SunCity, WI USA - Mon May 26 20:57:16 2008
Works for me, just let me know ahead of time. It'll be good to gather the gang at Granite.Try to pick a weekend when the weather will be real good and we don't get rain or snow. Party on, Abby!
Wausau, WI USA - Thu May 22 11:42:53 2008
Yo Deckster nation! can we do the any of the last 2 weekends in July or the first weekend in August???? Just throwing it out there.
abby <markabhi@aol>
Wausau, WI USA - Wed May 21 10:03:19 2008
Looks like Abby's busy social calendar is the limiting factor for a Deckster social outing. Early July is out for me. Otherwise I'm good. Just don't make me chase after a little white ball. We should reserve a couple of sites on the Peak, probably in mid-July, to give the authorities plenty of time to prepare for our arrival !
And for those of you who can remember the Glory Days... like last month, when we could still ski, here is my little tribute to British Columbia, da Yoopers, and Deep Der ! Powdercreek
Wausau, WI USA - Wed May 14 22:32:51 2008
News flash! Nastar has announced that the nationals will be returning to steamboat again March 26-29-09.Some of you had expressed interest in making this a Deckster pilgrimage.Matti and I can testify that this is a great venue and will be the cheapest trip money can buy.Last years tickets were $39.00 (tax included and no resort gouging fee)per day and buy 5 and get the 6th day free.1 qualifier can buy up to 10 passes per day.Housing was dirt cheap depending if you prefer the Ritz or the flea bag inn.We had an excellent room for about $70.00 per night and they threw in a hot Russian chick that Matti proposed to several times to no avail.Food for thought,never to early to plan these things. Note to Lars..I'm still trying to find an open weekend yet,mid July is looking good.IT WILL HAPPEN. Just a matter of coordinating dates.xxxooo abby
wazoo, WI USA - Wed May 14 10:36:47 2008
Okay, I voted on the video and now I'm calling on all you loyal and powerful members of the Deckster nation to please finalize a date for the golf/camping/drinkfest at Rib Mtn. I beg of you all, ratify a date so that plans can be made and campsites/tee times can be secured. I know with our gangs recent history we maybe want to stay under the radar, but, when's that gonna happen?!"? Lets make it happen, eh? I know that the Southern Decksters has expressed an interest especially if a camp out is in the offing. What say you? Time passes quickly, wounds heal slower, love is fleeting, but, bitter, unrequited feelings last forever. Just ask my wife or former friends/bandmates.Let's give a big Deckster effort to get this party started, I'll even bring my ABBA cd's and some Boone's Farm Uniroyal Purple to set the mood.
lars <>
Morelshroom Heaven, WI USA - Tue May 13 22:38:34 2008
Hey Decksters, Thanks for the votes in the Laacke and Joys video contest!! Please, Please, keep them coming. For those whom I had not explained over the ski season, video had to be about non-motorized winter sports, less than 3 min. Music is my Nephew's band (also Wausau native). Check it out at go to "winter sports" click on "veiw and vote winter videos" and vote for "A Winter to Remember". Thanks for your support!! Beth and I will be back home (Wazoo) weekend of 7/12&13 for wedding, can't golf, but available for party!
jeff harenda <>
brookfield, WI USA - Thu May 8 20:57:12 2008
Hey everybody, Please take time to do a heat & sunshine dance. Rickster, good to hear your mending. The golf game is brutal out there. Vic & I have been out 4 times and I feel I could play just as well in a body cast. Lets keep the Golf Party candle lit. Do we need to look into camping reservations? Keep your head down everybody!
Angler Dave(Sarge) <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu May 8 08:30:24 2008
Hey Decksters: Toni, you are right, pain is temporary, but IT STILL SUCKS! Must have given the people on the lift one hell of a show,"I never do anything half ass". Still mending, it's slow but we are getting better. Thanks again for everyone's concern. Looking forward to that Summer Party so I can see all My Winter-time friends. Have a Great Summer gang!
Rickster <>
Wiskey Rapids, WI USA - Wed May 7 15:38:47 2008
Hey decksters, don't waste your time voting for a bunch of crooked scumbag loser politicians,cast your vote foe Jeff and Beths video and make a difference in our little world.Vote the beer party ticket and support the deckster nation.When Jeff said he was making a video of Beth riding the tube, we were expecting something a bit different, remember this is a family show!
wazoo, WI USA - Mon May 5 09:09:01 2008
The video kicks ass! Dr. Kenny in his speedy rocking chair! Get out the vote. Deckster nation rules!
lars <>
No Reply, WI USA - Sun May 4 08:19:07 2008
Hey Decksters, scroll down and re-read Jeffs plea for voting! I just did and it only took a few minutes. As a board member myself I enlist your full assistance in this matter for it truely only enlightens the true Deckster cause!!!!!
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Sat May 3 14:36:34 2008
How about a July 13th outing? Would that work or is another date better? August is good also, especially if I'm spending the night in my van or tenting on top of Rib. Won't need the heater then and if I don't make the van at bedtime, exposure shouldn't be a factor. Its worked many times before, like in the olden daze at the Mole Lake Bluegrass Fest, at least what I remember. Que sera!
lars <>
Shangrila, WI USA - Tue Apr 29 19:27:16 2008
Golf outing? Chill facter 22!Better go buy the orange golfballs.Waterhazards won't be a problem should bounce real good off them.Just saw them hauling the arecos back out. Joe says the hill should be reopened by Mother's Day.
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Apr 28 13:10:11 2008
Calling all Decksters, I need your vote in the Laacke and Joys video contest. Go to, click on winter sports to view and vote for the video "A Winter To Remember" that would be the one featuring Kenny sledding in the rocker at the cookout, and the Deckster banner. Please vote today! Vote often! Abby, help me out on this, spread the word to vote for the Harenda's flick. If I win this, there will be a party!
Jeff Harenda <>
Brookfield, WI USA - Sun Apr 27 22:42:39 2008
Hey Decksters, the only bad dates for Dane, Kim and I are june 21st through the 28th. We will be in Minocqua that week for a annual vacation! Hope other dates can be found. We should talk to Eck to see when or if he goes back to Florida? Later!
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Apr 27 13:08:45 2008
Greetings fellow decksters!I'm booked for every weekend in may. It would be great if we could have the board meeting closer to late june if possible. throw some dates and feedback as to when this might work for all involved. Fun in the sun!!!We WILL pull this off regardless of what the nazis say or want. Fuckem if they cant take a joke! xxxoooo ABBY
ABBY <markabhi@aol>
land of oz, WI USA - Fri Apr 25 16:43:09 2008
Yo Decksters ! Glad to see you are making good use of the DBB. I survived a week in the Canadian Rockies with a bunch of Yooper pinheads and skinheads and now I'm back and ready for more action ! Well, maybe after a couple of weeks to recover...

Sorry to hear about Ricky's mishap. At least he's in good company. Always remember, "pain is temporary, glory is forever".

Lars, you can count me in on any spring/summer Deckster outing. I don't golf, so I won't be chasing after any little white balls, but that won't stop me from tossing down a few beverages with you before, during and/or after. I especially like the Topside camp idea and the boating idea. Just beware of the deaf and dumb Camp Nazi (Tom knows who I am talking about !). Stay tuned to this channel. T
Tonester <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 24 22:03:27 2008

"Hello, hellow, hellow,is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me.Its just apassing phase, one of my bad days." I'd really like some feedback on the Deckster golf/drinking/camp out on the "upper deck", gathering. Advise, please.
lars <>
WhizRatPiss, WI USA - Thu Apr 24 00:00:20 2008
Hey, Decksters! I graduate this next Tues. pm from Group Dynamicks, (aka drunk driving school)party at the Pour House to follow. Anyone needing answers to test questions or behind the wheel coaching, just get a hold of me. My behind the wheel test went super good until I attempted to do jumps and donuts at about .35 BAC. Don't know how I ended up on You-tube, but, lawsuits are pending and my lawyer assures me that they are the least of my legal problems. My golf has been good so far, no round over 50, and I just got the skis off of my golf cart. We here at Tri-city Country Club consider the lingering snow drifts as frozen water hazards. Tiger who? On a related note, how's everyone doing on the proposed Deckster summer Open? I, for one, can't wait to finally golf Rib Mtn's answer to Pebble beach. Please to give this tired old hippie some feedback, yes? Hope all is well and legal help is bolstering my fellow Deckster's morale and giving them succor in their time of need. What doesn't kill us will only make us sicker, I guess. Lars
Whiskey Rapids, WI USA - Fri Apr 18 23:30:16 2008
AHHH, The first golf round of the year Abby, Matti, Billy.We came, we saw, we conquered! Right...we came, we staggered, we swore..alot. A test run for the future Deckster outting.
Abenlager <markabhi@aol>
Rib Rock, WI USA - Fri Apr 18 08:41:22 2008
I for one, like the golf combined with a cookout-drinking- bullshit session on the top of Rib. That way non-golfing Decksters can join in the festivities and share the Deckster love. Is June too soon or late for you? How else can we get the word out and get opinions, options, and ideas on this historic summer bash? Is the shelter house on top available for the gathering? It was a great place for some of the St. Tom's Day parties, eh? What ever transpires,let's just follow the 7 P rule: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance and let it be. Any response would be great: Can I get a "Hell! Yeah!"?
Lars <>
Augusta, Ga USA - Wed Apr 16 07:18:21 2008
Hey Decksters, lets hear what you think! We can get this party together if you want it. lets hear from all !!!!
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Apr 15 20:28:50 2008
Hello brother & sister decksters, Dane is signed in and ready to go. Hope to see all of you this summer Dane
Dane Burkhardt <>
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Apr 13 15:00:51 2008
BEWARE!Decksters photographed and I.D.ed at the Winter 2007/2008 St. Tom's party may be having their daily routines,movements and habits tracked by the magnetic barcode on their seasons pass. Our agency has intercepted a memo that claims the Marathon County Sheriff patrol,Wisconsin State Patrol and DNR,The Peak Ski Patrol and Barney Fife of the Mayberry,N.C.police have acquired satelite equipment from the Dept. of Homeland Security to track possible future threats. Our agency's Anti-Serveillance expert has suggested that people inthe 2007/2008"deck party" photos wrap their season passes in aluminum foil, when not in use ,to avoid detection. Confidential Gov't Agency Ski Brule was great 2 days ago short runs but lots of snow. Was worth the 127 mile trip this time of year.
unknown gov't agency
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Apr 13 09:57:27 2008
Drive carefull, Abby! You know the road will be long and trecherous, take heed! We got things to plan and runs to make. April skiing will rock, they should still have the Peak open, but rock it at Bohemia! Via con Dios compadre
Lars <>
Grand Ratpiss, WI USA - Sat Apr 12 07:34:47 2008
News flash!! Mt Bohemia is getting nailed with up to 2 feet this weekend Ripped the black arm band off and pulling the skis back out.Once more into the breach dear friends.Anybody sick enough to join us, we will be at the Lac Labelle lodge up to our ass in snow!Last chance for fame and glory!
Land of OZ, WI USA - Fri Apr 11 10:37:43 2008
Abby, I'm liking the campsite thing, guess I'm used to the "upper deck" and then would not have to navigate home without trouble. Speaking of which, was there ticket(s) issued at St. Tom's party after my departure? Is Bill a "person of interest"? Will the Decksters be allowed to keep our St. Toms celebration on the sacred deck or be forced to move to a less conspicuous location? My head is reeling, please advise.
Jellystone, WI USA - Fri Apr 11 07:15:20 2008
Hill climber, Doing wheelie's, jumping through the flaming circle of death, jumped over 5 groomers and 10 school buses full of blind orphans, chased down a wheelchair bound old lady ,dragged a nun behind the bumper across the parking lot.and willfully ran over a family of rare endangered snow snakes.Oh wait! that was the police cars racing to the scene of the terrible crime.
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Apr 10 08:41:23 2008
Sorry hillclimber, I thought it best I stay away from the get together in case I wanted to work there again! unfotunatly I made the right choice. Hope things go well and I do think the whole thing smells like crap!!!
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 9 18:36:17 2008
Anyone willing to testify what they saw on granite peak at Toms party? Endangering Life? Doing dounuts? Killing snow snakes?
Bill Hillclimber Decker <>
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 9 17:37:45 2008
Another brillant idea from the mind of deckster. Book a couple of camp sites on top of the hill, Just shoveling required and minimal driving
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 9 13:57:38 2008
This sounds Great! Please let me know what date you want to plan this. I need to ajust for Sat. work days. Also I could boogie down to Bluegill Bay to hold a shelter. Bring on the sunshine!
angler Dave
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 9 12:10:00 2008
Any vehicles without a trailer will have to stay off the greens and landings! Abby, we would need to talk to Franky and Andy to see availability first but also remember the water patrol and park angers are tight at blue gill. I like the idea! It all fits perfect!! Todd
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 9 11:37:19 2008
Yo Lars, I like the way you think! Golf outting at Rib would be a blast and possibly dangerous. Perfect fit for the decksters!OK decksters..throw some dates out here and see if we can coordinate this. Here's something to consider..Bluegill bay park is a couple of miles down the road, great place to have a after golf gathering and bring the boats for some yachting. We have more than a few sea worthy vessels in the deckster fleet! Time for fun in the sun 08. Lets hear it!
abby <markabhi@aol>
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Apr 9 09:04:37 2008
Abby! Get a hold of me! I think a summer Deckster golf outing at Rib would be a blast! 'Specially if someone had an in with Carmie and could help me organize on the Wausau end of things. Deckster golf gang, what a concept.
Lars <>
town of Saratoga, WI USA - Wed Apr 9 06:38:57 2008
Lets try this again, We need to plan a summer bash for the entire deckster nation. Put forth some ideas and times and let the feedback fly.Give us your brillant ideas as to where and when.Maybe we could rent the deck?Call the ski patrol!
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Apr 8 16:52:33 2008
Hey Decksters..
the big Wazoo, WI USA - Tue Apr 8 16:45:58 2008
The odds of any of us EVER being invited to the "year end "party are about the same as the KKK being invited to a NAACP meeting. Wearing my black arm band as I put my skis away!F@#k it! See ya on the links real soon!XXXOOO ABBY
ABBY <markabhi@aol>
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Apr 7 16:49:21 2008
Yes! Golf is open here in Rapids! Any Deckster in good standing wishing to sample one of fine courses here can contact me for details and/or company. While I have seen the Rickster play regular golf, I should tell you he is more engaged with,and dare I say, more skilled at what he calls "Redneck Golf", aka sporting clays. The man is a machine when paired with one of his trusty shotguns. Believe me, its fun to watch him blast away at those clay targets. Anyhoo, I'm close to the Ridges, Tri-city and, for you more well heeled of the Deckster gang,I can point the way to Arrowhead. However, Homestead should've been left as a pasture for cows, pretty much still looks like one. My cell: 310-880-7148 Hope to see you on the links! Have a great summer!
Lars <>
Area 51, ? USA - Sun Apr 6 12:23:34 2008
I hate to say it Deckters. I don't think we will ever be invited to the employee party. You don't invite the Hells Angels to the D.A.R.E. convention. Lets just grab our clubs and go golf!
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Apr 6 09:56:11 2008
Hey Rick, glad to hear your thinking about golf!! Can't keep a brother down!! Question for all Decksters? Why were we not invited to the end of the season party?
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Apr 5 16:09:46 2008
Oooooooh! That Hurt! They let Me out of the hospital yesterday. Abbi, thanks for encouraging Me to take a deep breath, that was air coming outcoming out of MY collasped lung. This was not how I had planned to finish My last day of the year----more like the Bears Den,the Deck,some B.S. and BEER! So much for that plan. Abbi give a call on My cell-715-213-9881 if you get a chance. Hey Gang Thanks for all the concern, It's greatly appreciated. So to all of My Winter-Time Friends, " Have a Great Summer" The Rickster "Time for another Pain Killer"
Rickster <>
Wiskey Rapids, WI USA - Wed Apr 2 16:05:00 2008
Alas, how the mighty have fallen. I visited with the damaged Rickster Tues. A broken collarbone, some broken/cracked ribs will have him recovering aprox. 5-8 weeks. Seeing as both of our crashes occurred near tower 8, I'm giving it a wide berth in the future and encouraging caution on the part of all our fellow DECKSTERS in regards to this vortex of mysterious ski accidents until the problem can be identified and exorcized properly. Sheer speed isn't the problem, the sudden stops are what'll get you everytime. We all may ski like we're in our youth, but getting hurt brings us back to the geriatric nature of our bones and connective tissues. He assurred me that the Rickster will be back in fine form by next season. I believe a strenuous regimine of bicycling and golf combined with some relaxing alcholic elicksers will do the trick. We shall all hope and wait for the results. Rickster did tell me how impressed he was with all of your concern and support in this trying time. Special kudos for the Peak ski patrol for a speedy rescue and to St. Tom for a bedside prayer vigil during his stay at Aspirus. Stay in touch for further updates.
Kellner, WI USA - Wed Apr 2 12:43:19 2008
Any report on the Rickster? Looks like his golf season may be delayed.
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Mar 31 08:19:23 2008
deckster nation lives!!!!bummer way to end the season rickster, thoughts and prayers to you here's to a speedy recovery!
eli <>
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Mar 29 20:37:56 2008
deckster nation lives!!!!bummer way to end the season rickster, thoughts and prayers to you here's to a speedy recovery!
eli <>
Wausau, WI USA - Sat Mar 29 20:37:15 2008
Last chance for redemption, yes you can still be saved!Yes sinner you have one more chance to save your soul by attending the sermon on the slope featuring DR Kenny and the dick smoking alter boys.DR Kenny has been touring the world delivering the word of the deckster profits to the heathen masses.CAN I GET AN AMEN! He will whip the crowd in to a frenzy with his powerful slurring and screaming and dynamic message of the healing power of drunkenness!Bring your offerings of food and beverages to placate his devine anger or suffer the death of a thousand snow snakes.You don't want to miss your chance to see the DR walk across the frozen waters and through the camp fire of death without spilling his communal wine. We must bring the deckster word to the masses before we are forever silenced by the devils SWAT team! This is the last chance to catch the reverend as he will be off to parts unknown spreading the deckster word! deacon ABBY
wazoo, WI USA - Fri Mar 28 16:01:17 2008
Guilty ! Guilty ! Yes, we are all guilty, my Brothers. For all have sinned in the eyes of TOM. And don't even mention Vicky or the Ski Patrol...
Brother Tone
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Mar 28 00:42:09 2008
As a member of the original Disiplinary Commitee I second Abby and the ruling. Because of this I am compelled to also throw myself to the mercy of the commitee! Official Deckster Rulebook item 13 states that anyone calling the Decksters anything but a Gang is subject to disiplinary actions. I come forward at this time to say I am guilty of this offense. Dated Wed. march 5 I unfortunatly mentioned the word clan!! Lars, brother Deckster, we together at the next convention will be ruled upon. I accept full responsibilty for my actions in this matter!! Please remember I came forward without any direction from others! Your brother, Todd
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Mar 27 13:21:21 2008
Mea culpa. I plead the fifth on grounds of dyslecksia. I throw myself on the mercy of the disiplinary commitee.
Parts Unknown, WI USA - Wed Mar 26 22:57:47 2008
Dexter? Isn't that something you wear? I'm really lookin' good in my "Dexters"!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Mar 26 16:26:40 2008
Deckster rule book page 69 item 5 states " anybody miss spelling deckster " shall be flogged with a wet spagetti noodle 10 times while forced to drink a bottle of Boones farm apple daze, blindfolded and dragged behind the groomer for the entire length of the deck" also see addendum 69a that states " with proper priming of the rules comittee all things can be resolved at the next convention"
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Mar 26 13:55:30 2008
You are correct, Lars. According to the Official Deckster Rulebook anybody who is caught spelling it "Dexter" has to buy a round. So feel free !!! Hey, did Stretch pay up yet ? Of course, the Rulebook also says "We're not bailing you out of jail." I hear Tom might be calling a Deckster Constitutional Convention to amend that one.
tone <>
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Mar 25 08:30:24 2008
Ooooh, fuck! Now I can't even spell "DECKSTER". One for all on my tab, I guess.
lars <>
Foot in mouth, WI USA - Tue Mar 25 01:44:32 2008
Sorry to hear about the SWAT team busting the St. Thomas apres party fun. Thank's to all my fellow Dexter members for enjoying the best Cent. Wi. snow cover in 35 yrs. with yours truly. Call me anytime you need a ride and/or bail money, (within reason, Tom and Dr. Kenny and the rest of you )or you need to rent a 24 hr service drinking buddy at very reasonable and negotiable rates. "Its been an epic year!" as Homer said in the Illiad, Many dragons and flagons were vanquished all in the eternal quest for the next party or ski season or thrill of the minute we all couldn't wait for but now , sadly, has come to a temporary pause. It was a magnificent season, boys and girls. Thanks especially to Sue and Sarah for putting up with our constant unending pleas for more drinks and shenanigans, and all the rest of you Dexters for encouragement and support in abetting them. See you all next season, may it be as fun as this one has been. Later....
lars <>
Whiskey Rapids, WI USA - Tue Mar 25 01:31:04 2008
Apparently, the harmless and utterly non-threatening appearance of a slow-moving car in the access road next to the chalet produced a call to the police which led to the high-speed arrival of the sheriff and created a serious incident out of nothing. Law-abiding citizens beware ! But if you want to commit a real crime, I certainly wouldn't worry about being caught.
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Mar 24 22:40:12 2008
What was all the excitement at the party?
Wausau, WI USA - Sun Mar 23 17:13:24 2008
Were back! Big let down on the race! Someone put a dose of anthrax in my drink! Tough to breath and hurl and ski at the same time. Matti was a true trooper and good friend to have along. Did a lot of solo skiig as I coughed my lungs out at the hotel. Lifes a bitch but what are you gonna do? Good to be back to sea level where the air is loaded with oxygen.
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Mar 18 11:51:38 2008
Hey Decksters: Nice PARTY, sorry Lars, Bison(Mark), and I had to leave early, it' a long drive. I'm still drinking and it's 9:11 pm., switched from Point to Bouborn and Sour----Much safer at home. See everyone next weekend. Remember, You can take this -----POWDER and stick it up YOUR ASS! Rickster
Wiskey Rapids, WI USA - Sun Mar 16 21:21:50 2008
I'm gonna play hooky tomorrow (Friday). I'm due. Who's there (besides Tom) ? Looking forward to a great Deckster party weekend. Turkey and plenty of turkeys. Speaking of which, how about that Family Weekend ? Whoaaa...
tonester <>
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Mar 13 22:04:44 2008
Sunday! low 30's Not bad. Hope to see you all there soldiers! Look for the Turkey on the deck.
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Mar 12 09:26:00 2008
Go, Abby, go! Bring home the gold! Skiied the AM with Mark yesterday, lots of sun, no clouds nor crowds. Hope to have a good showing for Tom's Turkey/Abby's victory party next Sun. Currently scheduled to work, should be able to find a way to break the chains and escape to the deck. Party on, Garth!
Kellner, WI USA - Sun Mar 9 08:01:26 2008
Looks like partly sunny and 18 deg. on sat. Could be another Deckster day!! Lets hear who's gonna make it!!
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Mar 7 15:01:44 2008
Yo Todd The new boots really look good on you. remember..looking good is better than being good! Seeing is believing but, feeling is proof!!
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Mar 7 13:43:57 2008
As a clan we all need to give Abby and Matti our total backing!! Deckkster hoorayy for fellow mates!!!
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Mar 5 20:36:11 2008
Do you belive in the power of prayer?? Ok how about sending out good vibes. I need all the GOOD karma I can get going into the Nationals. Throw a extra buck or two in to the collection plate this Sunday (I know you will be attending services this week)Think positive. Picture in your mind all my opponnets falling. We need to bring the deckster name into the worldwide fame and focus. Remember Eddie the eagle?? Could not ski fly for shit, but the crowd loved him!We'll be the guys sitting on the steamboat deck spilling beer on the tourists, proudly carrying on the tradition. Wait till they get a load of US. The poor bastards will never be the same. xxxoooo Matti and Abby world tour 08
ABBY <markabhi@aol>
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Mar 3 15:41:38 2008
Now I know my boots are broke in! Next time I might even hit the slopes! March is here and it's time to shine!!!!!!!!!
Todd <>
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Mar 3 11:29:33 2008
260 on the deckster quiz, I think I may need some re-educating or a bigger bottle of Jack
eli <>
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Mar 3 08:39:14 2008
ANATNOM, ANTANOM, Opps, I was looking at the backside of that Flag, Montana! See Ya all in a week or so . Our mission, to find Buzzy, somewhere in ANATNOM, later! Rickster
Rick Ashenbrener <>
Wiskey Rapids, WI USA - Fri Feb 29 15:50:00 2008
Powder over the tips this morning boys & girls. Fresh POW like this morning puts steam in a mans stride! Sunshine tomrrow kids! Bring your survival kits. Safety Tip! Always bring a small bag of pretzels or something to soak up at least a 12-pack of your favorite barley soda. One more safety tip from the Angler Dave vault. Girls, lets expose as much skin tomorrow. It's been covered up all season. It's time to let it breath. Also, Tommey & Eck said Fri. morning that Sat.they need a Grey Goose. If you can help them out they would be grateful. See you all on the asphalt. Remember! Jail bait is not good bait boys & girls. Angler Dave from the Angler Dave show
Angler Dave <>
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Feb 29 12:10:16 2008
Greetings fellow decksters, I think the picture of the lost campers is the infamous lost fuguowe tribe. Last seen in these parts in 1903.Rumor has it they ran the Chippewa's off the hill so they could add a lift without paying royalties to tribe.I'm not sure but I think let guy on the left is Wild Bill Cody!
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Feb 26 16:05:13 2008
If We thought Sat. was nice I can't wait til today. Tony, this is really a cool idea---this website---My brother-in-law says that that I'm technically challenged, maybe he's right. See youall later in the SUN. Rickster
Rickster <pamrick@tznet>
Rapids, WI USA - Sun Feb 24 06:00:44 2008
Mein Gott! It only took 35 years skiing at Wausau to be welcomed into the Deckster fold. I now feel that I have acheived one of my life's goals.Its better than getting into the Hell's Angels or being abducted by aliens, (kind of like the best of both, actually). Now , if I can break 45 on 9 holes my existance will be complete. Thanks, fellow Decksters, I'll try to live up to the traditions you've all set. I'm honored and strangely, (for me), humble. Another cocktail for all, please.
lars <>
Grand Rapids, WI USA - Wed Feb 20 23:00:19 2008
Glad to be welcome, what a great ski season, but we looked over at the campsite, going to have to do some serious shoveling to get things back in order. The Rickster
Rick Ashenbrener <>
Wisconsin Rapids, WI USA - Wed Feb 20 17:11:06 2008
Yo Lars, As far as I'm concerned you guys ARE decksters!! Look at some of the old pics on here and you will see Buzzy, Rick, and other whiskey rapids alumni.I belive you have qualified years back.Wear it proud baby..not many can claim the elite title of DECKSTER.Just remember your sworn oath, deckster till death.once your in, there's no going back to civilian life.
ABBY <markabhi@aol>
Wausau, WI USA - Fri Feb 15 11:04:48 2008
Lars, Tatoos are optional. Big stash helps ! Looks like Buzzy & Rick will miss out on the Big Snow again ! See you on the piste.
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Feb 13 20:58:15 2008
Yo Lars we'll make sure you get plenty of fun while the boys are gone. This weekend is shaping up to be a winner, look forward to seeing you on the summitt Later Abby
Wausau, WI USA - Tue Feb 12 09:58:53 2008
Great site! I need buds to ski with during Rick and Buzzy's annual western pilgrimage. Am I worthy of skiing with Decksters or do I need a makeover, big stash, liver transplant, tattoo, cash money or all or none of the above?
Lars <>
GrandRapids, WI USA - Sat Feb 9 06:37:40 2008
Just a quick reminder that party season is just around the corner. I trust all decksters are trainig faithfully and getting ready for some deck surfing, don't be a black eye on the deckster nation. practice, practice, practice, many under privalaged children look up to us and we must set a good example
Wausau, WI USA - Thu Feb 7 11:35:28 2008
Tony It's great to have this back! Good Work! Everybody keep thinking snow. We need that long spring ski season. Point Beer Rules! David Allan Dumdei
Angler dave
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Feb 6 16:08:28 2008
Congratulations, Big Bill, on your two (2) gold medals ! Do you realize what price gold is going for these days ? (as if) Go Decksters !
Wausau, WI USA - Mon Feb 4 07:50:12 2008
Geetings fellow decksters!! Come out Sunday and cheer on your favorite decksters at the Badger state games!!Is Anita defending her title??Always a cause to celebrate with a drinkie or two on the deck.rally the troops and hope to see ya'all there!
Wausau, WI USA - Wed Jan 30 15:36:37 2008
OK, Decksters. Let's try this again ! Remember to enter the Secret Word with each new post. And pay attention to the HINT !
webmaster <>
Wazoo, WI USA - Tue Jan 29 21:44:58 2008