are you ready for...
The Deckster Quiz
(so you think you're really a Deckster ?)

This test rates your Deckster knowledge and, consequently, your overall skiing/riding/drinking/partying ability.

Note: A perfect score is 300. No mere mortal has ever achieved this.
If somehow you manage to do it, please report it to Vicky so that Charles can be notified. He will then most likely refer you to the proper authorities for an appropriate reward.
And don't say I didn't warn you !

In the following quiz, select the answer that most closely matches your knowledge of the world. If you have no such knowledge, just go with your personal feelings, attitudes, or opinions. If all else fails, guess!

First test your general knowledge of Granite Peak (aka Rib Mountain):

1. Why is it called "Granite Peak" ?

after a type of igneous rock found all over the extinct Rib Mountain volcano
to avoid paying royalties to the State of Wisconsin for use of exclusive "Rib Mountain" trademark
sounds more impressive than "Baraboo Quartzite Hill" (unless you're from Baraboo)

2. "Six Pack" refers to what ?

a ski run
a chair lift
what Tom has stashed under the Smoking Deck

3. Granite Peak has how many ski runs in reality ?

Reality is all in your mind.

4. Who or what is a "Yo-Yo" ?

a chair lift
half a chair lift
a dork from Chicago

5. Why don't the Decksters "go west" more often ?

too much snow in Colorado
too many shredders on Western Frontier
because the "Downer Lift" takes too long

6. The "Cave" is located where ?

in the far East
in the far West
beneath Washington Square in downtown Wausau

7. "Bananarama" refers to what ?

an 80's girl group
an annual Tomahawk biker rally
the fastest way back to the bar from the western slopes

Test your general beverage knowledge:

8. If you buy Matti a drink, it better be:

Bud Lite
Jack & Coke
Stoli & something

9. If you buy Rick a drink, it better be:

Bud Lite
Jack & Coke
Stoli & something

10. If you buy Tone a drink, it better be:

Bud Lite
Jack & Coke

11. A "handwarmer" is:

a small self-heating pad
an alchoholic beverage
an unmentionable body part

Test your knowledge of ancient Deckster lore:

12. The Love Shack is a little ol' place where... we can

get together
party all night long
crash after bartime (but only if you can sleep through absolutely anything)
all of the above

13. "Skiing Crazy", the semi-official Deckster theme song, is set to the tune of:

Feelin' Groovy
Dancing Queen
Free Bird

14. Whatever happened to the "Deckster Flag" ?

Vicky took it down
Tom bought new skis
It was touched by a F.I.S.H. and had to be burned in a special ceremony

15. Chicago Tommy and Johnny first showed up in:

a Dodge minivan
the KGB bus
a used Winnebago with bullet holes

16. When Eck and "da boys from Chicago" first went Out West they took:

a used Winnebago full of bullet holes
a well-stocked KGB bus
a train full of strippers

17. The infamous "Clock Story" involves:

Tom and a "Ferrari" at Murtaughs in Minocqua
Bill and a car at the bottom of Dusky
JD and Hazel in her living room in Wakefield, Michigan

18. The (even more) infamous "SOLD" story involves:

the sale of the Rib Mtn ski franchise to Charles Skinner
the sale of the last bottle of Jack at Indianhead to Kenny
the sale of a used Winnebago (with bullet holes) to some Chicago gangsters

Now test your knowledge of various Decksters:

19. How many medals has Anita won so far in the Badger State games ?

we lost count a long time ago

20. What did Gus always win at the annual Indianhead Bikini Race ?

first place for fastest time
first place for crowd appeal

21. Who or what is "McFly" ?

shredder talk for a double-edge aerial board-grab maneuver
McDonald's latest ad campaign targeted at African-Americans
a long-haired wildlife artist with a house in Ironwood

22. Who is the "model skier" ?


23. Who is the model Deckster ?


24. Who has the most to say about it all ?


Final Question:

25. Why are they called "Decksters" ?

after a legendary ski-racing team
bar doesn't allow smoking anymore
best vantage point for Tom to properly supervise all ski hill operations
all of the above

That's it! Just submit your responses and we'll see how you did . . .

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