What are Decksters, anyway ?

There isn't a simple answer to this important question, but cultural anthropologists and bartenders the world over have uncovered certain facts and recurrent patterns of behavior that may shed some light.

First, what the Decksters are not...

The Decksters are not a team.

They were a team, once upon a time, but those were back in the days when men were men and skis were made of wood and all Decksters skiied too fast and walked with a swagger ( now they just swagger ).

The Decksters are not a club.

They would never join a club that would accept them as members.

The Decksters are not a cult.

But they do share many symptoms of typical cult victims.

So what are they ?

The Decksters are probably a gang.

At least that is the current rumor going around. So, if you spot any Decksters in your neighborhood you should take the following precautions:

Enjoy your newly painted toenails !

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