Diving in Grand Cayman

December 4-11, 2003

For the last five years in a row I've taken a trip to Grand Cayman with my brother Pete, his wife Jill, and assorted friends in the second week of December - just before the mad Christmas rush.

This year brought some unusual weather - for us at least. A Nor'wester arrived just as we did, bringing some strong northwesterly winds and more clouds than usual. But it sure beats riding out a hurricane ! (There actually was one off to the east that we had our eye on)

This changed my diving plans somewhat. The north and west sides of the island, the usual diving spots, were too choppy for diveboats. But this left the leeward sides of Grand Cayman, which still offer some spectacular diving.
So South and East it was !

To a Wisconsin native like me, Christmas without snow is like a fish without water. But in Grand Cayman they really know how to decorate a Christmas Tree - even if it has coconuts growing on it !

And the diving ?
Great, as usual. The south and the east proved to be as just good as the north and west. These sites there are less frequently dived largely because they are harder to get to. But the famous Cayman Wall surrounds the entire island - a dropoff of 6000 feet that, in the south, leads to a much deeper trench that could swallow up Mt Everest ! Remember the movie The Abyss ? Well, that was the Cayman Trench ! (Sorry, no UFO sightings this trip)

"You can't beat fun."
- Silas "Chum" Spengler

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