Diving in Grand Cayman

December 1-8, 2015

Video dive clips

It's December and time for the old bait and switch again. Bought an American Airlines ticket to Grand Cayman with a 2:45pm departure and they made a slight later adjustment.
You leave at 6:30am instead, arriving a bit later. Same day ? Who knows ? But we're not charging you extra ! Someday...

But once you're here, you're here. Put it all out of your mind...

After a lazy day on the beach, it's time to get to work! The west side of Grand Cayman gets the most diving traffic (more hotels), and the boats are bigger,too.
But Red Sail Sports does a good job of getting everybody into and under the water so you can get plenty of "bottom time", cracking the whip, if necessary.
"OK. I'm giving you three seconds to submerge before I come after you! One... two... three..."

The famous Cayman Wall... with a coral pinnacle looming ahead.

The view from 100 feet (down).

A swimthru...

Back on dry land, on my way along the beach to Calico Jack's, I stop for a mandatory selfie at the infamous "porno-bed". Didn't see Hugh or Jenna or any big names outside, but I'm sure they're lurking in there somewhere.

Same selfie. Different background.

A "friendly" shark (but please don't feed them!)

A tropical storm... and lots of lightning!

This is the most requested divesite on the island. Babylon!
I was lucky to be there with a small group of only 4 divers. And all because of a broken buoy...

A "friendly" moray eel

Staghorn coral

Top o' the Wall


Wisconsin beach party!
Go Badgers! Fuck 'em Bucky!

"You can't beat fun."
- Silas "Chum" Spengler

Here are a few underwater videos:

Video dive clips

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Cruise ships in Georgetown Harbor

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