It's the Jackpine Jamboree !
September, 2014
Thursday-Sunday, Labor Day Weekend

Glowpeople Videos !
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Rockin' with Rubin !
Hippie chicks really dig the 5th Beatle !

Tents and campers and mud everywhere.
But where do I find my (non-virtual-reality) friends ?

Somewhere deep in the woods...
Thanks for riding shotgun, Molly !

Beyond the minivans and lace curtains...

Plenty of parking, just like downtown Seattle

Home free
Free home !

First, find a good dry place to pitch a tent before...

wandering off

Tie dyes and candles...
fashion statements galore !

Another fire in the sky

and where it drops, nobody knows...

Strummin' on the ol' banjos

Inside, its really bigger than the Taj Mahal
(thanks to those extra-dimensional timelord extensions)

Speaking of timelords...
Look ! Is it a space ghost ? An escapee from Tron ?
No. It's one of the glow people !

They're taped up and ready for action !

And they're coming to your neighborhood !

These jeans tell many a tale

Drying out

Adios amigos !

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