The Mt Baker Worship Page

Mt Baker Wilderness, Washington, USA

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Mt Baker seen from Ptarmigan Ridge near Camp Kiser.
That's my climbing buddy, Scott. He doesn't know where the mountain is.

A distant view of Mt Baker from Ptarmigan Ridge near Heather Meadows.

Mt Shuksan in the west, seen from Table Mountain near Heather Meadows.

The Mystery of the Pyramids.
Yes, there's more than one.

Fire on the Mountain.

Coincidence ?
Of course, that's what THEY want you to think !

At the so-called Portal. Now, why do you suppose THEY call it that ?

Sunrise on Ptarmigan Ridge.

A view of Mt Baker from the West - with the Hogsback.

Home Sweet Home - on the Hogsback.

Yours truly - dressed for a (not entirely successful) summit attempt.

A cloud rolls over the ridge.

Dawn breaks near the summit - it's time to turn back.
(before the sun has a chance to weaken those snow-bridges we just crossed !)
Only 500 feet to go. So close... yet so far.

more Cascades !