The Cascades

Climbing and Backpacking in the Cascade Range of Washington

Go Climb A Mountain !
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Mt Baker, Mt Shuksan, and Ptarmigan Ridge, 2016

Mt Rainier and the Columbia River Gorge, 2015

Mt Baker, Mt Shuksan, and Ptarmigan Ridge, 2014

Ptarmigan Ridge, 2012

Skyline Divide, 2011

Seattle and the Evil Twins, 2010

Mt Rainier and the South Cascades, 2009

The Columbia River Gorge, 2009

Mt Rainier, Mt Baker and Ptarmigan Ridge 2008

Lake Ann and Ptarmigan Ridge 2007

Seattle and the North Cascades 2006

Cascade Pass & Horseshoe Basin 2005

Seattle & Mt Shuksan 2003

Climbing Mt Baker... Again

Climbing Mt Shuksan

Climbing Mt Baker

Cascade Pass, Washington

Waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge

The Mt Baker Worship Page

The Mt Shuksan Worship Page

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