Climbing Mt Baker, Again

Mt Baker, Washington, September 2000

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Actually, this isn't Mt Baker. This is Mt Shuksan. But when Scott took this picture on top of Table Mtn
I was looking at the summit of Mt Baker and thinking about being there. No wonder I'm smiling.

This is Mt Baker... in alpenglow. A view from our camp on "the Hogsback" at the edge of the Coleman glacier.

Scott is in the "kitchen". A circle of stones helps to block the early evening wind.
In a few hours we (Me, Scott, and Matt) will start for the summit.

Starting out after a hearty breakfast of oatmeal and...
more oatmeal.

Approaching the summit of Mt Baker: the Roman Nose, Roman Mustache, and Pumice Ridge.
Also, some rather impressive crevasses.

Looking out over Puget Sound at sunrise. Mt Baker casts a long shadow.

On the Pumice Ridge, Scott looks back down over our route.
And the spectacular Coleman glacier.

On the Roman Wall, looking out over the Deming Glacier and a really big crevasse.
That wisp of steam above is from the crater of Mt Baker.

The crux of the climb is making it to the top of the Roman Wall...
We're not there yet !

Mt Rainier. 150 miles away.

We're on the summit plateau, at last ! But the "true summit" is still over there.

OK. We survived!
Now what ?

Why, pose for a summit photo, of course !
That's Mt Shuksan below. Remember Mt Shuksan ?

Mt Shuksan

Just another day in Paradise !

A farewell salute to Adam Kolff... a young friend who died in a tragic plane crash
on Denali earlier this summer. A Seattle native, his free spirit can also be felt here, on Mt Baker.

Matt points out the surrounding mountains...
between naps.

Looking down into the crater and a very weird looking volcanic vent.
Hey, remember that X-Files episode where agent Scully...

Day 3. Back down from the summit, our primary mission is accomplished.
What to do next ?
Looking up at the impressive icefall on the Coleman glacier...
Hey, let's go ice climbing !

Scott and Matt French their way across the Coleman.

I think I'll just hang here for a while.
Catch up with you guys later !

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