Waterfalls and Mountains

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, June 1998

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Multnomah Falls, not far from Portland.

Mt Adams isn't even in Oregon, but it's on the way if you're headed south from Mt Rainier.
This was an extremely windy day, as this weird lenticular cloud indicates.
( so much for our plan to hike to the summit and ski/snowboard down ... )

Cousin John & his lovely wife Susan... on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge.
This is where we said goodbye and went our separate ways. Hey Cuz, one lil' nip for the road ?

The Columbia River.

Oneonta Gorge, near Multnomah Falls.

A cave near the entrance to Oneonta Gorge.

Another view of Oneonta Gorge.

Deep in the woods...

Ponytail Falls.

Ponytail Falls, from the other side...

and from above.

Oneonta Falls.

Bridge over Triple Falls.

Mt Hood, seen from the lobby of historic Timberline Lodge.
If you want to escape the summer heat, try snowboarding in June !

Where are all those waterfalls, anyway ?

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