Greetings, Fellow Ape Descendant !

( and I mean that in a good way - who has more fun than monkeys ? )

Welcome to my little corner of the Web

Don't you love selfies?
What's not to love?

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Here are some words and images I feel strangely compelled to share...

Favorite places on the Home Planet
in the Physical World

The Cascades Range of the PNW

climbing & hiking in the American Alps

Exploring New Zealand

with a band of UWSP adventure tourists

Diving Grand Cayman

a (mostly) underwater mountain in the Caribbean

Ricco and Tony's Excellent Adventure

spring skiing in Utah at its finest

Roadtrip to Panorama, B.C.

heli-skiing in British Columbia

In God's Country

along the Mississippi and elsewhere in Wisconsin

Guerrilla Photography
a manifesto

Musical Experiences

Crosby, Clapton, Flora, etc.

Skiing in Montana

skiing at Whitefish, Montana

Skiing in the Canadian Rockies

at Powdercreek Lodge, British Columbia

The Colorado Rockies

Paris, France

The Wind Rivers, Wyoming

Augsburg & the Castles of Bavaria

The Peruvian Andes

Phang Nga region of Thailand

Other Favorites
in the Virtual World

Are they a team ? Or a gang ?
the Decksters

Hippie Disco !
Irene's Garden

America's Finest News Source
the Onion

Iconoclastic Music
Failed Saints

See a live painting from my brother's famous art collection
Janus Galleries

Step into the Void...
the Tao

Places to Visit Beyond the Home Planet
Alternative Realities

Eeegads !!! It's those horrifying, NewAgelike
Mysterious Orbs !

Here is a bit of nostalgia from the early days of The Internet...
Remember when most netizens were Martian wannabees ?

the once popular
Martian Invasion Home Page

and then, of course, there is/was

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Just like the good old days !