Whitefish (formerly Big Mountain) Ski Area

Whitefish, Montana

January 2015

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( GoPro videos posted by Randall - click on his blue square to see others )

Jesus saves! Especially on discounted ski packages at Whitefish Mountain!

The view across the Flathead valley toward Kalispell, Montana.
Glacier National Park is to the left.

Mornings are often foggy at the top. But fog can lift.

Still plenty of untracked snow. If you like to ski in tight trees!

Todd & Randall, saluting our hose-head brothers in Canada, 50 miles north.

Out here, they call these ghost trees.

But up close, they give you something to aim for in the fog!

Tony, Todd & Randall. Glacier National Park in the background.

Why do major ski areas have professional photographers on the slopes? (ka-ching! ka-ching!)

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