Ricco and Tony's Excellent Adventure

A Roadtrip to Utah for some late spring skiing

April, 2016

Snowbird: American Fork Twin Peaks with tracks in Pipeline Bowl

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"When Ravino Ricco asked me if I'd like to join him in two weeks for a roadtrip to Utah, I said:
"Sure ! But ask me again when I'm sober..."

He did ask me again. I might not have been sober then, either... but I went anyway !

We got along swell !

Utah snowboarders especially like Brighton. They rail jam, dude !
Alta ? Not so much... (they still ban snowboards)

Mark and Elena, X-country skiing friends visiting from Switzerland. Believe it or not, we just ran into each other on the patio at Brighton ! What are the odds ?
But they have family in Salt Lake City and a ski cabin just down the road. "Stop in later !" We did.

Emily and Chauncy are in their 90s and still ski Alta.
They were present at my baptism in deep powder at Alta in the late 1970's.
Someday, I hope to catch up to them (in spirit, if not in age)

The pow wasn't that deep this time. But I wasn't expecting that in April. This was great spring skiing !

Who would expect that the craziest ski party ever takes place on Alta's "closing day" ?

Ricco agrees. We both watched naked skiers doing backflips here. Mo's be damned !

Since Ricco snores like a sawmill in a hurricane, I opted to sleep outside at Sam's. I was just fine.
Got any spare change ?

Sam (son of Ricco) and Ricco. He used to have hair like that, sort of...

Snowbird: Tony, Ricco, and Sam

In the Tunnel to Mineral Point Basin
That's Kendall (daughter of Ricco) behind me

On the Snowbird Tram Deck
Kendall, Riley, Ricco, Jake, Sam, Ben (Riley's friend), and me

At "Tear It Up Tuesdays"
A weekly tailgate party at a parking lot above the Snowbird Cliff Lodge

Tony, Mitchell, Sam, Ricco

Wearing my Deckster colors

Looking up at my favorite bump-gully in Mineral Point Basin

Yours truly, with Pipeline Chute and Bowl in the background

Another day, another apres ski party. This one was a block party with a band.

A hands-free moment

Kendall and Riley (two of the famous Ricco Triplets)

What was I thinking ?


"You can't beat fun."
- Silas "Chum" Spengler

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