Irene's Garden (once-upon-a-time The Stellectrics) are a tribe of musicians.

Like many of us, they've been around and keep evolving. Their always unique sound has been described over the years as:

Hippy Disco
Trance Dance
Eclectic Rock
Bluegrass (!?)

At their best (my opinion) they play highly energized dance/trance/let-it-all-go music.

But they can play just about any kind of music and make it their own.

At the very least they don't sound like anybody else. ("Freebird!" "Blooze!")

This is music for listening,
music for dancing,
music to get totally lost in...

So bring your dancing shoes and leave your body behind...
(or is it the other way around ?)

( lots more music can be found under the WitzEnd link below )

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Irene's Garden at WitzEnd
( Farewell, all you long-haired weed-smokin' belly-dancing hoolahoopers! )

The Garden at Mike's Happy 50th Revolution Party !
( an all ages show ! )

Irene at the 2010 Feelgood Festival
( with special uninvited guest ? )