Irene's Garden

"Hippie Disco"

Irene's Garden (formerly The Stellectrics) are a tribe of musicians based in Steven's Point, Wisconsin.

Back in the Daze they were known for playing, richly textured, weirdly beautiful, trance & dance music.
But they are always evolving, and you never know what they might be up to next.
Americana? Blewgrass? Bosa Nova with Brussel Sprouts?
They certainly don't sound like anybody else.

Check them out if you get the chance and especially if you wanna dance.
Yes, of course, they have a Facebook presence, but I leave that up to you.

For the moment, prepare to enter a timewarp and take that Trip d'Venus...

This is music for listening,
music for dancing,
music to lose your Self in...

Put on your dancing shoes and leave your body behind...
(or the other way around ?)

Pics from the 1st and (unfortunately) Last Annual WitzEnd Paul&Betty Anniversity Celebration...
Irene's Garden with the Screaming Gypsies Belly Dancers
( just relax and let the show unfold like a lotus )

Listen to Irene's Garden live at WitzEnd, Summer Solstice, June 2001
( an ultra-low-fi "bootleg" recording by yours truly )

Don't Look Out
Mirror Writing
Ain't Gonna Work
Bad Side of Town