Seattle and Mt Shuksan

The North Cascades, September 2003

In September of 2003, I went back to revisit some of my favorite "hunting" grounds in the Pacific Northwest - Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan - north of Seattle. The weather is usually pretty good that time of year - but you have to be prepared for anything in the Pacific Northwest.

This year it so happened that a big storm front blew in from Alaska the day I arrived and stayed until the day I left. In fact, Seattle got more rain on September 16th than they had ever recorded before on a day in September, and more than the total rainfall they had received all that summer ! But hell, if you have a problem in the mountains, you just deal with it - right ? And anyway, I had options. It certainly provided some interesting photo ops, and I was there for the first snowfall of the season. Plus, I had the place all to myself.

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